Irons in the Fire Update.

30 01 2012

Weather. It’s nuts. Just pure unmitigated nuts. We had 8 inches of snow the previous weekend. This weekend we had a bit of flurries. In between, melt & freeze. This week? 40s & 50s and rain, oh my. JUST NUTS.

So. My updates have been scarce lately. Mostly due to lack of news & fits of ennui.  I figured it was time for my first Irons in the Fire update for the year.

Writing wise, I’m finishing up the taking-forever-revisions on Book #1 of the Serpentigena Trilogy. Book#2 is kind of in a holding pattern, mostly because I haven’t specked out the plot as well as I should have. I’ll be heading back into the story soon.

My short story, “Into the Stacks” is going to be part of an anthology that is in the early stages right now.  Just waiting on some business side decisions so we can move forward.

I’m also trying to get back to work on a short story I started a while back, a little piece drenched in all sorts of Lovecraftian dread & darkness. 🙂 Really happy with the way it’s turning out.  I may offer that one for free through my website, once I have it done & edited.

Speaking of my website. Oy. Needs a MAJOR overhaul. I may have to recruit someone else to do it. My web skills are covered in cobwebs and what I’d like, I’m nowhere near capable of doing.

I’m still getting the facebook page for Corvusangelicus Press together. The holidays & the break-in robbed me of a lot of spare time. No excuses now.  Got my logo together:

Corvusangelicus Press

Corvusangelicus Press Logo

Now I just need to get the business paraphernalia launched.

There is another big life change brewing which will impact my writing & art production, but I can’t discuss it publicly. At least not yet. It’s a good, albeit challenging change. More info as I can reveal it.

On the art front, I just finished a mosaic for my soon-to-be born Nephew. It came out fantastic! (if I do say so myself. ) I’ll post photos as soon as I present it to my sister. She gets  first look privileges. 😉

I’m going to be starting next on a series of Zodiac themed tiles, 6″ square each, which will be put up for sale at the Einini Glassworks etsy site. Again, I’ll be posting updates with pictures and sale prices as soon as they’re done over on the Einini Glassworks Facebook page (Which you should go “Like!” 😉 and on the Einini_Mosaics Twitter feed.  I also have a series of Celtic themed tiles planned, that I hope to have available before St. Patrick’s day. On the horizon are some Goddess & Myth themed items. I’m also going to be making more practical items like coasters and mirrors as well. BUSY Art Chick is BUSY.

I’m really piling on the projects, but I’m enjoying every damn minute of them. 🙂

On the personal front, I’ve been taking a lot of pointers from The Nerdist Way (Which I highly recommend to anyone with time management issues!) and working on getting my time & personal stuffs more organized. My health has taken a few hits in the past couple months, some out of my control, some I should have not neglected. So I’m starting back on my healthy eating plan, working out, and getting more sleep. (Writing & art are implicitly sedentary activities, so I have to crowbar some movement in there) I’ve also started simplifying things in my life.  I can feel my chest starting to unclench finally. Stress is a weird thing. Sometimes anxiety pops up when you’re feeling calm. Usually because you stuck too much of it into a tupperware to deal with later and the lid finally popped off. Needless to say, I was doing all the wrong things to deal with stress and it came back to bite me on the arse.

At some point you have to take a look at what you WANT to do in life and tell the things that are standing in the way to take a hike. Stop talking about doing them, and just DO THEM. Nothing feels better than finishing a project or accomplishing a task. Staring at half done things, thinking, “Crap…I really need to get that done” isn’t fun or pleasant or really motivating, to be honest.

Anyway. Lots of things to do. And for once, things are past the discussion/planning stage and well into implementation.  Loving that feeling of walking the walk.

Next time, photos of projects, updates on books and possibly more info on the cryptic life change.


Irons in the fire update….

22 06 2010

Weather: It’s just damn swampy. High: 92º and possibly rainy.  GAH!

Yeah, I’ve been horrifically deficient in regularly posting here. The good news is I have made progress on my writing. The bad news is I hit a drought for about a month.Until this morning, that is. Yes, the story fairy paid me a visit and clocked me upside the head with her magical epiphany anvil.

So, a particularly vivid dream had me waking up, scrambling half-asleep for my moleskine, and scrabbling for a pen so I could quickly take down what I’d just conjured in my addled brain. I haven’t had a plot point resolved in a dream in AGES so I took it as a sign to get cracking on it.

On my commute in, I also came up with what I hope will be the final scene in book #2. I’m literally BUZZING with ideas right now. Unfortunately, I have to serve the first master that is my day job, before I can focus on the deluge of story bits.

In the interim, here’s the current standings on the writing front.

All of the following take place in the Archive story universe.

The Serpentigena Trilogy:

Book 1 When the Lights Go Down (118K) Finished. With editor. Shopping Novel by end of July.

Book 2 The Lesser Evil (50K) In process of being rewritten.

Book 3 Untitled In outline w/ a couple scenes written.

Short story:  Darius’ tale (4k) 1st draft almost finished.

Carrion Dreams Trilogy

Book 1 (75K)  In revisions

Book 2     Outline written

Book 3     Outline Written

Fenrir Rising Trilogy

Book 1 Shadow of the Ash (60K) 1st Draft. Revisions needed.

Book 2 Kenric’s book In Outline

Book 3 Archivist’s Book In Outline.

The Dark Angel Trilogy

Book 1 All Things Fanged & Furry 1st Draft Finished. In Rewrites.

Book 2 All Demons Dread & Dire Some scenes written on 1st Draft.

Book 3 Untitled In outline.

The Librarian stories

Into the Stacks 1st draft almost finished

A Question of Discipline Outline written

Additionally, I’m actually going to attempt to get some freelance articles written, and I have a couple of short stories on deck as well. Lots to keep me occupied for a while. 🙂

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