NaNoWriMo Day #30- Time for a creative revolt

30 11 2016

Weather: Weird end to a Weird Month. Been in the low 50s and WINDY. Having intermittent rain. Just odd. Next week?  Here’s the snow we’ve been not seeing. Hello December.


Yep. Got to 50 K. Validated and everything. And it’s a giant mess. Sigh. Well, I was mostly aiming just to get the structure of the thing in place. I think I will feel better once all the jagged edges are better stitched together.

November 2016 has been, for lack of a better phrase, a bit of a dumpster fire. Between this clown car of an election and the crazy series of events that seems to be following and the added deaths that the bloody Grim Reaper that is 2016 has racked up…I’ll be more than happy to see the backside of this year.

I found that I’ve spent more time away from social media and the news, and truth be told, I feel better mentally for it.

Probably a good sign that I need to get out of the online cesspool and back into life again. Studio time has been languishing for no good reason. Creative deep diving always makes me feel better, so I may need to take a moment and analyze why I’ve not been indulging.

I read the below post recently and it’s served as a bit of perspective and calming reassessment of all things that are currently giving me indigestion. Read it and take a  moment to breathe. And consider all the ways there are to battle cruelty and darkness and ugliness in this current time. Not all battles require fists and angry retorts. Sometimes our energy is better spent facing down the awful with overwhelming beauty and compassion. Shame the terrible venom by drowning it out with cavernous shining art and creative output. There is plenty of room  in the battle for both the hard and soft approach. (Keeps ’em off balance. 😉 )

There is no time for despair

I’m off to spend some time away from my keyboard for a bit.

Keep making art. Keep writing. Keep making music. BE CREATIVE.

Bullies and demagogues have no defense against those who refuse to engage and step around them. Sometimes we shine a light on dark things to make sure they don’t take root. Other times we starve them of attention so they wither on the vine. Both methods are effective and they work in concert beautifully.

Art can be reactive and proactive. Do both. Do it all.

Words can be weapons, sharp and subtle in the same breath. Images can soothe and disturb and incite and reassure. Music can inspire  or commiserate. Bring all your emotions and stories and statements out.

Make Art. Everyday.


Duck & Cover everyone, she’s blogging again…..

11 08 2011

Weather: It’s unseasonably pleasant. Sunny & 79. So far this summer has been a cavalcade of 90s-100s with high humidity. Gah, Ack and a wealth of OMGWTF???!! 

So I fell off the blogging wagon hard this time. Ah well. Life happens and sometimes there’s not much to talk about.

Still finishing up my revisions on Book#1 which are turning almost into a full re-write. Twas necessary, unfortunately. It’s helping to streamline the story. Took a page from Peter Jackson’s book in which he said, referring to how he decided what to keep & what to cut from the screenplays for the Lord of the Rings, “If it didn’t focus on Frodo getting the Ring to Mordor or advance the story, it was left out.” This is what I ended up doing. If it wasn’t advancing the plot, causing a pause or just ego stroking filler, it was getting gutted. So, I’m taking a week’s vacation at the end of August to finish up the revisions. Then the MS goes off to zee editor then onto getting published. 🙂

Book #2 is finally moving once I realized who the players actually were and figured out a couple of plot points that were missing from my initial outline. Funny how that works. 🙂

On the IRL front, The Husbeast has re-started his stained glass business. The mail has been arriving with new lampshade forms and brass rings and came bending tools and a wealth of patterns. So yes. He’s serious about it. I think this weekend he’s actually gonna finish off a number of projects that have been sitting for a bit. So keep your eyes on his website (Einini Glassworks) and his Etsy Shop .

I’ve taken up, albeit tentatively, glass tile mosaics. It’s still in it’s infancy, but I probably won’t make much noise about it until I gain some semblance of proficiency. Then I’ll probably splinter off of the Husbeast’s shop and sell some stuff. I find that I need to have some sort of physical hobby as well as my mental outlet for writing.

Speaking of the physical. I’ve shed about 25 pounds since my last blog post. Still only 30% of the way to my goal, but I at least think I can make it now. Feeling better now that my clothes is starting to fit correctly again and I’ve lost the double chin. Not bad for 44. Trust me, it doesn’t get easier as you get older.

