Irons in the Fire update…

16 12 2009

Weather: High: 28Âş (Zomg! Single digits this morning!) & sunny!

So yeah…VERY cold this morning. Captain Coffee is helping thaw me out.
Seems like ages since I did my irons in the fire update, so here’s what I’m working on:

The Archive Universe is finally taking shape. I’ve been spending some time crafting the “rules” and giving some underlying structure to the magic systems and alternate history it will exist within. There’s a base storyline in the Library of Alexandria, and nicely enough, there are enough holes in the history of the Library that I can plant my story in them and let it take root. Love it when Historical records can provide the “What If” for me. 🙂

As for the individual books under this Universe umbrella:

When The Lights Go Down: Current WC: 107K – In Rewrites.

Shadow of the Wolf : Current WC: 51K – Still in process. Hoping for 75K before starting revisions.

Dark of the Mirror: Current WC: 53K – In revision. Adding in references to Universe and revising some of the plot. Hoping to bulk it up to around 100K

Carrion Dreams: (Book 1) Current WC:  52K – Still writing. Needs revision to put it in alignment with Universe.  [Books 2 & 3 are in outline form]

All Things Fanged & Furry: (Book 1 of the “Houses” Trilogy) Current WC: 50K
In massive re-write mode

All Demons Dread & Dire: (Book 2 of “Houses” Trilogy) In massive re-write. Most of story is getting scrapped to better line up with Book 1 & universe.

Untitled (Book 3 of “Houses” Trilogy) In outline form, but due to be revised in line with Book 2 rewrites.

Archivist’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Lyra’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Kenric’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Other Fiction:

Dreamfic: Currently only a couple of stray chapters in search of a bigger plot.

Librarian stories: “Into the Stacks” is almost finished. Needs two more chapters to be done. Second untitled story is in notes & outline stage.

So yeah. 2010 is gonna be a rather busy year for me. I’m hoping to have WTLGD ready for submission to an editor by January. Then we’ll see where we are.

On the non writing front, I’m getting a little geebly waiting for the next season of Being Human, and the final season of Lost. And the finale for Supernatural. Gonna be rather depressed when both those latter two are done.  We’ll see if anything rises to the top to get my obsession piqued again.

Not ready for the Holidays to be here already (Haven’t even figured out what we’re doing for the Solstice on Monday. ) Presents are mostly bought & cards have been sent out, though I’m almost positive I’ve forgotten some people. Sigh. December has been made of fail so far.

Need to get my 2010 list together. I’ve decided to do one of those “101 things to get done this year” lists. Nothing crazy like a typical “bucket list” , but number one on the list is gonna be MOVE TO SEATTLE. Somehow, my hubby and I will make that happen, probably next summer. I’m going stir crazy living where we are. Time for a change of scenery.


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Amazing what a little sleep can do!

9 07 2009

Weather: High: 82 degrees and hazy. This feels more like summer.


Am trying to slip in some writing time between projects at work, but am getting sidelined by Facebook and Twitter. Must close tabs to get work done. Sigh.

Working on Park Scene through lunch and having fun with it. Queried the FaceBook and Twitter crowd for potential victims, and are getting suggestions that vary from the amusing to the serious to the sublime. Think there might be a “easter egg” writing session involved there, writing the scene using each of the suggestions to amusing lengths.  Does is say something about my psychological health that I enjoy writing death scenes this much? Probably.

I’m also watching last season’s finale for Leverage on TNT’s website while I write and work. Love this show so much! The writing is always smart and funny and poignant by turns. I love all the characters (especially Eliot [Christian Kane FTW]) but the dialogue is actually what keeps me coming back. Its snarky and dry and banter-like. Of course, that’s how I like to write myself, so maybe I’m getting pointers from the show inadvertently.  (For the record, many of these points are also why I watch Castle & The Philanthropist as well. )

Work is beginning to be a daily migraine inducer. Not because of the work, mind you, but because we’re short staffed and over demanded. It’s a major stress source anymore.  Sigh. But I’ll shut up, because at least I HAVE a job.

House repair apocalypse continues today. Bri and his dad got the windows re-glazed and will be painting them next. The awning over the back door has been scoured, sealed and will be repainted prolly today. We’re eyeballing the next few weekends to get the inside sanded and painted. Now just to find the funds to get the basement re-carpeted. And we still have the unenviable task of painting the outside of the house as well. Siding. Yay. But it’s gotta be done if we’re gonna get the house ready to put on the market and get our sorry butts moved out to Seattle by next summer. Such is our game plan. Let’s see if the benevolent deities play along.::crosses fingers::

So almost time to wrap up for the day. Probably will spend to night getting some scenes wrapped up. I have a side project I’m working on but it needs to be done by the weekend. And it’s for fun, so I may chisel away at that. 🙂

Will post an Irons in the Fire update tomorrow with current statuses on all projects.

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