Irons in the Fire update…

16 12 2009

Weather: High: 28º (Zomg! Single digits this morning!) & sunny!

So yeah…VERY cold this morning. Captain Coffee is helping thaw me out.
Seems like ages since I did my irons in the fire update, so here’s what I’m working on:

The Archive Universe is finally taking shape. I’ve been spending some time crafting the “rules” and giving some underlying structure to the magic systems and alternate history it will exist within. There’s a base storyline in the Library of Alexandria, and nicely enough, there are enough holes in the history of the Library that I can plant my story in them and let it take root. Love it when Historical records can provide the “What If” for me. 🙂

As for the individual books under this Universe umbrella:

When The Lights Go Down: Current WC: 107K – In Rewrites.

Shadow of the Wolf : Current WC: 51K – Still in process. Hoping for 75K before starting revisions.

Dark of the Mirror: Current WC: 53K – In revision. Adding in references to Universe and revising some of the plot. Hoping to bulk it up to around 100K

Carrion Dreams: (Book 1) Current WC:  52K – Still writing. Needs revision to put it in alignment with Universe.  [Books 2 & 3 are in outline form]

All Things Fanged & Furry: (Book 1 of the “Houses” Trilogy) Current WC: 50K
In massive re-write mode

All Demons Dread & Dire: (Book 2 of “Houses” Trilogy) In massive re-write. Most of story is getting scrapped to better line up with Book 1 & universe.

Untitled (Book 3 of “Houses” Trilogy) In outline form, but due to be revised in line with Book 2 rewrites.

Archivist’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Lyra’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Kenric’s Tale: Still in planning stage.

Other Fiction:

Dreamfic: Currently only a couple of stray chapters in search of a bigger plot.

Librarian stories: “Into the Stacks” is almost finished. Needs two more chapters to be done. Second untitled story is in notes & outline stage.

So yeah. 2010 is gonna be a rather busy year for me. I’m hoping to have WTLGD ready for submission to an editor by January. Then we’ll see where we are.

On the non writing front, I’m getting a little geebly waiting for the next season of Being Human, and the final season of Lost. And the finale for Supernatural. Gonna be rather depressed when both those latter two are done.  We’ll see if anything rises to the top to get my obsession piqued again.

Not ready for the Holidays to be here already (Haven’t even figured out what we’re doing for the Solstice on Monday. ) Presents are mostly bought & cards have been sent out, though I’m almost positive I’ve forgotten some people. Sigh. December has been made of fail so far.

Need to get my 2010 list together. I’ve decided to do one of those “101 things to get done this year” lists. Nothing crazy like a typical “bucket list” , but number one on the list is gonna be MOVE TO SEATTLE. Somehow, my hubby and I will make that happen, probably next summer. I’m going stir crazy living where we are. Time for a change of scenery.


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It’s get annoyed at your manuscript Thursday!

5 11 2009


Yeah. Even with sunglasses, the sun was a tad FLAMING BALL OF EVIL this morning.

NaNoWrimo Morning Wordcount Total: 10033 words. Aiming for 12K today.

UPDATED: Only managed another 500 words over lunch, so I’ll need to do 1500 between the commute home and this evening. Brain seems to have thrown a coil. May need to to work on something else tonight or just take a breather. The story is there. It’s not writer’s block, just malaise has set in. We’ll see if I get a second wind on the way home.

Supernatural/Vampire Diaries Thursday -WOO!  It’s silly how much I’ve gotten addicted to these two shows.

Brian has an interview today. Not saying any more so I don’t jinx it. Could be a VERY good thing for us if he gets it.

And a picture of the cast of Being Human, snurched from Here:


Lenora, Russel, Sinead and Aidan ❤ !!!


Have a good evening all!

Monday already? THREE DAYS TO D*CON!

31 08 2009

Weather: High: 68º and sunny. YES! 68! IN AUGUST!

I wore a hoodie to work this morning. In August. :shakes head: No, people. There’s no Climate Change occurring. Just keep your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALA until the facts and evidence go away. (Jeebus I’m in a snarky mood this morning.)

