Wow. 2008, can you PLEASE stop sucking now?

9 10 2008

weather: High: 69 degrees and sunny.

Wow. The campaigning has gotten downright ugly. ESPECIALLY from the McPalin side. REALLY ugly. It smacks of desperation, really.

New haircut is still FTW, but my long forgotten wavy-ness has been released and it really doesn’t want to lay straight. So I look a little shaggy. Not a prob, but I’m getting to where I might start shellacking the damn stuff down. Another lady in my office suggested a flat iron. May have to try that.

Is it some sort of huge blemish on my character that I’m actually looking forward to the new Twilight trailer tonight? I imagine I’ll have to wait and see it as the rabid fanbase will probably break the internets tonight trying to see it and squee. ::sigh:: ::curses weakness for sparkly cracktastic vampires::

Also — Season Premiere of CSI, which unfortunately coincides with my SHOW! (Supernatural, for those of you not paying attention.) I’ll download it from i-tunes later. HAVE to see how they wrap up the whole Warrick thing.

OH! and I have a review up at my bro’s Website:
Star’s Devastator album reviewed

Off to the train….




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