It’s Friday. And I’m talking about writing stuff again.

23 10 2009

Weather: High: 58º and RAINY. Like SEATTLE RAINY. Seriously.

It’s been rainy this week, but mostly a light drizzle. Today its been RAINING. With some volume and force. I love this weather, just not on a work day. I’d rather be home with the laptop, sitting by the window and letting the sound and visual of the rain falling envelope me while I’m writing. Sigh. But this is not to be, at least not today.

What sucks additionally is that my cube here at work has NO access to a window. I can’t even see the rain. Just the migraine inducing fluorescent lights over head (hisses) and the soul sucking burgundy walls of my cube. Which, thank the gods, are wallpapered in pictures of musicians, family photos and the Muses. 🙂 Oh and several snarky signs. Makes my life much happier. 🙂

Not recent, but you get the idea.

Not recent, but you get the idea.

And no, my desk is not as messy as it seems. TRUST ME.

Laura Anne Gilman posted on twitter about how a proposal was using every bit of her history degree & added that  she was glad she saved her textbooks.  It’s funny how many writers I’ve spoken with have made similar comments. I’m a book pack rat and I’ll tell you, like Laura Anne, I’ve found more often than not that it’s been a boon. My college degree is something of a bizarre Frankensteinian mish mosh (I started out pre-med, then switched to communication. My electives are…well, ECLECTIC.) Needless to say I have a ton of biology, chemistry and statistic books nestled in among the mythology and esoterica.  I went through a phase where I collected books on epidemics (The 1916 flu, the Black Death, Ebola outbreaks, you name it!). Then I started picking up books on genetics, both 101 and more advanced versions of the topic. Amusing anecdote: These were all for a vampire novel I was working on at the time. It’s still on the back burner and will hopefully see the light of day, so to speak, in the future.
I also have a ton of books on the occult, supernatural and almost a library unto itself on paganism & witchcraft. (Kinda the go to area for me and the husband on the High Holidays. 😉 ) The reason I’m pointing all this out is that sometimes, the inter-webs may be the most convenient way to research things for your novel in progress, but I think we forget that we might have better sources in our home libraries, or the public libraries, or even in our own heads.
Wikipedia can be helpful, but honestly? Use it as a stepping off point. Try some books from the time period you’re writing about. If you’re looking for a neat little known fact about a place your setting your story, contact their chamber of commerce or the tourist center. Sometimes they’ll have brochures or fact booklets to add some color to your story. (Thanks to Terri Osborne for that one!)

Writing is one of those phenomenally unique endeavors where we can get source material from virtually ANYWHERE.  So I guess what I’m  suggesting is step away from the computer once & awhile and pester your local reference Librarian. Believe it or not, they actually wish MORE people would. And you might find out those old college textbooks have more interesting things in them than you remembered.

Some websites that actually have electronic copies of useful texts (Not pre-digested information) : Has an AMAZING wealth of electronic texts on almost any area of religion, spirituality and philosophy you could ask for.

Project Gutenberg Another great source of electronic texts. (nearly 30,000 books here for FREE)

Perseus Digital Library More digitized scholarly works

Medieval Sourcebook Lots of full texts from the medieval period

Sometimes reading the actual source text is more revelatory than someone else’s Cliff’s notes analysis of the text. 😉

So. Weekend is splayed out in front of me. In between going to look at bridesmaid dresses (OY!) and the usual housecleaning, I have a bunch of writing goals planned for myself. Also, next Friday is my 4th Wedding Anniversary, so I’ll be incommunicado on Friday and Saturday. Saturday night I’ll be handing out treats to the wee children. And NaNo starts on Sunday. ZOMG! I’ll be updating my wordcount here daily. Even if that’s all I post that day.

If anyone reading this wants to be a fellow masochist writing buddy, my writing handle over at the NaNoWriMo site is Fairygothmother.

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Wow. This week has kinda sucked.

2 10 2009

Weather: High: 58º & rainy.

So I haven’t really posted much this week. Work has been a flurry of catch up and h0me life has been a rollercoaster of bad news and bad health. My whining, let me show you it.

Last night we lost power during the storm that rolled through, starting at 8:00 and finally getting it back at 5:30 this morning.  Candlelight, me sewing and my husband scribbling away in his notebook caused me to comment: “Sigh. I love the 1800s.”

The ultimate bad news was that my husband’s uncle passed away.  So we will spending a lot of time at wakes and the funeral over the next few days.

My writing brain has ground to a halt. I’m having difficulty constructing any semblance of coherent sentences. I’ve printed out the MS and am attacking it with highlighter and post-its. Re-writes were going do well… until I hit the wall.