Am having a slightly up day, but I don’t want to jinx it. Just found out my Supernatural Season 4 DVDs shipped. Velly excited! And On Twitter, I entered a contest with TOR Books and just found out I won! Yay for more free books!

On the writing front, I’m about 400 words shy of 100K. I have to pause and look at that number. 100,000 words. I’ve never written anything this long. I was gobsmacked when I passed 75K to be bluntly honest. I realize I will probably lose at least a good 20K of that to edits…but it’s the benchmark that matters. I managed to pull 100K words out of the ether and wrestle them into a story.  And its not like that’s all I have. (Considering the number of stories waiting on the back burner once When the Lights Go Down gets done? Yeah. More word transfiguration on the horizon. )

Found it amusing that a line from the new 3DG single was this “At night, I feel like a vampire”. Amusing in a full circle kinda way. They were the primary influence for my epic vampire book, and now they’ve put that element in a song. Oh Universe, please never stop amusing me. 🙂

Have True Blood waiting for me to watch.  Can’t believe how hooked I’ve gotten on this show!

And yes, DragonCon is THREE DAYS AWAY. Of course there’s a 10 hour drive between us and Atlanta, but the end result will be fantastic. 🙂

I’m looking forward to attending a lot of the writing panels. It’s gonna be a surreal experience for me since the bulk of people I’m going to be meeting are friends I’ve known for quite a it of time, but are meeting face to face for the first time. It’s intimidating and exciting at the same time.

Any way. This will be short as work today has been exceptionally time consuming and I’ve got to leave on time to purchase my train pass. Then Home and zee planning & Packing shall ensue. 🙂


BTW-New little sneak peak behind the scenes of 3DG recording here:

The ennui has me in it’s grasp and it ain’t letting go…

5 02 2009

Weather: High: 26 degrees and partly sunny. A warm up on the horizon, which is good, but with rain which is BAD!
Can’t seem to shake this gloomy doomy feeling. Being sick is only part of it. Just has that Sword of Damocles feel about it.

Before I forget– The Desolation Row vid showed up on MySPace.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
I love it. Some will hate it because it’s a punked up Dylan cover. Some will just hate it because it’s MCR. ::shrugs::  Again, I love it. Even my husband thought it was cool. And he’s not partial to the punk stuff.

Anyway. Came into work today. And still not even close to 75% of well. The cough is driving me wonky.

Lost last night was of the ZOMG SO GOOD! I’m convinced that if we fans try to hard to figure out the master plot, we too will start bleeding from the nose and pass out.  I SEE WOT UR DOIN, WRITERS!!  I mean the twist at the end? (Highlight the following if you want to read it–SPOILERS!) With Rousseau and Jin?? NICE GOING! And with Ben being behind the lawyer coming after Aaron? And the possibility of Miles being born on the island? ZOMG BRAIN IMPLOSION!!! (End of spoilers)

I managed to get another 700 words written over lunch today.  Muse is winning the fight with the Plague. This is a good thing.

Still can’t shake this feeling that something is hovering over our heads, waiting to fall. And it’s vaguely not a good thing. Hate when I get this.

I’m pounding back my second bottle of green tea today. If I’m gonna get more fluids in me, might as well get some antioxidents while I do it.

Haven’t taken any meds today, but I still feel okay. Bri is slowly wading up out of the same crap. Hopefully we’ll both be done with this soon. Being sick puts a lot of stuff on hold. And Bri is starting the Master Gardener classes next week. SO Thursdays will be early leave days for me. We only have the one car and he needs to be out in Crown Point by six. So we’re taking an early train home and he’ll drop me off so he can then book on out to his class. The down side is this is gonna eat into my PTO because my company takes PTO down to the 15 minute marker. Sigh. So I’m gonna end up losing as much as 2 full days of PTO because of this. I’ll survive.

Probably will watch Supernatural tonight. CSI has been good, but I miss my Winchester boys.  Caught up on the last two eps thanks to i-Tunes yesterday.
Need to wrap this up and get moving. Few loose ends to tie up before I leave. Looking forward to the warmer temps the next few days. WOO!

