LOSTnesday and the cold is back. Sigh.

18 03 2009

weather: High: 53 degrees with PM showers.and Guess who forgot her umbrella ella ella, eh eh?

Amusing followup to yesterday’s train shenanigans. Gossip Girl was on the train again and I actually sat across the aisle from her. (There were two seats between me and the aisle and one between her and the aisle. So we were in no way adjacent. ) Amusingly enough, she GLARED at me when I sat down. I just smirked and got myself situated. I put my headphones on and she went back to sleep. I listened to my usual mix at usual volume and didn’t get an uppity request to STIFLE THAT NOISE ZOMG! INstead, she reserved her pinched face annoyance for people who had the gall to walk by her seat and wake her up. Bri texted me that I should tell the conductor that her existence was annoying me and he should make her stop. HEE!

The weather is pulling shenanigans itself, dropping us out of the lovely 70s from yesterday and keeping us in the high 40s today.

Wow is Facebook & Twitter eating up my day. Need to minimize Firefox and get some work done. Have a metric tonne of disc burning to do for the new software.

Had a fantastic salad for Lunch.  Go here and scroll down to Hilltop Salad.
Their Chicken Caesar is awesome, but I think I’m gonna try the Famstand Salad next time, because ZOMG GOAT CHEESE!

Re-watched Repo! A Genetic Opera again last night and made Bri watch with me. He’s in no way, shape or form a musical fan, but he said he enjoyed it. Not “hills are alive with the sound of music” enjoyed, but he liked it. Was very impressed with the sets and cinematography.  The link above is to the official site for Repo, which has a WEALTH of behind the scenes vids and downloads. Worth a look.
In fact here: Watch “Zydrate” from the movie version:
(Apologies about the low sound, but it’s the only copy I could find. )

New Lost tonight (FINALLY ZOMG!) so I’ll have that to watch. And new Ghost Hunters as well.

In bad news, it appears actress Natasha Richardson has actually succumbed to her head injury from skiing. Latest report I read is that she’s been declared brain dead and they’ve unhooked her from life support. I really and truly hope those reports are wrong. 😦 She’s only 45 and has two lovely children with Liam Neeson. I don’t care that she’s famous. She’s a person first and this is just horrible across teh board.

On that chipper note ::facepalm:: I’ll be heading out to go home.


Monday and it really feels like it…

16 03 2009

Weather: High: 69 degrees (woo!) and sunny.

Managed to survive bossless week and a rather disheartening weekend.

Finances= Teh Suckorrr! Most of my paycheck was sucked into the oblivion known as bills. Managed to get out to Costco this weekend and actually did a stellar job of stocking up on what we needed and saved a little over a hundred dollars doing so. Very proud of ourselves for not buying trivial stuff (we’re stocked up on cat food for the next two months! ) and nothing we won’t be able to store and therefore get our money’s worth.

Still gobsmacked that Neil Gaiman is gonna be on the Colbert report tonight. Woot!

Watched the shuttle launch yesterday. Found it sad that we felt more nervous about the potential for an accident than just enjoying the wonderment of the endeavour.  Used to be we would all be so excited for a launch,  now we spend most of the time bitning our fingernails wondering if it will clear the atmosphere in one piece. Such is the nature of an accident and tragedy strewn history.

Saw a few things over the weekend that I really enjoyed. First, Russel Brand’s comedy special on Comedy Central was HILARIOUS.  I’ve alwasy held that he’s a better stand up than show host. He even skewered the whole MTV awards debacle by reading what was originally scripted for the show. Very funny. I have to get my hands on his book.  Also, Bri and I caught Penelope on cable and really liked it. For me there was James “nom nom nom” McAvoy and hey wasn’t that Russel Brand in a cameo? And Nick Frost? It was a beautifully filmed movie and the story wasn’t  as straightforward or cliche as the critics would have you believe.

Day has gotten away from me again.


Have some Russel Brand to cheer you up.
This is the full length Response to Death Threats bit. HYSTERICAL

Post SparklePire Weekend Update!

24 11 2008

Weather: High 39 with rain/snow mix! It’s MESSY
First off, Cleolinda has posted her Movie in 15 Minutes for Twilight, but be forewarned, if you were on the fence about seeing the film…this may convince you to go see it.SERIOUSLY! Oh and I think SPOILER ALERT goes without saying.

And yes I did see the SparklePire movie and here’s my VERY SPOILEREY review!


I liked it. Seriously. There was still enough cheese to spread on some crackers, but it was nowhere as ridiculous as people are making it out to be.