I think in general between fighting off colds and having all this conflagration of stressful events has finally burnt out a few brain cells. The apathy has sunk it’s claws in me again. Hate when this happens. It tends to take a monumental effort to get back up out of this damn pit. I’m not wallowing, I’m just annoyed with myself.

So. Two weeks after getting the new Muse and Three Days Grace albums I’ve pretty much played them into the ground.  And I’m still not sick of either. THe music on both has proven to be good writing tuneage. Especially the 3DG album, in light of how it’s corresponding to the story re-writes that I’m doing. Coincidence? I think not.

Ah well. Gotta dash. I’m hoping that once this weekend is done and some things are settled, my mind might proffer better blog content. Bear with me folks, I’m not always such a drag. 🙂

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LOSTnesday and the cold is back. Sigh.

18 03 2009

weather: High: 53 degrees with PM showers.and Guess who forgot her umbrella ella ella, eh eh?

Amusing followup to yesterday’s train shenanigans. Gossip Girl was on the train again and I actually sat across the aisle from her. (There were two seats between me and the aisle and one between her and the aisle. So we were in no way adjacent. ) Amusingly enough, she GLARED at me when I sat down. I just smirked and got myself situated. I put my headphones on and she went back to sleep. I listened to my usual mix at usual volume and didn’t get an uppity request to STIFLE THAT NOISE ZOMG! INstead, she reserved her pinched face annoyance for people who had the gall to walk by her seat and wake her up. Bri texted me that I should tell the conductor that her existence was annoying me and he should make her stop. HEE!

The weather is pulling shenanigans itself, dropping us out of the lovely 70s from yesterday and keeping us in the high 40s today.

Wow is Facebook & Twitter eating up my day. Need to minimize Firefox and get some work done. Have a metric tonne of disc burning to do for the new software.

Had a fantastic salad for Lunch.  Go here and scroll down to Hilltop Salad.
Their Chicken Caesar is awesome, but I think I’m gonna try the Famstand Salad next time, because ZOMG GOAT CHEESE!

Re-watched Repo! A Genetic Opera again last night and made Bri watch with me. He’s in no way, shape or form a musical fan, but he said he enjoyed it. Not “hills are alive with the sound of music” enjoyed, but he liked it. Was very impressed with the sets and cinematography.  The link above is to the official site for Repo, which has a WEALTH of behind the scenes vids and downloads. Worth a look.
In fact here: Watch “Zydrate” from the movie version:
(Apologies about the low sound, but it’s the only copy I could find. )

New Lost tonight (FINALLY ZOMG!) so I’ll have that to watch. And new Ghost Hunters as well.

In bad news, it appears actress Natasha Richardson has actually succumbed to her head injury from skiing. Latest report I read is that she’s been declared brain dead and they’ve unhooked her from life support. I really and truly hope those reports are wrong. 😦 She’s only 45 and has two lovely children with Liam Neeson. I don’t care that she’s famous. She’s a person first and this is just horrible across teh board.

On that chipper note ::facepalm:: I’ll be heading out to go home.

Bossless Week: Day 1

10 03 2009

weather: Just Yuck. High: 54 Degrees. Heavy rain and craploads of wind later. Just major YUCK!

Boss is in DC for the rest of the week, so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that there will be little in the way of chaos this week.

My brother is conducting his annual Paddy Rock Marathon for St Patrick’s Day. (Click on the link for the radio show (all 6 hours of it!)

Listening to my ANGER mix at work right now. Mostly rock, some metal, almost all abrasive, get your adrenaline flowing type tunes. Right now it’s She Wants Revenge, and I’ve already jammed to Anthrax, Def Leppard and Apocalyptica. Feeling all energized and wanting to go to battle. And today it’s the war of DATA ENTRY! ::pummels keyboard into submission::

Am too easily distracted today.  Need to get focused… OH SHINY!
MUST HAVE! MINE MINE MINE! (Umbrella Academy Action Figures if you don’t want to click)

Wish the weather would let up a little. The heavy rain is causing trickle level leaks in our basement. Non damaging so far. Just irritation.

Well, it looks like the Little Cal river is topping it’s banks again. Sigh. It’s running a little under a foot over flood stage right now.  The in-laws are worrying down in Florida and I can’t say I blame them.

Just a side note. Not really apropos of anything, but reading that Neil Gaiman’s dad passed away triggered my own feelings about my own dad. Been kind of in a haze the past few days. Realize that the anniversary is coming up in May and I still haven’t quite accepted that he’s gone.  I really really miss him. And there are days that I keenly hurt because I can’t talk to him or get his advice on some things.

