Thursday musings…

28 10 2010

Weather: High:  48º & still WINDY! (Soo cold, ZOMG!)

So  I’ve been trying to work out the outline for my NaNoWriMo offering for this year and it’s slowly coming together.  Somewhere in the last few weeks, my writing style slipped back to more Urban Fantasy and less Paranormal Romance.  I tend to walk that tightrope of  Visceral Gore/Tragic outcomes  vs. Sexy Sexiness/Happy endings (no pun intended) very carefully. But lately, I think the push to make my writing one or the other has been to the detriment of the work.
I need to get back to just serving the story and not worrying so much about how it will be categorized/marketed when it’s done.

On the totally frivolous TV-watching front, I’ve been totally sucked into Sherlock (a BBC production, being shown on PBS here in the states). I just love what Moffat and Co have done with the series. Setting Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century without altering much of the personalities & story lines? Brill.  I love that Sherlock calls himself  “A highly functioning sociopath”. It fits.  I wish I could write dialogue this clever. It appeals to me on so many levels. So yeah.  Consider me a flaily fangirl.

This season, I’ve kinda quickly dropped new shows, as I often do. I’m still enamored of Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Sanctuary & Castle. I’ve added The Event & Stargate: Universe to my weekly watch list. That’s pretty much it, with added helpings of Luther & Sherlock on the weekends. (Doctor Who & Being Human are between seasons)  Heavy on the genre shows, I guess. But then, I do like anything that stands in well scripted opposition of Reality Television.
This weekend is my last free bit of time before the madness that is NaNoWriMo kicks in. I’ll be blogging in the duration and posting my word count.  Hopefully I can get the Second book in my trilogy done now. It’s been a while since the words have flowed. Book #1 is done, but I’m tweaking elements to put a little more flow & darker edges on it.  I’ve been inspired reading & listening to a lot of better wordsmiths than myself. Makes me want to strive for better prose that what I’ve been producing.

Off to meet my husbeast at the parking garage to drive home.

BTW– Got the new Abney Park CD and it’s  fantastic! Go to their website to order yourself a copy.


T- 1day till WATCHMEN! ZOMG!

6 03 2009

weather: High: 61 degrees and sunny. ::glee::

Am SO EXCITED to see Watchmen tomorrow night.! We’re going to see it at the IMAX theater out in Portage. Getting tix will be tricky considering that they don’t allow for advance purchase online. Crud. So we’ll be hightailing it early to get the tix and killing time until the show. Maybe we’ll get some early dinner. Will depend on funds.

Eleventh Hour last night was FTW! Good episode and produced  couole lines of dialog that actually made me turn and high five the hubby!:
Rachel: You know there’s a band called Anthrax?
Hood: I’m more of a Cradle of Filth guy.
ME: O_O FTW!!!

Lunch was beautiful. wish I’d had more time to stay out there, as it had soared up to 68 degrees. Sigh.

Found an amusing anecdote on Neil’s Blog. Apparently in Iceland, the belief in elves is so embedded in the national psyche that whenever a large building is about to be built, they have to bring in a nationally acredited elf detector, to make sure that there aren’t any elves living under the location, before they build. Yes. I too want a job as an elf detector.

Heather may be calling tonight which makes me squee! ALso have BSG tonight, which is also of the squeeage.

Done and Done.

Have a good weekend all.

Is it really Friday? REALLY? Othkgods!!!

20 02 2009

weather: High: 30 Degrees with SnowPocalypse on the horizon

Weather is Threatening to go straight in the shitter this weekend. Possibly six to eight inches of snow. Sigh. DONE WITH WINTER, DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO, DAMMIT???

Am conversing via email with the Writing Cabal, and we’re discussing the merits of trying to pursue a unique twist on vampire mythology or just returning to the core mythology and writing the vampire of lore, rather than the vampire that has developed from cultural mores. Fun stuff!

Looking very forward to BSG tonight. Can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the series. DYING to find out what’s going on with Ellen and to see if Anders still retains his memory dump. Very good stuff. Hubby is very fanboyish over the show.

SPent last night watching a good 2/3 of Season three of Alias. GODS I miss that show! And this was the Vaughn Goes Jack Bauer season.

Which reminded me, might I add, that Jack Bristow PWNS Jack Bauer . Just saying. I’m more scared of Jack Bristow because let’s face it: He wouldn’t break a sweat choking the life out of you. And he’d make a dry quip before he dumped your body in a wood chipper. He also has the death glare DOWN.
Jack is mad. You don’t want Jack mad at you. (NSFW-violence)

See? Much scarier than Jack Bauer.  Bauer=Sledge Hammer + C4. Bristow=Scalpel, blowtorch + empty soulless stare. BRISTOW FTW.

Anyway. Much work to do so here have a video and I’m buggering off for the rest of the day. Writing to do, and BSG to watch and a husband to snog. I have a full dance card.

Daily Video + SQUEE!
Ladytron — Tomorrow (new vid!! New vid!!)