The sparkle effect would have been better without the shimmer sound effect, and a few of the lines were still as cringe-worthy as they were in the book, but honestly? The actors delivered them without irony and it made it work. And let me tell you? Robert Pattinson deserves every kudo he’s gotten. Edward is not an easy character to bring to life and he did. (There’s a brief dream sequence, which was snatched right out of Dracula, I was WOW! Can I have a movie of JUST THAT SCENE PLEASE??)
Kristen Stewart as Bella was 1000% better than book Bella. I actually didn’t want to strangle her by the end of the movie. The rest of the Cullen’s were awesome and well cast as well. Alice was made of AWESOME as well she should be.

Jacob, Billy and the rest of the soon to be Furry Friends were well cast and they did a nice preview of future territorial wrangling between Edward and Jacob at the end of the film.

(I will state my absolute diehard fangirl status over Jackson Rathbone who played Jasper. MINE. SERIOUSLY. And I’m dying to see the opening sequence of the next movie. ZOMG! )

Jasper's got TEEF!


There was actually PLOT in the movie and the added sequences were DEFINITELY an improvement. There were intentional laughs that were actually funny and it was kinda nice to see High School kids actually being HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, not cast rejects from Gossip Girl. And Charlie, Bella’s Dad? Was an actual 3 dimensional character.
The wire work and some of the effects were a little meh, but I figure they’ll do better on the next one.
So all in all, I really dug the film. And bonus points for using “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse over the Baseball sequence (Which was surprisingly NOT made of suck!) And “Bella’s Lullaby” was beautiful.

My mum and sister both liked the movie as well, though I think my sister has a lower threshold for cheese than me.
I’ll go see it again. And will probably get the DVD. And am happy they’re making the sequel.

On a completely different note, I seem to be closing the door on my old life and walking face forward into my new one without making the effort. Some things transpired over the weekend that made me realize that trying to fix a lot of what’s wrong with my RL relationships (Brian not included) is never going to happen. They’re broken and will remain so. Bri and I are on the same pge but his Tupperware leaked this weekend (our euphemism for having a sudden emotional surge over things we hadn’t dealt with. ) A lot of this is family related and I won’t go into it here. Suffice it to say that we are both standing on the threshold of this shiny new life for ourselves and we’re trying to sever the ties holding us back in this dank, grey DEAD thing that has kept us miserable for so long. We haven’t been happy about much in the past 3 years, excepting each other. And that may be the one thing that saved us, that we had each other.

Writing continues to flow. I got 4500 words packed in on Saturday and have started another chapter. Nice thing was I actually got NEW text added to scenes that were hanging and managed to get some plot holes filled. This is probably still only going to be a 75 – 100K story. But then I can get back to the Incubi and Vampires in my other stories. 😉

Time to start wrapping up for the day…
Here, have a video:
Paramore — Decode (From the Twilight Soundtrack)

And that will be it for today, my lovelies. I have to go home and hem curtains. Yes. I know. My life is so damn exciting. ::yawn::

Finally Friday and ZOMG! Sparkle Weekend is here!

21 11 2008

Weather: High 33 and SUNNY! (It was 18 when I walked to my office this morning! BRR!)

Yep– Mom, Kirsten and I will be indulging in Twilight on Sunday. Yes I know most people are scoffing, but I have this horribly irresistible urge to see almost every vampire film, regardless of quality. So this is no exception. So I may cringe my way through it, but I HAVE TO SEE IT!

I’ve been fighting off a migraine all day which is why I’m dragging so horribly. We need to get a crapload of stuff done around the house in case the in-laws end up coming over for dinner tomorrow night. They’ve postponed on us for two weekends now.Not that I’m really complaining, because we have a lot to do, but it’s just making me nuts not knowing.

Bri has a lead on a temp position that would at least give him some income for a few weeks. Hopefully he’ll get it. It starts on Monday if he does.

LJ seems a bit slow today seeing that a lot of my FList are heading to PhilCon which is run by some people on my FList as well. So not much in the way of posting over there. Facebook is sporadic and MySpace is….well the usual.

I think my brain has already left for the day and I have an hour left on the clock. SIgh.

And on that note I will post this:
More from the Studio with DM:

And this!

And will now depart for the wilds of Indiana and peace and quiet!

Monday musings and ZOMG!SQUEE from yesterday.

27 10 2008

Weather: High: 41 and WINDY and ZOMG! WIND CHILL!

Well LJ seems to have tanked for the moment, and surprisingly I’m not twitching at the moment. Probably a good thing.