Have decided that Rush Limbaugh is a big ole Drama Queen. Why else would he be so damn shouty and use ridiculous metaphors and poke bears with sharp sticks the way he does? Just an observation, mind you.  Not that there aren’t Drama Queens on all sides of the political sphere. (Keith Olbermann, I’m looking at you! I love you, but you’re getting a little strident these days.)

News in general is starting to chap my ass. I agree with Brian and am pretty much sticking to the BBC News. They don’t sugar coat anything and are not given to idle comparisons that are ludicrous on the surface and flimsy underneath.  I’ll be perfectly honest, the 24 hour news cycle has pretty much ruined the news. IF it’s a slow news day, they grab at pretty much anything coming down the wire and run with it, substantiated or not. Getting a little tiresome. And shouty histrionics? If I want that, I can go visit any number of Twilight blogs or LiveJournal and watch the masses feed on each other.  (Sorry, LJ. I use you. I like you. But more often than not, you are festering pit of Vipers. And that’s on a good day.)


Gotta run and take care of the backup tapes and then make a mad dash for the train. Hopefully the weather will hold until I get there.

Here: Have a Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince trailer to improve your day. (ZOMG IS IT JULY YET??)

Okay…today is just weird from the get go…

26 02 2009

weather: High: 46 Degrees with rain & thunder later.
Woke up in a funky ass mood. The pain in my left foot actually woke me up at 2:30 a.m. this morning, so I’m thinking it’s probably time to invest in an ankle brace. Cause it’s not like I’m gonna get to see a doctor anytime soon. Sigh. ::stabs lack of insurance in it’s eye::

Commute to work in the morning has been unusually non-stress inducing. Ridership must be down on the trains because I’ve had a seat to myself most mornings.  It’s nice to just sink into the seat with music blaring over my headphones and snooze for the 45 minute duration from Hammond to Chicago. Of course that’s followed by a punishing 8 city blocks of pedestrian assholes and blustery Chicago weather. But it’s still a nice respite. Usually in the evening it’s a little more likely to be crammed in with another passenger, struggling to have enough elbow room to write, all the while dealing with a pungent olfactory assault of BO, fast food and cologne overdose.  At least I can listen to obnoxious music and annoy my fellow passengers. 🙂

Short day today so I more than likely will undercompensate for my verbosity yesterday.

OH! Time for the random List of Albums coming out that I MUST HAVE!! MUST!!

  1. Depeche Mode — Sounds of the Universe (April 21 2009)
  2. VNV Nation – Reformation (box set) TBA (Circa may 2009)
  3. VNV Nation- Of Faith, Power and Glory (Circa June 2009)
  4. U2 – No Line On The Horizon (March 3, 2009)
  5. Three Days Grace– TBA (Mid 2009)
  6. Green Day — 21st Century Breakdown (May 2009)
  7. Shortwave Dahlia — The Wilderness (TBA)
  8. Bat For Lashes — Two Suns (April 6, 2009)
  9. Apoptygma Berzerk — Rocket Science (Out now, need to get!)
  10. Lacuna Coil — Shallow Life (April 21, 2009)
  11. Silversun Pickups — Swoon (April 14, 2009)
  12. Breaking Benjamin — TBA (Late 2009)
  13. Massive Attack — TBA (Spring 2009)
  14. Muse — TBA (Late 2009)
  15. Trans Siberian Orchestra –The Night Castle (June 2009)
  16. Roxy Music (ORIG LINEUP- SQUEE!) –TBA  (late 2009)
  17. Crowded House — TBA (2009)
  18. Blink-182 (ZOMG!) — TBA (2009)
  19. Abney Park  – TBA (2009)
  20. My Chemical Romance – TBA (Late 2009)

And I’m sure there are more that I’m unaware of that will surface for me to geeble over.

New Depeche Mode Video:


This is shaping up to a FIRED WEEK.!!

19 02 2009

weather: High: 23 degrees and WINDY. ZOMG SO COLD!

At work late because the damn trains were fubar again this morning. Managed to get to the train station early and figured I’d catch the 7:09 train. So I hustled up to the platform and stood in the subzero temps and waited. And waited. And waited some more. No announcement as to the train being late. Getting irritated. Figured, oh well. Catch the 7:22. Waited . Waited some more. Really getting pissed. FINALLY at 7:30 (ZOMG!) we get the announcement that the 7:22 will be there in 5 minutes. And standing room only. Sigh. I managed to finagle a seat nonetheless and we got into the station at Randolph at 8:30.  Turned out the 7:09 train was cancelled (nice of them to tell us) and even though I had been 20 minutes early to the station, and even with taking a cab, I was 10 minutes late to work.  This is getting annoying.