I know I don’t usually weigh in on world events, especially politics here in the States, but dammit…things are just completely bollocksed to be honest. I’ve reached the level of disgust with our elected officials that I’ve gone numb. I get apoplectic just thinking about the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. ::shakes head:: Add in the rioting in the UK and the famine in Somalia and the talking point spewing media on all these topics and I just want to become a hermit in the Cascades, staying away from the interwebs & TV until this shit settles down. I’ve contributed my opinion, my vote and my hard earned money to support the causes I feel need it. Hopefully the world will get it’s collective head out of it’s collective ass and realize that their priorities are WAAAAAAY out of whack. I’m not holding my breath.

Ultimately, in order to get my life steered back in the proper direction, there are a number of factors that need ironing out.  I also need to stop trying to find the safe path. There really is no safe path to go a non-traditional route. Sometimes you have to forge the path yourself, rather than take the well trodden trail that others have already laid out. Especially if the path is going to sidestep easy fixes & wait on others to get their shit together.  Yes, ladies & gentlemen, if you’re going to eschew the standard way of doing things, you’re gonna have to put extra time & effort in to make things happen.  Sitting and moping because things aren’t falling into place does not make things get done. Neither does procrastinating or constantly falling back on the tired excuses of “Not enough time” or “When we have more money” or “after event x or y or z”. It’s never the perfect time for ANYTHING. It’s never the right time or the right place or with the right people. You’re gonna have to leverage that stuff yourself.

So. Now that I’ve randomly spewed for 700+ words, I shall end on an equally random note and promise to start blogging more often. I think I’m well over due for a “Irons in the Fire” post. So that will be forthcoming soon.

Keep your dreams in front of you. If you let them slip behind or to the side, you may lose sight of them forever.

**yawns** Wednesday, huh? :remains unimpressed::

25 02 2009

Weather: High: 48 degrees and possible rain showers throughout the day.

Watched Obama’s speech last night, (which is still boggling me as I’ve always avoided presidential speeches like the plague) and was definitely impressed. Yes I still have questions, but it was nice to hear a rousing speech that was motivating and uplifting for once. And the fact that the REPUBLICANS stood several times instead of just sitting and looking at their fingernails, that was heartening. I don’t expect congress to be all buddy-buddy or in agreement on all things, but you have to have some effort on behalf of compromise. Bipartisanship, when it’s working, means that both sides suggest ideas and you implement what’s going to work best. Doesn’t matter who’s idea. Better yet, if it’s a mixture of both ideas. The prevailing idea seems to be that one side wins. That’s not working together, that’s not even trying for what’s best. That’s just political grandstanding.

I’ve had a bit of a rant rumbling around in my brain for a few days, but I think I’ll just distill it down to a few lines. Too busy today to really write a lot, what with the boss out and all.

Suffice it to say, I’m a little befuddled why the constant reference to Ronald Reagan and the economy of 1981. I mean, I get why there are those who want to see that kind of economic recovery, but has everyone neglected to notice that the current economic climate, while on the surface looks similar, is completely different underneath? Has no one taken into account that when Reagan entered office, there were much fewer women in the workplace, that prevailing industries then are not the prevailing industries now? That technology has changed the face of  the business world? I appreciate that some economic factors do not change, but if you’re going to stimulate the economy, are you not taking into consideration that the type of funding that worked in 1981 is not going to work in 2009? Seriously. You’re looking at almost 30 years of job shifts, gender roles changing and a ton of exportation of jobs.  The situation is different and a lot of what caused this economic strife is outdated methods and 80’s style “Greed is Good” mentality that is WAY past it’s expiration date. Not to mention that the Baby Boomers who were in their prime back then, are now retirees and they are not exactly on board with the “Scrap medicare and social security” push that’s going on with the right wing contingent.  All I’m saying is stop making a one-to-one comparison between the economic crisis of the early 80’s and the one now. Too many factors are different to say that the solutions of them would work now. We need fresh eyes and fresh solutions.