THe squee mentioned above is from discovering that they made Repo! A Genetic Opera into a MOVIE! What made it even MORE exciting for me was the cast! Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Nivek OgRe (Skinny Puppy) and music played by David J and Daniel Ash from BAUHAUS/Love & Rockets?!!! Dear gods above and below I AM SO THERE!! Basically it’s Blade Runner meets Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Here’s “Chase the Morning” featuring Sarah Brightman. ::ZOMG WIBBLE::

And here’s a Teaser Trailer that shows more performances than the Official Trailer:

This weekend was lovely and relaxing and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Mom gave us some leftovers from the wedding reception, so Bri and I have some chicken and filets and Wedding Cake to nosh on. Not complaining one bit as money is tight and free food is always of the good!

My sister just called and has made it back from the honeymoon trip mostly intact. I know she’s probably both glad to be home and bummed to be back from Hawaii. I’m also sure she has a metric tonne of photos to share as well.

Writing is going well. I’ve kind of figured out the ending on When the Lights Go Out and since I reread the first 50+ pages of Dark of the Mirror, I think I know where I need to take that manuscript as well. Carrion Dreams is stalled, but I have plenty of notes to go back and consult. We’re trying to get a lot of cleaning done and I think tonight I’ll finally have the dining room table cleared off so I can plop my laptop there, away from the TV and the Intrawebs, so I won’t be distracted when I’m writing.

Can’t believe our third wedding anniversary is only a few days away. Then again, we’ve been together for 13 years so three seems slight up against that. 🙂

Came to a very interesting conclusion over the weekend. I’ve reached the end of my patience with my family and with people who live around us in general. Bri and I were discussing something weird and obscure, (String Theory? Edible Plants origins? Who knows!) and I realized that he was pretty much the only person, barring my friends on line, who I could have this discussion with. Now mind you, I don’t wear this as a badge of “We’re so smart  WOOHOO”, just that other people in my MeatSpace just don’t find these topics interesting or of value. They’d rather discuss sports or the new curtains or how many beers they consumed this weekend. Nothing wrong with that, just not interesting to US. Now, this may come off as us being snobs, but I really don’t look down on people for not having the same interests as us. Really. But I have a low boredom tolerance anymore. Bri and I try our damnedest to converse with EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, but no one seems to be willing to do the same for us. We get a little annoyed that anytime it comes to talk about something we were excited about, we get dismissed or mocked or outright insulted. SIGH.  We get a lot of “That’s stupid. Why would you want to do that?” or “You’re so silly. You’re too old to do that.” It gets really annoying, really fast. And yes, I seriously think getting some distance might help. Does this mean we won’t run into this problem elsewhere? Of course not. But from family and close friends it’s particularly intolerable. We’re Nerdy Geeks in a Nascar environment. Not exactly friendly confines.

Work is par for the course. Worries are still there over this upheaval that’s about to happen. I’m not sure if I should be worried about my job or not, and that has me fingering the resume nervously. I’m trying to keep my head down and do my work, hopefully not attract too much negative attention. Although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my online activity is getting a little heavier than it should while I’m on the job. I’m going to be cutting back pronto.

So…lots on the mind, thought I have to admit the stress level is slowly dropping. I’m a little freaked out that Christmas is so close on the the horizon and approaching quickly. There’s going to be little in the way of presents this year. Not that it really matters. Bri and I will be making things to give out this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I’ll let this stand for today. I need to get back to work before the giant beast of projects leaps out from behind my monitor and noshes on my innards.

Here’s a bit of Halloween fun: The Marilyn Manson version of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Tuesday musings…(Still feels like a monday!)

2 09 2008

weather: This weekend? HOT ! Like surface of the sun HOT! And SUNNY!  SO not happy. Today: High- 91 degrees (GAH!) and Sunny. HOWEVER–Storms tonight bringing through a cold front- HUZZAH!

So– This weekend.

Friday night was a frenzied bit of running around. First to Target to get some gifts for my sister’s Bridal shower, then to Bennigan’s for dinner (apparently the only Bennigan’s that closed were the corporate owned ones. The franchises are still open and serving Irish themed heart-attack on a plate meals.) then off to Borders where Bri and I donated some money to our second bank. (Only deposits, no withdrawals, but nice parting gifts. ) I picked up the “Umbrella  Academy” and “Guilty Pleasures, Vol 2” graphic novels and Bri got a HUGE Coffee Table book on world maps from the remainders table. So booked, fed and exhausted, we headed home where I let Brian work his wrapping genius to get Kirsten’s gift put together and I tussled with Snoots who was bitey after being left alone for too long.

Saturday, I was up wicked early, to get showered and into semi-nice clothes and pack a crapload of stuff into the car for the Shower. I picked my brother up at the train station and we zipped over to my mum’s where we had a nice big breakfast, coordinated the bazillion gifts and tchotchkes we’d be giving away, packed up both cars and were off to the shower. Had a nice talk with my bro who I hadn’t seen in a while.