Short day today because Brian has his Master Gardener class today. Will more than likely be watching MCR & Alias tonight since Supernatural is on hiatus until late March. ::whines:: .

Lost was frikkin AWESOME last night. Even Brian was enthralled. So many cool developments. SPOILERS AHOY! Highlight the following if you’re interested:

So! Locke committed SUICIDE? And why was Ben all bloodcovered and broken armed? DID HE KILL PENNY??? ZOMG NO!!! And where is Aaron? And why won’t Kate say anything about where he is? We know Hurley, Kate and Jack made it to the island. Where are Sayid and Sun? And what about Ben? Didn’t Richard say that Ben couldn’t come back? HMMMMMM! From the previews we know two things: Locke is alive again and apparently Ben was there when he killed himself.  Holy Crap this next ep looks good! SPOILERVISION OFF!

Will be doing some writing tonight. Have lobbed another beta off to my lovely friend Sandy to give it a perusal.  I need to get the Atlanta sequence input and also add some filler scenes to smooth the transition. There’s a few other bits and bobs to be tweaked. And a few loose ends that need tying up.

Went and dug out all the reference materials and text written on the Manx Sidhe/Celtic Lore twist story I started a few years ago. Been itching to get back to that one. I’m still debating on whether to make that a Young Adult story or not.

And Dark of the Mirror and Carrion Dreams both are yammering for attention now too. Seems they smell I’m almost finished with When the Lights Go Out, and are jockying for next in line. And I’m considering a name change for WTLGO. Maybe calling it Burning on the Inside…but there might be too many bad jokes launched by that…Sigh.

Dashing off to get some lunch.

Allright. Cutting this short as I need to be outta here in an hour and I have a ton to do.

Weather + Hormones= ZOMG! HEIDI SMASH!

18 02 2009

Weather: OY! High: 39 Degrees. Rain early, switching to snow later. Yuck.

And OW. My joints are achy as hell.

And my monthlies are making work an extremely painful endeavor.

Car is back from the shop, and thank the gods, it came in at $80 to fix the wheel and headlight. Cannot begin to tell you the relief upon hearing that number.

Brought “Life on the the Murder Scene” with me to work today, but it’s looking not likely that I’ll get a chance to pop it in. Pouts.

Actually stopped and smiled when “I Don’t Care” by Apocalyptica with AG on vocals came up on the shuffle.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Will never get sick of that. Looks like something I would have concocted. SERIOUSLY.

Am still gobsmacked that Captain Robert from Abney Park replied to a comment I made over on LJ. :insert fangirl squee:  Really hope they’re gonna be at Dragon*con this year. ::crosses fingers::

Watching the weather a little worriedly. Looks like a lot of ice mixed in with the rain and snow. And we have to drive home from Chicago. Never a good combo.

Need to get back on the writing horse. Have bee under the weather lately, but that’s no excuse.

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

I mean, these guys can get very pokey when they think you’re not listening to them. And that guy out front there? He’s the loudest. Needless to say I’m very much needing to get back to writing. HAve other muses also lurking in the background wanting to be heard.  Of course having my skull not exploding and the rest of the body healthy would be a big help. Sigh.

LOST tonight and ZOMG is it getting good again. They’ve actually been answering a lot of  questions and the circles are less overlapping than just matching up. LOVE IT. Have Alias Season 3 dvds to watch as well.

Off to brave the slick roads….

Wednesday is FIRED. Full Stop.

4 02 2009

Weather: High: 18 degrees and partly sunny.

SO. Stayed home sick today. Sinus issues and my cough has become ridiculous.

Add in that people in general are pissing me off today, on a number of levels, and sick and frustrated have merged to make me furious.

I seem to have lost my veneer to pretend everything is fine. Probably because I’ve reached the end of my rope where it comes to expectations from others are overstepping their bounds to the point where it’s impacting what I need to do.I am always open to helping others, but this drop what you’re doing and work on my shit attitude is getting on my last fucking nerve. Work is the worst perpetrator of this.


Brian, who is also sick, just had to listen to me rant for a good half hour. Suffice it to say I’m bristling with  a lot of anger. I know part of it is simply frustration at being sick for two weeks now with no cessation in my coughing.

I think that I need to just stay offline and off the phone today. I’m not fit for human interaction. Maybe it’s just as well. I can get some writing done. Brian seems to have the usual effect of calming me down. I can’t seem to stay angry around him. Probably a good thing, seeing as he’s grumpy too right now.