Wow. 2008, can you PLEASE stop sucking now?

9 10 2008

weather: High: 69 degrees and sunny.

Wow. The campaigning has gotten downright ugly. ESPECIALLY from the McPalin side. REALLY ugly. It smacks of desperation, really.

New haircut is still FTW, but my long forgotten wavy-ness has been released and it really doesn’t want to lay straight. So I look a little shaggy. Not a prob, but I’m getting to where I might start shellacking the damn stuff down. Another lady in my office suggested a flat iron. May have to try that.

Is it some sort of huge blemish on my character that I’m actually looking forward to the new Twilight trailer tonight? I imagine I’ll have to wait and see it as the rabid fanbase will probably break the internets tonight trying to see it and squee. ::sigh:: ::curses weakness for sparkly cracktastic vampires::

Also — Season Premiere of CSI, which unfortunately coincides with my SHOW! (Supernatural, for those of you not paying attention.) I’ll download it from i-tunes later. HAVE to see how they wrap up the whole Warrick thing.

OH! and I have a review up at my bro’s Website:
Star’s Devastator album reviewed

Off to the train….


3 10 2008

weather: High: 60 degrees and intermittant rain.

So here’s my bulletpointed wrap up of last night”:

  • Sarah Palin is insincere, condescending and her voice makes me want to claw my ears off. (Note–I don’t mind the accent, it’s her grammar and “folksey” pronunciations) In short, she is SOO not any more qualified in my eyes than she was before the debates. She didn’t demonstrate an ability to do more than recite talking points, spout cutesy phrases or belabored anecdotes when cornered and her mugging for the camera gave the impression, even if not intended, that she wasn’t taking this seriously. And I’m sick to my eyeteeth of the phrase “Joe Sixpack”. Not every middle class Middle American is a beer drinking Nascar fan, you narrowminded idiot! You sure as hell don’t represent me or my culture. And I’m as middle class Middle America as they come. Also, you DO realize that 4 out of 5 Americans don’t live in rural locations, right? And they might take exception to the fact that you are saying they lack values or are elitist. There are people struggling in the cities too.
  • Joe Biden rocks the mother fuckin’ world! He PWNED in that debate. He was calm, concise and informed. He didn’t let much slide and called Palin on her inaccurate and misleading statments. He was scholarly and at times passionate, without looking ridiculous. Yes, you eejits. He won.
  • Overall statement? Just because someone managed not to suck and didn’t completely FALE does NOT mean they won. The winner of a debate is someone who succinctly and clearly states their position and is able to defend it. Someone who can give straight answers and can call the opposition on their misstatements without resorting to tired canned responses that are wrong anyway.
  • Supernatural last night was one of the BEST episodes of the series EVER. WE finally had some answers to a whole crapload of plot related questions and the answers were both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. And a  to be continued? Damn you Kripke!!! ::hugs show to her bosom::
  • This wedding is gonna be the death of me. Ok yes, I’m being melodramatic. And emo. Sue me. I want my weekends back. And yes I’m being completely selfish. I love my sister and I’m glad she’s getting married. I think just between all the crap with the in-laws and the flood and the phone and the furnace and the stress of finances is just kind of destroying whatever enthusiasm I am having about all this.
  • Woking on a writing mix for Devon. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly dark, gothy and visceral. As most vamps tend to be.
  • Am catching up on True Blood and Fringe via my i-Pod though I have to admit the former is proving an interesting endeavor because of all the graphic sex in it. Have to be very surreptitious in my viewing. Sitting next to someone’s granny while I’m watching a woman getting slammed butt nekkid from behind? FALE!

Off for home to go shopping for some last minute Bachelorette goodies!

Deja Vu is kicking my ass.

2 10 2008

weather: High:60 degrees and sunny. It was 51 when I walked in today. WOO!

Router still farked up. This is turning into a repeat of yesterday. SIGH.