The shower went well, all enjoying themselves and Kirsten & Marc made out like bandits, as you do. Had a fun tiume with my MIL and Mom and seeing a lot of my sister’s friends whom I hadn’t seen since they were in High School (which has been a long while! ) Got the details for the Bachelorette party hammered out and finally put that sucker to bed. Got home around 5, so shagged I could barely stand. Bri said I looked zombiesque. He was not wrong. Mum stopped by with some fantastic sourdough bread and some treats on her way home from visiting a family friend. Ended up staying up way too late for no other reason than the evil second wind kicked in. Finally the body just up and said “GO TO FUCKING BED ALREADY YOU EEJIT!” and I complied.

After the nightly Snoots Removal at 1 am,  I managed to sleep in till 8 am. Then got up, donned a baseball cap, threw on some clothes and went grocery shopping. Then came home after facing the unwashed masses of Labor Day bargain hunters and fixed a nice big breakfast for Bri and I. Did a little house cleaning, and showered (FINALLY!) and headed off to the in-laws for a nice dinner of grilled steak. NOM NOM NOM. Home again by nine-ish.  Laid out exhausted by 10. Not really feeling all that rested after all this running around.

Up for Nightly Snoots removal at 12:45. went back to sleep until 8:30. Got up, fed cat, made coffee, RELAXED while watching Hurricane updates on the telly. Made a nice breakfast for me and Bri once he got up a little after nine.  Bri headed off to do some work at the in-laws condo and I watched “Gosford Park” for my Clive Owen :: sigh:: fix and did some writing.  Bri got home around 6 and we vegged. I was actually in bed by 10 which is nothing short of a damn miracle.

So– at work today. Slowly ramping back up to the pile of crap I need to get done. Just not able to quite overtop the giant mountain of apathy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So– horrifically boring post today, but good bit of track keeping.

And after reading all my friends write-ups on Dragon*Con and weeping in envy and pouting, Bri and I have made a blood oath that we will be going next year if it KILLS us! Hopefully by then I will have my Steampunk outfit done and ready and my hair will be the right shade of blue streaked brown. GRINS.

Daily Vid:

The  Cruxshadows — Birthday (Live)

Abney Park — Stigmata Martyr (yes I’m repeating!)

Oh and I so do not like Sarah Palin. BUt then again, it’s not like I would be voting for that ticket anyway. So moot point.

Sigh. Monday again. It’s like every 7 days–there it is…

25 08 2008

weather: Weekend: Warm and muggy on Saturday, cooler and drier on Sunday. Today: High – 74 and sunny.

This weekend was actually delightful in that we did little to nothing all weekend. We did get some housework done and of course the grocery shopping. Ended up watching “The Namesake” with Brian on Friday and LOVED it. I followed it up with “PS I Love you” which was sweet and I got to see Gerard Butler in boxers and  Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s butt, so what’s not to like? Both movies were very emotionally involving and considering that “the Namesake” was directed by Mira Nair, it was no suprise that visually it was stunning as well. How often do you get to see inside the Taj Mahal in a film? Kal Penn was amazing in this film. And yes, he does make you forget he’s Kumar rather quickly.

On Saturday we watched “Bridge to Terabithia” , because I’d only seen it in pieces and Brian hadn’t seen it at all. I was a wreck at the end of it. Brian was scrambling to get kleenex for me. Yes I’m a big ole sap, but I identified a little too much with the main character, Jess. I understood about having an imagination too big to keep in your head. And the alienation it causes from people who don’t understand.

Having a bit of a rough patch with …well everyone right now. Not really angry with anyone, but I’m finding my sympathy is yet again sandwiched between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. I’m just spread too thin right now. I’m so exhausted that just trying to wheedle up some emotion on anything is like unlocking the floodgates. It’s feast or famine in the world of Ms. Heidi’s brain.  Sigh.

Again with the perpetual whine of why am I not writing instead of doing this silliness of a job? Oh yeah! Because we’re broke and I’m sugar mama for the moment. And that’s no aspersion being flung at Brian. He’s doing his damndest to find something ANYTHING at this point.  I’m honestly beginning to think that the not-so-benevolent deities are strong arming us into taking that leap of faith and GTFO of NW Indiana. All I know is it is getting damn near time to leave.

So tired. Gotta somehow manage to get Snoots to stop waking me up at 3 ZOMG am every night. IT’s getting ridiculous.

GOtta dash. Hopefully something more coherent tomorrow.