ETA: Warren Ellis just Twittered: “I will not care about the Oscars until Jason Statham gets the Jason Statham Oscar For Jason Statham Kicking People In The Head.”

This is an idea I am totally behind!

G’Effin BRRR!! ::chips icicles off nose::

14 01 2009

weather: Oh Hell this is not fun–HIGH: 14 degrees, but dropping as the day goes on. Snow in the am. BITTER BITTER wind chills this afternoon.

Since yesterday’s post was incredibly short, I’ll try and make up for it today.

Boss is still out and things are par for the course when that’s the case.

Don’t know what’s happened to my writing brain.  Maybe the cold has damaged that part. Lately it’s been like pulling teeth. I think my focus is off as well.  I’ve been doing some editing, but there’s at least three scenes that need to be written and it’s dragging like crazy. I think I’m actually experiencing dread at the prospect of finishing this book. I have three others to finish a well. But the odd thing is, I’m not so much worried about critics, I think the fear is placed in not being able to write more with these characters. I’ve grown rather fond of them.

The weather has been particularly horrid. When the wind blows, it literaly takes your breath away. So very cold. Not the coldest winter granted, but still pretty bad.

Going to try getting some writing done over lunch. We’ll see if I accomplish anything.  ::puts on Vampires, Oh My! writing mix and waits for the inspiration to kick in::

ETA: Managed to churn out an additional 500 words of text, but it was mostly editing and fluffing. Need to get to those other scenes. Started writing 2 of them in my Moleskine so maybe I can transcribe tonight.

So watching YouTube vids has re-whet my appetite and spawned some fresh ideas.  Vampires watching hockey and the like. Don’t give me that look! I KNOW it sounds unworkable but it WILL DAMMIT!

All right…time to get my sorry butt out of here and head home. Ghost Hunters International tonight. And I think there’s a Lost catch up eppy as well (WOO!) So some writing will get done before and after my little TV break.

And we’re back around to Monday again. AND COLD!

10 11 2008

weather: High 43 degrees and sunny. (The windchill this morning was 18!)

Been a banner morning already! Wow was it cold this morning. Lost most of my face crossing Wacker drive to the wind.

Joined Twitter and now have ANOTHER time sink in my repetoire. Sigh. But I like the instant message feel of it.

Bri is painting the bathroom today. One more thing off the list of things to do. Now i just have to go home and fire up the sewing machine and get those curtains hemmed. That  and get the back bedroom cleaned up proper.

Am trying to catch up with True Blood and Supernatural, and my i-pod is starting to smoke from the constant uploading and erasing of these massive files.

I really need a vacation. Seriously. Some time off that is not filled with THINGS TO DO.  I swear the last few vacation days I’ve taken have all revolved around other people’s stuff. I think Bri was right when he said I was burnt crispy.

Gotta dash. Man have I been brain mushy lately. GAH!

Some more Abney Park from the Steampunk Con in San Jose:
(Robert still sounds amazing, even with pneumonia!)

Thursday. Always dangling the end of the week, just out of reach.

6 11 2008

Weather: High: 68 degrees with rain in the afternoon. Tomorrow we go back to the 40s. WOO!

Having a drudgery filled day today. But at least I got to have coffee with Lisa and re-connect. Sigh. we’re both going through life issues right now. Time for a radical change. If the country is ready for a new direction, maybe we should follow suit.

Very excited about Lady Heather’s Return to CSI tonight. Here’s a reminder of why she is made of awesome:

I’ll end up seeing Supernatural on i-Tunes once it gets released. Sucks that we don’t have a DVR yet.

YAY! It’s started to RAIN like HEAVY RAIN!! (I’m twisted in that I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. Maybe the Pacific Northwest and I will be good friends after all!)

Gotta dash. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do a well thought out deep post. Don’t be holding yer breath though!

Supernatural Thursday makes the Raven SQUEE!

25 09 2008

weather: Sunny. Low 80s. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Is it sad that the fact that Supernatural is gonna be on tonight is the only thing making me smile right now? After last week’s barn burner of an opener I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next!

Politics has finally pushed my last bloody button. If McCain gets elected aftr this latest ploy, by “Suspending his campign to focus on the economy”?, I’ll bloody move to Canada. What bullshit.

Hubby and I have called a moratorium on Politics in the house for the time being.

ZOMG!WTF is going on with my digestive track?? SRSLY! It’s like I’ve got snakes having a rave in there!

Oh and  I have a small confession to make. I’m a big fan …of Lipstick Jungle. Now mind you, I HATED Sex & the City. I had no connection with those vapid ninnies. Now for some reason, I do have a connection with the ladies on this show. Maybe because they’re not sleeping around and have steady jobs and oh did I mention PAUL BLACKTHORNE is in it?? I think we have a winner here. I miss my Dresden Files. SIGH. But in all brutal honesty? I do love this show. The writing is excellent and the characters are not caricatures. A nice change.

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Ah well. Short post again today. Have to go home, make dinner and watch my show. And review an album for my brother. And clean some floors. And somehow get some writing in as well!

I LOVE MY LIFE. [/sarcasm]