Do I think we have all the answers in the stimulus and housing packages? Probably not. But is it a good idea to shake up the status quo and use it as a economic sorbet so we can try something new? Definitely. I just hope that Congress AS A WHOLE will stop treading the tired old political divide and start listening to people who actually understand the problems and have credible solutions. Here’s the rub: contrary to popular belief, about 90% of congress has only marginal understanding of all the issues involved with the economic downturn. They are not economists or mathematicians. They are POLITICIANS. They are kings and queens of the sound bite, the knee jerk reaction and the treading of the party line. None of these things are informed by actual understanding of the facts. Congress used to be led by people who UNDERSTOOD the situation, and the rest  fell in line behind these people. Now it’s just “vote the line our leader tells us”. I just don’t think this is productive or helpful. And the talking head pundits on television are making this even worse. Did you know that 85% of the people featured on discussions about the economy and the stimulus in the past two months have NOT been economists or advisers? The predominant people invited onto these talk shows have been political advisers, congressmen and other pundits. Regurgitating what OTHER politicians or pundits have said. Would you want to have people on to discuss the issues who had actually STUDIED the situation and had a grasp on the potential solutions? OR would you rather stick with people who can only give you shouty rants on why the other guy is wrong in supporting/opposing the solutions because of reasons that have nothing to do with the actual numbers or plan?

The Republicans spent a full week sound biting a supposed earmark about a marsh mouse in California that was to receive 30 billion dollars in protection. One problem– that ear mark didn’t exist in the legislation. It had appeared in a wishlist that actually was sourced from the EPA to support 65 different species in a wetlands protection program. Still, it wasn’t in the stimulus package. And six different Republican congressmen went on all the different pundit shows and hammered a totally false point into the ground and pinned all their reasons for not voting for the stimulus package on that false statement. Ditto for the L.A. to Vegas rail line. NOT IN THE PACKAGE.
It made a great soundbite and the right wing pundits crowed and quoted it and it became e-mails getting passed around and do you see where I”m going with this? I’m sure the Democrats have done the same, but this is the best example I can site.

My point is that, why are patently false claims getting this much credit and the facts, spoken by people who have the actual facts, are getting no air time?

So much for keeping this to a few lines. Ha.

Anyway. I guess I’m tired of the sound bite. I’m tired of being angry and pissed off and UNINFORMED by the very people who are paid to get the news to me.  I’m gonna start going to for my information. They are publishing the entire economic recovery information there, unvarnished and uninterpreted by political filtered pundits.

On a non politics front, I have a lot of writing to do today. Had a few brilliant flashes of plot bits that need inserting and have finally gotten visual aids for all my characters so that I can flesh them out a little more. 🙂

In bigger news on the personal front, my brother proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. I’m happy for him, but a bit cautious as it’s his second marriage.  But I like his new fiancee. She’s smart and lovely and funny and just all around a great person. I think she’ll be good for him.  🙂

My mum is leaving for California tomorrow and she’s both excited and nervous about the trip. She’s not scared to travel on her own (wonder where I got that from? 🙂 ) but the weather is looking a little sketchy and she has to drive a lot while she’s out there. Still, she’s seeing family and friends, so not like she’s being air dropped into a third world country and expected to survive on ants and berries.

I think I’m gonna tack on the Vid for the day and head off to do some writing while I snack at my lunch. 🙂

Have a little behind the scenes with Three Days Grace. Enjoy their Canadian accents (yes, they do pronounce “about” that way.) And a live performance of “Get Out Alive” (my fave) as well:

Fave quote from this bit: Drummer Neil Sanderson saying he needs a towel on his drum stool because he sweats “like a hooker in church”. 🙂


20 01 2009

weather: High: 21 degrees. And SNOW! OMGWTFSNOOWWWW!! (Yes we had a ton of lake effect this morning.)


Gonna have to pare down my open tabs today as the bandwidth is going to zero here in the office with everyone watching online!

So hard to work while I have the live feed on my other monitor. This is so damn exciting!

