25 11 2008

weather: High: 36 degrees and partly sunny. LIKE IT MATTERS!

Yeah. I’m in a mood. Woken up to the sounds of Three Days Grace singing and coming out of a dream that included characters from my current novel AND Twilight?? My muses are evil bastards.  (And yes, my vampires beat up the sparklepires. It was most amusing.)

Work is draining me today. Have already butted heads with a few people and there is too much to get done in the next two days. Can’t believe Monday is December 1st!!!

This will be short today, because work is insane and I need to get a ton more done before I leave tonight.


Post SparklePire Weekend Update!

24 11 2008

Weather: High 39 with rain/snow mix! It’s MESSY
First off, Cleolinda has posted her Movie in 15 Minutes for Twilight, but be forewarned, if you were on the fence about seeing the film…this may convince you to go see it.SERIOUSLY! Oh and I think SPOILER ALERT goes without saying.

And yes I did see the SparklePire movie and here’s my VERY SPOILEREY review!


I liked it. Seriously. There was still enough cheese to spread on some crackers, but it was nowhere as ridiculous as people are making it out to be.

The sparkle effect would have been better without the shimmer sound effect, and a few of the lines were still as cringe-worthy as they were in the book, but honestly? The actors delivered them without irony and it made it work. And let me tell you? Robert Pattinson deserves every kudo he’s gotten. Edward is not an easy character to bring to life and he did. (There’s a brief dream sequence, which was snatched right out of Dracula, I was WOW! Can I have a movie of JUST THAT SCENE PLEASE??)
Kristen Stewart as Bella was 1000% better than book Bella. I actually didn’t want to strangle her by the end of the movie. The rest of the Cullen’s were awesome and well cast as well. Alice was made of AWESOME as well she should be.

Jacob, Billy and the rest of the soon to be Furry Friends were well cast and they did a nice preview of future territorial wrangling between Edward and Jacob at the end of the film.

(I will state my absolute diehard fangirl status over Jackson Rathbone who played Jasper. MINE. SERIOUSLY. And I’m dying to see the opening sequence of the next movie. ZOMG! )

Jasper's got TEEF!


There was actually PLOT in the movie and the added sequences were DEFINITELY an improvement. There were intentional laughs that were actually funny and it was kinda nice to see High School kids actually being HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, not cast rejects from Gossip Girl. And Charlie, Bella’s Dad? Was an actual 3 dimensional character.
The wire work and some of the effects were a little meh, but I figure they’ll do better on the next one.
So all in all, I really dug the film. And bonus points for using “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse over the Baseball sequence (Which was surprisingly NOT made of suck!) And “Bella’s Lullaby” was beautiful.

My mum and sister both liked the movie as well, though I think my sister has a lower threshold for cheese than me.
I’ll go see it again. And will probably get the DVD. And am happy they’re making the sequel.

On a completely different note, I seem to be closing the door on my old life and walking face forward into my new one without making the effort. Some things transpired over the weekend that made me realize that trying to fix a lot of what’s wrong with my RL relationships (Brian not included) is never going to happen. They’re broken and will remain so. Bri and I are on the same pge but his Tupperware leaked this weekend (our euphemism for having a sudden emotional surge over things we hadn’t dealt with. ) A lot of this is family related and I won’t go into it here. Suffice it to say that we are both standing on the threshold of this shiny new life for ourselves and we’re trying to sever the ties holding us back in this dank, grey DEAD thing that has kept us miserable for so long. We haven’t been happy about much in the past 3 years, excepting each other. And that may be the one thing that saved us, that we had each other.

Writing continues to flow. I got 4500 words packed in on Saturday and have started another chapter. Nice thing was I actually got NEW text added to scenes that were hanging and managed to get some plot holes filled. This is probably still only going to be a 75 – 100K story. But then I can get back to the Incubi and Vampires in my other stories. 😉

Time to start wrapping up for the day…
Here, have a video:
Paramore — Decode (From the Twilight Soundtrack)

And that will be it for today, my lovelies. I have to go home and hem curtains. Yes. I know. My life is so damn exciting. ::yawn::

Finally Friday and ZOMG! Sparkle Weekend is here!

