OW OW OW! Sleep related injury!

14 11 2008

Weather: High: 52 degrees and RAIN. WIth SNOW later.

Woke up with my neck wrenched so bad that I couldn’t turn my head in any direction. It’s loosened up with an application of Motrin and a hot shower, but it’s still kinda achy. Sigh.

Weather is gearing up to go cold and snowy over the weekend. Mum is getting  new computer this weekend and wants me to stop by and walk her through the Vista and set up the printer etc. Sigh. I’m gonna be happy when I don’t have to be the family tech support anymore.

Well, apparently the in-laws are canceling on us for this weekend. Small relief, only in that we can get all the extensive stuff done on the house. Maybe I can even get the curtains hemmed. ::smacks sewing machine::

Crap–really need to get moving on our homemade gifts for this year. SRSLY.

Looks to be a veg out evening tonight. My neck is still killing me and I’m starting to feel run down. Not a good sign. Maybe I can bribe Bri for a massage. ::rubs hands together nefariously.::

Maybe we’ll just splurge on a pizza since the weather’s gonna be so crappy. Snow and rain. WOO!

Must get my stuff wrapped up to go. So I’ll leave you with something fun and upbeat:
Smashmouth — Radio (live)

Granted not as smooth as the album version, but this song is catchier than hell! and always puts a smile on my face.


Tuesday musings: Storm Spankage edition.

5 08 2008

Weather: Yeah. About that. High: 86 degrees and scattered storms. AND HUMID.

So here’s what hit us last night:

Storm Spankage Iminent!

Storm Spankage Iminent!

We lucked out and only got wind (60+ mph) and rain and lots and lots of Thunder & Lightening. Granted the Civil Defense sirens went off and chased us into the basement with a neurotic cat.

South of us got it worse. Griffith, where my friends Lisa and Tom live, got smacked by a small tornado which ripped the hell outta a lot of houses and businesses  very near where they live,. Luckily they are okay, though without power right now.  As are the in-laws. Luckily for both there were generators available so they could at least get their sump-pumps up and running.

So we sidestepped the worst of the storm. Didn’t make commuting into work this morning any easier. Got a train that was two earlier than my usual train and it still came in 10 minutes later than my usual train would have. Thank the benevolent deities I decided to leave early!

Today is full of scrambling trying to get the stuff done for our company fund raiser golf outing. lots of stuff to be printed compiled and double checked before it gets carted off today.
Heh. So in my compiling today, I am chopping up poster board, using a glue stick and making name tags. I think I’m ready to teach kindergarten now. Oh wait! I work here–that’s already part of my job description. [/bitter]

I got an e-mail from my sister outlining the next few weeks leading up to the wedding and had a mild panic attack. It’s coming up sooner than I thought! GAH! (makes note to self to revamp speech!)


Now onto the MUCH more exciting end of month reports. [/sarcasm]

Here- Have a video!
Some Steampunk Goodness:

Abney Park–Sleep Isabella

The Crüxshadows – Deception