Meh Monday.

20 07 2009

Weather: High: 79 degrees and partly sunny. Weekend was unseasonably cool as well.

So. Weekend got away from me again. Went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Sunday, which kind threw my plans to write that day to the wind. And Saturday was kind of off kilter anyway, so not much got done there either. Snoots took a tumble off the counter late Saturday and was favoring his hind leg for a bit. Seems okay now, but we’re watching him.  Think he may have sprained it. Doesn’t seem like a break, because he’s still jumping up and down and walking with no trouble. ::is typical paranoid CatMommy::

I hate lost weekends. Always want to kick myself for wasted time lost.

Half Blood Prince was good, but it was the first HP movie that I actually came away from a little irritated at what was cut out. I’m all for the movies taking a little creative license in editing to get the story out, but losing the big battle at the end? Kinda dampened the impact. As did the revelation of who the Half Blood Prince was. The revelation was kind of a throwaway statement that had no resonance because any build up or interest in that plot point had kind of been buried in the rest of the story. Still, they are my small quibbles and I still thought the movie was pretty damn good. Saw the full trailer for Sherlock Holmes and nearly wibbled myself into a coma. Yes I know it’s anachronistic and the purists are practically apoplectic, but it looks like 40 shades of awesome to me.

Torchwood: Children of Earth starts tonight on BBC America. Sadly I’ve been spoiled for a bunch of things (All inadvertently. Really. I was trying to stay spoiler free for this.) But Hubby and I will still be watching. It’s been a dearth of Whoverse this year, and I’m starving for some Captain Jack.

Also, I’m really looking forward to watching True Blood tonight. Really need to look into getting the first season on DVD. Really have loved this series so far.(More Eric is all I can say. )

And Being Human starts this Saturday. This is the show I’ve actually been looking forward to for quite  bit of time. A vampire, werewolf & ghost living together. Sounds like the start of a great joke, but truth be told, the show looks nicely dark and angsty and they have a tasty Irish actor playing Mitchell the vampire. Not complaining here. And they do the full black eyes for the fully vamped. Dear to my heart that is. 🙂

I know I seem to posting  a lot of television related stuff today, Unfortunately I’m feeling a little under the weather today, for reasons I won’t go into, and I’m having a damnable time trying to focus on anything. Thus insight is giving way to trivia.  It happens. Also think I may have to stop taking St. John’s Wort every day as I’m starting to feel a little dizzy and lethargic. It IS helping regulate my moods though, so that’s a good thing. Probably will just scale it back to when I seem to be going through a down cycle.

Have found a wealth of new friends and good writing advice by way of the #writegoal hashtag over on Twitter. Writers of various stripes are using it to network and track their writing goals, wordcounts and just generally passing along good advice. Very helpful and motivating all around.

Alas, my hazy brain and troublesome gut have to get going home. Actually got some work done today, in spite of my lessened capacity.

New quest! I need to find Strange on DVD. Apparently the BBC have either never released it or it’s out of distribution. Watched the marathon on The Chiller network over the weekend and LOVED IT. Was nice to see Richard Coyle (Jeff on Coupling) doing a dark & scary role for once. 🙂 It was only one season but my Google Fu is not yielding much in the way of DVD sale information.

Speaking of DVDs, and then I must sign off, Coraline Collector’s Edition will be on my doorstep tomorrow. So there will be squee tomorrow on that front.

Anyway. Enough rambling. More writing related stuff tomorrow. If my brain decides to actually kick in, that is.

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ELECTION DAY 2008–Change is in the air.

4 11 2008

weather: High: 73 Degrees (DOUBLE WTF!) and sunny!

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I’ll be watching the returns like WHOA tonight. Crossing my fingers, probably in vain, that my vote helps turn Indiana blue.

Considering I work in a surprisingly Red leaning office in a very Blue state and City. (Chicago) I have no doubts there will be some resentful grousing for the next…FOUR YEARS if Obama wins. I’m seeing more and more that this is a generational gap, not just a political gap. Our generation (Gen X or Gen Y or wtfever they’re called nowadays) will not vote the same as our parents Gen. Let’s face it. 90% of our Parent’s Generation are either retired or going to be retired in the next 4 years. The issues and problems facing us are decidedly different, granted with some overlap. Retirement funds & 401(k)s are obviously a common factor. But unemployment? That’s more a direct hit on our generation, and education and work offered health care. The older generation is also more prone, I’m afraid, to still carry that race fear. They’re more open minded now than they were in the 60s granted, but let’s face it. If you’re 65+ years old and white, you are less likely to vote for the younger African American man than you are the guy who looks more like you, in age and skin color. And no, I’m not saying EVERYONE, but it’s more likely.