ETA: Watched the whole Inauguration live. Posted the transcript of Obama’s speech over at Facebook. And yes, I cried a little. After the last 8 years, it is a relief to feel hope again. I am not one of those people who think that the problems in this country are just going to go away now that Obama is our president.  The country didn’t get broken over night and it won’t get fixed overnight. Let’s just be patient and see what happens. I’m just glad we’re getting off the Hamster wheel and trying something new.

Obama’s speech was inspiring without letting idealism leapfrog over practicality. He pointed out several times throughout that the work to be done will not come easliy or without effort. The time of the free ride and easy money is gone. It’s time to roll our sleeves up, put on our big girl panties and get to work….though he said it better than that and with more words. 😉

I managed to get a metric tonne of editing and rewording done last night but there is still much to do. Printed out a hard copy of the manuscript to lug home on the train with me. See what needs tightening. Still have three major scenes to finish. Two have been started in the journal already, so hopefully this week I can use my train time to get them finished.

Anyway. Been a distracting day and need to get my focus back on work.

Because I haven’t watched it in ages and it fits my brain’s atmosphere right now…
Type O Negative — Black No 1
(Because that’s what my hair color will be as of Sunday!LOL)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Monday Musings…Pre Inauguration Edition

19 01 2009

Weather: High: 21 degrees and a chance of snow.

So the chill remains.

I think it’s amusing that I’m less excited about the inauguration tomorrow than relieved. Relieved that Bush is out of there and releived that someone new will have a chance to take a hack at the mess this country is in. I’m not so much a cockeyed optimist that I think the fixes are in the bag. But I think the status quo needs to be dispensed with and something new tried.  Can’t hurt, is all I’m saying.

Was disappointed I didn’t get to have my hair done this weekend. Due to my own idiocy I might add.Left my purse at my mom’s house which had my GC for the hair stylist and therefore I was unable to get to said hairstylist on time. Rassin frassin. So Next weekend it is. Black hair, I shall have you!

Got a rather impressive 850 words written over my lunch hour. And it was 90% new text. I decided the opening scene needed to be Devon’s, thus setting up the roof jump sequence a little better.

First line of the story is now “There were days he missed heroin.”

Which I think is kind of a good grabby kinda opening line.

And since we’re on the subject of Devon, and the muse who inspired him, take a gander at this video, which I think is possibly 3DG’s best live performance to date. And I swear, that’s Devon out front and center there. Adam’s got a bit more drama going on here than usual. Fits the emo vamp rock god persona nicely. 🙂
(FACEPALM. I am SUCH a freakin’ fangirl)
Three Days Grace– Pain (Live on the Late Late Show)

The weather is finally taking an upswing…well at least in the “ZOMG IT’S ABOVE ZERO!!” area. Though apparently we’re due for more snow. Again. SO OVER THIS WINTER CRAP!

BTW! Didn’t mention, but guess what arrived EARLY on Saturday? Yep, my Moonlight DVDs. Yes there was much squee and flaily dancing. Yes the husband rolled his eyes, but ended up watching a few eps with me. I’m about halfway through, though I know there will be repeated viewings in the future. Forgot how much I LOVE this show. So well written. And such a travesty it got cancelled so soon. Bastards. My unmitigated love for Mick and Josef continues unabated.
Vampire Solidarity, RAH RAH RAH!

Mick and Josef. SQUEE.

Mick and Josef. SQUEE.

Anyway. Enough fangirl behavior for the moment.

::stares at picture again. Drools.::

Okay. NOW I’m done.

Have a few bajillion things to take care of tonight. That is if my girly bits don’t keep trying to KILL ME. GAH! ::Stabs uterus:: Sorry for the TMI there. Just having a pain induced moment of insanity.

And so, we come to the end of another workday. Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. OR in other words, KICK BUSH OUT ON HIS KEISTER DAY. WOO! Looking forward to breaking the company interwebs with the streaming broadcasts. WOO WOO!

Post Election Haze and dealing with 13 year old whiners.

5 11 2008

Weather: High: 75 degrees and sunny. And I’m loving it today.

First off: a picture is worth a thousand words.



And I helped make that happen. Wow!