21 11 2008

Weather: High 33 and SUNNY! (It was 18 when I walked to my office this morning! BRR!)

Yep– Mom, Kirsten and I will be indulging in Twilight on Sunday. Yes I know most people are scoffing, but I have this horribly irresistible urge to see almost every vampire film, regardless of quality. So this is no exception. So I may cringe my way through it, but I HAVE TO SEE IT!

I’ve been fighting off a migraine all day which is why I’m dragging so horribly. We need to get a crapload of stuff done around the house in case the in-laws end up coming over for dinner tomorrow night. They’ve postponed on us for two weekends now.Not that I’m really complaining, because we have a lot to do, but it’s just making me nuts not knowing.

Bri has a lead on a temp position that would at least give him some income for a few weeks. Hopefully he’ll get it. It starts on Monday if he does.

LJ seems a bit slow today seeing that a lot of my FList are heading to PhilCon which is run by some people on my FList as well. So not much in the way of posting over there. Facebook is sporadic and MySpace is….well the usual.

I think my brain has already left for the day and I have an hour left on the clock. SIgh.

And on that note I will post this:
More from the Studio with DM:

And this!

And will now depart for the wilds of Indiana and peace and quiet!

Midweek Meanderings…

12 11 2008

Weather: High: 50 Degrees and Drizzle. Sleep inducing weather, in other words.

Good lord the weather has been gloomy this week. And soft. I prefere a pounding rain to this miserable drizzle. Yeah, that’s a good sign for us moving to the Pacific NW.  Miserable Drizzle is the norm out there. SIGH.

Bri and I are discussing possible ways to start our own business while coordinating a way to move cross country with not much in the way of funding.  We can do it though. It’s just gonna take some effort on our part.

Cleaned house over at Facebook. I just had to get rid of a TON of the apps there. I just don’t keep up with it enough. And I have a standing 200 requests everytime I go in there.

So frikkin tired. All the time. Don’t know whether it’s physical or mental or emotional or all of the above. I know there is a big chunk that is work related burn out and home related depression.

Seem to be obsessively listening to “Get Out Alive” by Three Days Grace. Something in the lyrics is hitting me at the gut level.  Especially the line:
Don’t put your life in someone’s hands,
They’re bound to steal it away
Don’t know why, but that seems to sum up what I’ve let happen for far too long now.

I’m seriously sad in how much I’m looking forward to seeing Twilight. In fact, disturbingly enough, my mom has announced that Robert “sex hair” Pattinson is “Hot” and is also looking forward to seeing the movie. I did the flail of “ZOMG! HE IS YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE MY SON, MOM!” but that just made her giggle. Good lord and lady, she’s gonna be the source of therapy yet!

Ghost Hunters tonight. Not sure what I’m making for dinner, but last night’s homemade Bourbon Chicken was a success. (Thanks to my friend Pam’s excellent recipe!)  And there will probably be a flurry of cleaning as the in-laws are coming over for dinner this weekend.

Hopefully I will have some time to write tonight as well. YAY!

Have a good evening folks!

Wow. 2008, can you PLEASE stop sucking now?

9 10 2008

weather: High: 69 degrees and sunny.

Wow. The campaigning has gotten downright ugly. ESPECIALLY from the McPalin side. REALLY ugly. It smacks of desperation, really.

New haircut is still FTW, but my long forgotten wavy-ness has been released and it really doesn’t want to lay straight. So I look a little shaggy. Not a prob, but I’m getting to where I might start shellacking the damn stuff down. Another lady in my office suggested a flat iron. May have to try that.

Is it some sort of huge blemish on my character that I’m actually looking forward to the new Twilight trailer tonight? I imagine I’ll have to wait and see it as the rabid fanbase will probably break the internets tonight trying to see it and squee. ::sigh:: ::curses weakness for sparkly cracktastic vampires::

Also — Season Premiere of CSI, which unfortunately coincides with my SHOW! (Supernatural, for those of you not paying attention.) I’ll download it from i-tunes later. HAVE to see how they wrap up the whole Warrick thing.

OH! and I have a review up at my bro’s Website:
Star’s Devastator album reviewed

Off to the train….