I’m 41 and I have no interest in voting in the same politics that has run this country for way too long. Bush Jr’s cabinet was made up largely of the same people from his DAD’s cabinet. How is that moving things forward? And can John McCain guarantee he’d bring in fresh blood and not the same old cronies? Nope. I’ll take a chance on the new kid. And sometimes, experience = same old crap. Younger people tend to try new things and take chances. And you know what?  Stop trying to scare us with New Things=Imminent disaster. Really tired of this crap. Sorry older generation and baby boomers. Time for us kids to take over. I’m not waiting till I’m 60 to get some new ideas and fresh starts going. I’m not gonna wait for us to be the retirees, stuck with no retirement finds whatsoever. Yeah, I know I’m not an economist, but you know what? We’ve tried it your way for 8 years and it’s not exactly working, now is it? You know the definition of insanity, right? It’s doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different result. Done.

On the writing front, managed to pound out another 1700 words last night. I’m lightly editing as I’m going but I can kinda see that what I’ve gotten written out long hand will probably yield about 25000 words total. And while I have the ending, the middle bits need shoring up. all I really have is a series of loosely connected scenes and not much meat and glue in between.  That will be rectified once I get it all transcribed.Electronic text MUCH easier to fiddle faddle with.

Looks like my sister’s cat had her kittens safe and sound. FOUR of them!

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Apparently we’ll be adopting one of them .(Bri melted like butter on a stove when he saw the pictures.) Besides, Snoots needs a companion. I think he’s bored and that’s why he’s acting out. Doesn’t help that we leave him alone for hours at a time.

Allright. Need to cut this short so I can dash off and catch the early train. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we’ll have a new President, and yes, I hope it’s Obama. 🙂

Wednesday has me in it’s claws and won’t let go!

8 10 2008

weather: High: 64 degrees & partly sunny, rain in the a.m.

So, didn’t watch the debates last night, but from reading the post-debate write ups, I’m under the impression that Obama did very well, McCain stumbled a bit and did not “take the gloves off” as his campaign was trumpeting before hand, and in the end, the majority of undecided voters polled are leaning Obama. ::shrugs:: Works for me. Let’s just hope all these poll numbers pan out come election day. I’m always cynical when anyone starts thinking they have something in the bag, so to speak.No October surprises yet. It’s still early.

Have to get Snoots to the vet this weekend for his shots. Can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR! He’s officially one year and three months old. And a big boy. SERIOUSLY. Also, given to jumping in the fridge for his dinner if not served promptly.

Have a boat load of stuff to do tonight. We got a newish fridge from Bri’s folks that will replace the scary old one we have downstairs. And they gave us the full size bed that was in their back bedroom that has migrated to our guestroom. FINALLY we can have people stay with us. 🙂 The basement still needs a ton of work. We need to get the floors cleaned thoruoughly and some rugs to cover up the concrete for the time being. I’d be lying if I said the fact that the crumbling tiles in the bar area having asbestos didn’t concern me.  We need to either completely cover them or remove them. I’m leaning towards the latter.THe bookcases need to be put back in and the books repiled back on their shelves. ONce all this is done, we can start REALLY working on cleaning the house. The only suck ass thing we still have to do is get everything off and out of the bar and shift it. There ‘s carpeting underneath it that hasn’t been removed from teh flood and I’m fairly positive there’s mildew under there. OY.

Let’s see– Wednesday Night– OOH! Pushing Daisies, Ghost Hunters & Lipstick Jungle!  (Take that Marketing People! I confuzzle you with my eclecticness!)

Have an old school 90s vid:

Orgy –“Fiction (dreams in digital)”

Is it Monday already? Sigh.

14 07 2008

Weather: Weekend: Sunny and mild. Thank GOD!
Today: high 83 Degrees and sunny.

SO, started the weekend on a BANG. That was the sound yet another huge branch made when it took a nice flip out of our elm tree in front of our house and landed in the alley with a thud, taking out the power line to the Street Lamp out front with it. Bri and I just shrugged and called the power company. By 3:00 they were out, disentangled the wire, re-connected it and were off. Leaving a 12″ diameter limb blocking the alleyway. Sigh. Needless to say, Brian spent most of Sunday out with a hacksaw trying to whittle the damn thing down to manageable pieces. As it is we still have a 15 foot limb still lying along the alley, too heavy to lift even with two of us. So a call will probably be made to the City to come get that sucker.