My office is filled with right leaning reactionary people. A lot of them are sulking today. A few are actually letting their bitterness show in rather ignorant statements. Just really tired of all the crap.

Sorry for the short post, but the day’s kinda gotten away from me. Here’s a nice bit of vid to end the day on:

Barack Obama’s Speech from last night:
Part One

Part Two

I am inspired and motivated. And I’m so happy he won. Now lets get these sleeves rolled up and get to work!

ELECTION DAY 2008–Change is in the air.

4 11 2008

weather: High: 73 Degrees (DOUBLE WTF!) and sunny!

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I voted Today--DID YOU?

I’ll be watching the returns like WHOA tonight. Crossing my fingers, probably in vain, that my vote helps turn Indiana blue.

Considering I work in a surprisingly Red leaning office in a very Blue state and City. (Chicago) I have no doubts there will be some resentful grousing for the next…FOUR YEARS if Obama wins. I’m seeing more and more that this is a generational gap, not just a political gap. Our generation (Gen X or Gen Y or wtfever they’re called nowadays) will not vote the same as our parents Gen. Let’s face it. 90% of our Parent’s Generation are either retired or going to be retired in the next 4 years. The issues and problems facing us are decidedly different, granted with some overlap. Retirement funds & 401(k)s are obviously a common factor. But unemployment? That’s more a direct hit on our generation, and education and work offered health care. The older generation is also more prone, I’m afraid, to still carry that race fear. They’re more open minded now than they were in the 60s granted, but let’s face it. If you’re 65+ years old and white, you are less likely to vote for the younger African American man than you are the guy who looks more like you, in age and skin color. And no, I’m not saying EVERYONE, but it’s more likely.

I’m 41 and I have no interest in voting in the same politics that has run this country for way too long. Bush Jr’s cabinet was made up largely of the same people from his DAD’s cabinet. How is that moving things forward? And can John McCain guarantee he’d bring in fresh blood and not the same old cronies? Nope. I’ll take a chance on the new kid. And sometimes, experience = same old crap. Younger people tend to try new things and take chances. And you know what?  Stop trying to scare us with New Things=Imminent disaster. Really tired of this crap. Sorry older generation and baby boomers. Time for us kids to take over. I’m not waiting till I’m 60 to get some new ideas and fresh starts going. I’m not gonna wait for us to be the retirees, stuck with no retirement finds whatsoever. Yeah, I know I’m not an economist, but you know what? We’ve tried it your way for 8 years and it’s not exactly working, now is it? You know the definition of insanity, right? It’s doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different result. Done.

On the writing front, managed to pound out another 1700 words last night. I’m lightly editing as I’m going but I can kinda see that what I’ve gotten written out long hand will probably yield about 25000 words total. And while I have the ending, the middle bits need shoring up. all I really have is a series of loosely connected scenes and not much meat and glue in between.  That will be rectified once I get it all transcribed.Electronic text MUCH easier to fiddle faddle with.

Looks like my sister’s cat had her kittens safe and sound. FOUR of them!

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Hester the Cat and her new brood.

Apparently we’ll be adopting one of them .(Bri melted like butter on a stove when he saw the pictures.) Besides, Snoots needs a companion. I think he’s bored and that’s why he’s acting out. Doesn’t help that we leave him alone for hours at a time.

Allright. Need to cut this short so I can dash off and catch the early train. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we’ll have a new President, and yes, I hope it’s Obama. 🙂

One more day. I may snap before the end of today.

3 11 2008

Weather: High:71 degrees (WTF???) and sunny. Oh Hai! Its November. Can I has my fall back now?

So the election is almost here and therefore almost over. THANK GOD. All I ask is whoever wins, let it be by a good margin, because if this drags out any longer I may go apeshit. SRSLY.

Our financial situation has taken a decidedly sharp plummet into the toilet. I’m not even sure we’ll be able to cover all our bills this month, let alone afford groceries.Sigh. We shouldn’t be in this position. Not now. It’s all I can do some days not to just sit down and cry. I’m hoping Bri can either get Unemployment again or with the gods’ blessing, a new job. We simply can’t get by on my salary alone.