So, I’ll keep this short.

BTW–we got NO SNOW from the storm. Kinda disappointed. And the forecast is for the temps to reach up into the 40s with a spike up to 52 on Saturday. So things are gonna be sloppy for the next few days. Mom got about 8 inches of snow out by her, which just goes to show how narrow the band of Lake Effect was falling.

Waiting for my DVD to get here so I can indulge in my my eyeliner wearing emo rock boys. Think I will pop some of the movies we have from Netflix in today and get them out the door.

Maybe it’s a good thing I took the day off today. It has the feel of a pending thermonuclear meltdown on deck. Not an upset/depression trigger this time. A resentment/anger fueled one.

Time will tell.

Tuesday and the Snowpocalypse is upon us…

3 02 2009

weather: High: 17 degrees and Snow. Potentially ZOMG WHAT THE HELL?! Amount of snow. (NO LOVE, LAKE EFFECT!)

I’m coming to the rapid conclusion that I need to take a mental health day. I’ve been sick going on two weeks now, and people are starting to seriously rub me the wrong way. Not because they’re doing anything wrong or annoying, but because I have zero patience and am grumpier than shit because I feel awful. Add on that Brian is getting sick as well and we’re biting a little at each other, and not it the usual, “OOH! DO IT AGAIN” way either.

Sidenote#1: I absolutely adore “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison” by MCR. It’s such a cheeky song! Which prompts this picture of Boy Touching for the day:

All Boy Touching, All the Time.

MCR: All Boy Touching, All the Time.

Work is just dragging today. I had a mini training session over lunch which was slow and dragged out by inane questions. I still have reports for January month end to finish and I’m still wading through the Data Entry of Doom project. Being clogged to the gills with crud is not helping my focus.

Sidenote # 2: It’s already snowing in Hobart, per my mum. Need to call Bri and see if the Lake Effect SNOPOCALYPSE has started at home yet. SO.OVER.WINTER!

Sidenote #3 Just broke down and ordered “Life on the Murder Scene”.  ::facepalm:: I really can’t justify the expense, though it’s only $25, but DAMMIT I WANT MY MCR FIX and it’s 3 discs…Sigh. Ordered a book for Bri to assuage the guilt. HAVE TO STOP IMPULSE BUYING!
And here’s a taste:

Writing is continuing apace. Need to remember to bring my damn flash drive home with me. Since I’m taking a PTO day tomorrow, I ‘ll try to get some writing done. If I’m not curled up under a blanket, clutching a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea and growling, that is.

Leverage tonight and Fringe. So I have good telly to veg out in front of.

Heroes last night was EXCELLENT and a return to S1 form. Which bodes well. And Chuck was suitably hysterical, bonus for having Dom Monaghan on ! I even stuck around to watch Medium which Ive neglected for a while. Also of the good.

Time to pack up and head for home. I feel like I’m swimming in Jello right now, so i’m gonna sign off before this gets too incoherent.


20 01 2009

weather: High: 21 degrees. And SNOW! OMGWTFSNOOWWWW!! (Yes we had a ton of lake effect this morning.)


Gonna have to pare down my open tabs today as the bandwidth is going to zero here in the office with everyone watching online!

So hard to work while I have the live feed on my other monitor. This is so damn exciting!

ETA: Watched the whole Inauguration live. Posted the transcript of Obama’s speech over at Facebook. And yes, I cried a little. After the last 8 years, it is a relief to feel hope again. I am not one of those people who think that the problems in this country are just going to go away now that Obama is our president.  The country didn’t get broken over night and it won’t get fixed overnight. Let’s just be patient and see what happens. I’m just glad we’re getting off the Hamster wheel and trying something new.

Obama’s speech was inspiring without letting idealism leapfrog over practicality. He pointed out several times throughout that the work to be done will not come easliy or without effort. The time of the free ride and easy money is gone. It’s time to roll our sleeves up, put on our big girl panties and get to work….though he said it better than that and with more words. 😉

I managed to get a metric tonne of editing and rewording done last night but there is still much to do. Printed out a hard copy of the manuscript to lug home on the train with me. See what needs tightening. Still have three major scenes to finish. Two have been started in the journal already, so hopefully this week I can use my train time to get them finished.

Anyway. Been a distracting day and need to get my focus back on work.

Because I haven’t watched it in ages and it fits my brain’s atmosphere right now…
Type O Negative — Black No 1
(Because that’s what my hair color will be as of Sunday!LOL)
Vodpod videos no longer available.