Saturday wasn’t all about falling tree limbs. We took Snoots to the vet (he’s 13 pounds now! WOW! I should start using him for upper body building exercises.) We also went to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army and LOOOOVED it!! Lots of Celtic Mythology mixed in with Del Toro’s usual nightmare menagerie of creatures and critters (there’s a difference, trust me!) and some really good dialogue. I really appreciated that the villains were not cut and dry or one dimensional. In fact, it was very hard not to agree with the motivation behind Prince Nuada’s plot to rid the world of humanity. Seriously. In fact there is one scene that is reminiscent of Princess Mononoke, dealing with how we treat the earth and the destruction of the forest spirits. Actually brought tears to my eyes.

Work is a grind anymore. Looking forward to Wednesday because it’s company outing day and I’m not attending. On purpose. For the 5th year running, the powers that be decided to go for gambling as the company summer outing. First 2 years was at Harrahs. Then the last three have been at Arlington Race track which is located on the far north side of Chicago. They are not providing transport. So even if I had an iota of interest in going (Which I do not) I would have to waste a 1/2 tank of gas to go. They have not opened up to the company for options and those of us who don’t like to gamble or go to racetracks that have an awful record of horse injuries, well, too bad, so sad. Don’t go to the outing? You have to go work the usual hours at the office. Nice, huh? Anyway. I’ll be spending my day working on some outstanding projects and some personal stuff. The one nice thing? Getting to wear casual clothes to the office.

Writing continues apace, but I’m developing an unnerving twitch when I go to reach for my laptop and it is not there. Seriously. WHEN IS MY BABY COMING HOME??? ::twitch twitch::

Post holiday weekend malaise….

7 07 2008

weather: Weekend-cool and delightful! A fourth of July that was in the 70s. What’s not to like?
Today: Meh. Back to 87 degrees and humid. And stormy. Well its July. So can’t really complain.

Back at work after a truly relaxing weekend. No fuss no muss. Saturday was the only day we went out and that was to go out for a wonderful Mexican meal with Margaritas (Of which I had one too many!) and then BOWLING. ZOMG! I forgot how much fun drunk bowling could be! I won 2 of 3 games, and Bri won the other. Lisa and Tom accompanied us and we all had a great time!

The fourth is always bittersweet for me, because it’s my dad’s birthday. So we visited his gravesite and mom and Bri and I all had a shot of Akavit in honor of him, also pouring a shot on his gravestone so he could share. How street of us. 😉

Saw the Doctor Who finale on Saturday as well…Am kind of torn about it. I won’t make any spoilery comments, but I think one section was done sheerly for fanfic shippers and the ending, while sad, was necessary, though I think it could have been handled better. Honestly, I think there was just too much stuff going on in there. But a fanwank of the highest degree, in the best possible sense.

Still missing Apache. And now we have her ashes to bury. Sigh. Snoots is still confuzzled. He’s not quite understanding where the second food bowl has disappeared to or why we’re just LAVISHING attention on him.

Well, not much else to report other than Dead!Laptop has gone to the Laptop!Resurrection ship in hopes of revival. We shall see.

RIP Apache.

28 06 2008

She’s gone. It was so quick I haven’t even registered it happened.

I can’t get my heart to stop hurting.

It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all. I should have been able to fix her, save her.

I don’t care if it’s irrational or silly or illogical. I fucking hate cancer. It keeps taking those I love.

I miss my furry little princess. She was always on my lap or on my chest, purring away. She was at turns, affectionate, hostile, funny, scary and always herself.

I’ll be lucky to get another like her. I love Snoots to distraction, don’t get me wrong. But his personlity is polar opposite Apache’s. (He’s Still affectionate as hell and purrs up a storm, but he’s not a lap kittie. )

So my sweet little girl, be at rest, be at peace.  No more pain or weakness to hamper you. Only sun and plenty of things to stalk and play with.

Take care of my dad and Puca and Sam and Chaucer, where ever you all are.

Still in a numb haze…

27 06 2008

Weather: High –84 degrees and stormy. Fits my mood.

I’m still too caught up in what we have to do tomorrow to really focus enough for a proper post.

I love my cats. Understand that at age 40, and being without kids so far, they ARE my kids. I treat them as members of the family.  Yes I trat them as pets as well. I’m not one of those eejits that dresses up their cats or pushes them in baby carriages. Not a nutcase about it. I just believe that they deserve to be treated well, fed and kept comfortable. For this we receive unconditional love and, if they’re feeling magnanimous, some purring and cuddling .

Having to euthanize a member of the family is bad enough.  But even though I KNOW Apache is terminally ill. Even though I can feel the lumps on her belly and see her lethargy, there is a small, vocal part of my brain that sees her walking around, eating and even poking at her toys that says– “She’s not really dying. If she were dying she’d be laying in her bed unable to move.” It’s a stupid and small distinction, but it’s fueling all my guilt.

I think if I’m up to it, Bri and I will go see Wanted so I can vent my anger and frustration and watch hot actors on the screen. Not much to ask for is it?