I’m crawling back into my cave of rock music, as I’m feeling raw around the edges and need a little primal scream to help me out. SO the two Three Days Grace albums are getting a lot of play. As is a lot of She Wants Revenge and Sisters of Mercy and NIN and MCR and VNV and yes tons of Abney Park for added warm atmosphere. My nerve endings are so shredded right now, I’d just like to be numb for a while. I need catharsis. Writing is helping (I managed to get 2700 words transcribed this weekend. Need to do more tonight.) but I’m at the point of wanting to hide away from people as a whole, Bri as an exception. Just sitting in my office, the noise level is deafening, and my co-worker’s constant inane chatter buzzes in my ears like a cloud of angry bees, although less coherent. The walk from the train to my office and back just serves to piss me off every day. People are rude, discourteous and completely oblivious to anyone’s personal space. Their cell phones and headphones seem to give them license to walk slow or weave or just be obnoxious in general and then have the unmitigated gall to take issues when you walk around them, with plenty of space and a polite “Excuse me”. I never push past people, I never crowd them, I wait until I have plenty of space to get around them and I still get people going off on me. What the hell is wrong with people? I wish I could afford to take the bus or cab it to the train every day, but no, I have to wade through this throng of morons with zero crowd sensitivity and my husband wonders why I’m prickly when I get home. Don’t even get me started on the redneck jackasses on the train. Sigh.

Anyway. I obviously need a time out. LOL.

Here. Have some Teasing Cause for SQUEE!

Off to home to get some writing done and get our November budget in order.

ZOMG! I swear the world economy just had a seizure…

10 10 2008

weather: high: 70 degrees and sunny. Though it was 45 degrees this morning. Gotta love fall weather!

Well the global economy has definitley jumped with both feet into the shitter. The DOw is below 8000, and the International exchanges are not doing much better.

Wow– Cranky broker is CRANKY. Sorry, work related observation there. My boss is out today and all the whiny divas have come out of the woodwork. And I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. The lady in the next cube over was discussing Bill O’Reilly (mini-puke) and was saying what a smart and truthful man he is…Damn did it again.(mini-puke)

Started a meme on LJ. Am very proud for that. Just trying to get people to focus on something positive in the midst of all this chaos. Several people have carried it forward as well. I basically just asked people to list 10 GOOD things happening in their life right now. Simple. I figured taking time out to actually focus on the good would distract from all the bad, if nothing else for a few moments.

New promo shots were uploaded today for Twilight (and the new trailer ZOMG!NOM NOM NOM!)
These are my two faves:

Jasper's got TEEF!


Vampires! And Werewolves! Oh My!

Vampires! And Werewolves! Oh My!

Yeah, they’re kinda cutesy, but I just loved them. (Oh dear benevolent deities, please save me from my sparklepire obsession!)

Anyway– this weekend will be a lot of running around and house cleaning. Hopefully we can get the basement back to something resembling normal. THat tile still worries me. SIGH.

And for my lovely fellow fans:

Thanks to NoisecapeTV for posting it!

Wow. 2008, can you PLEASE stop sucking now?

9 10 2008

weather: High: 69 degrees and sunny.

Wow. The campaigning has gotten downright ugly. ESPECIALLY from the McPalin side. REALLY ugly. It smacks of desperation, really.

New haircut is still FTW, but my long forgotten wavy-ness has been released and it really doesn’t want to lay straight. So I look a little shaggy. Not a prob, but I’m getting to where I might start shellacking the damn stuff down. Another lady in my office suggested a flat iron. May have to try that.

Is it some sort of huge blemish on my character that I’m actually looking forward to the new Twilight trailer tonight? I imagine I’ll have to wait and see it as the rabid fanbase will probably break the internets tonight trying to see it and squee. ::sigh:: ::curses weakness for sparkly cracktastic vampires::

Also — Season Premiere of CSI, which unfortunately coincides with my SHOW! (Supernatural, for those of you not paying attention.) I’ll download it from i-tunes later. HAVE to see how they wrap up the whole Warrick thing.

OH! and I have a review up at my bro’s Website:
Star’s Devastator album reviewed

Off to the train….