ETA: YAY! Boss got it working so that’s off the damn plate now. All I have left is all my end of September reports and a bajillion other mini-projects. ::makes with the Manic Joker-Like grin::

The writing is just turning from a drippy faucet to an outright flood. Wicked awesome that the writer’s block is broken, but the timing sucks as usual.

And this doesn’t help:
Video for “system” from Queen of the Damned Soundtrack.

(Stuart Townsend looking delish while miming to Jonathan Davis from Korn Singing. In a slashtastic vampire themed video. It’s no damn wonder my brain has been sizzling lately.)
And here’s the vid for “Cold” by Static-X

Concrete Blond — Bloodletting

Sigh. ::tottles off to write more vampy pr0n::

Supernatural tonight so UBER SQUEEFEST! Bri and I have to hit the stores as well, so we’ll see how we can juggle both. I won’t be watching the debates live because Sarah Palin makes me throw up a little in my mouth and Politics in general gives Brian hives, so I’ll wait and watch the recap after with Keith and Rachel.

Anyway. Must be off now, so more to post later.

Supernatural Thursday makes the Raven SQUEE!

25 09 2008

weather: Sunny. Low 80s. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Is it sad that the fact that Supernatural is gonna be on tonight is the only thing making me smile right now? After last week’s barn burner of an opener I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next!

Politics has finally pushed my last bloody button. If McCain gets elected aftr this latest ploy, by “Suspending his campign to focus on the economy”?, I’ll bloody move to Canada. What bullshit.

Hubby and I have called a moratorium on Politics in the house for the time being.

ZOMG!WTF is going on with my digestive track?? SRSLY! It’s like I’ve got snakes having a rave in there!

Oh and  I have a small confession to make. I’m a big fan …of Lipstick Jungle. Now mind you, I HATED Sex & the City. I had no connection with those vapid ninnies. Now for some reason, I do have a connection with the ladies on this show. Maybe because they’re not sleeping around and have steady jobs and oh did I mention PAUL BLACKTHORNE is in it?? I think we have a winner here. I miss my Dresden Files. SIGH. But in all brutal honesty? I do love this show. The writing is excellent and the characters are not caricatures. A nice change.

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Ah well. Short post again today. Have to go home, make dinner and watch my show. And review an album for my brother. And clean some floors. And somehow get some writing in as well!

I LOVE MY LIFE. [/sarcasm]

Thursday and I still can’t be arsed….

18 09 2008

weather: Continued sunny and mid 70s.

I’ll update on the flood situation at the end of this post. Right now, I want to write about what’s been on my mind the past two days. I’ve come to realize that I’m not as strong as I’d like to think. But there is a part of my nature that is very dark and is jockeying for the driver’s seat right now. I’m not talking melodramatic, “I’m soooo dark and scary”. I mean that dark, primal energy that can push the predatory nature that lies at every person’s core to the surface. The nature that makes you want to bite and snap at weaker people. The part of me that feels weirdly comfortable and tends to show up in my fiction. The part that is enamored with vampires and the darkly sexual. Without starting to sound like purple prose, I want to point out that this aspect of my personality has nothing to do with wanting to commit violence or hurt things or people. Just the opposite. It makes me want to hole up and be AWAY from things. Just wallow in sensation and my thoughts.

The problem is it can be damn distracting and makes me lose focus. This is not good when I’m supposed to be working.

I’ve come to realize that when the stress becomes too much for me to deal with and I have no other outlet, this side of my persona claws it’s way to the surface. And people notice. They tell me I get terse, almost cold about things. Is it my psyche doing it’s best to prevent the meltdown? Probably.

Flood update:

We’re still getting stuff out of the basement and I pulled something like 17 gallons of water out of the carpets last night.  WE’re going to get some professional cleaners in to assess whether the carpet is salvageable or not. (I’m thinking NOT. )

The in-laws house is undergoing inspection right now. We’re praying for a green tag so we can get in to assess what’s been damaged. If we get a red tag, they’ll have to wait until the house is deemed safe to enter. With all the sewage, gas and oil in the water, it’s not something you can risk. Add in possible gas leaks  (there was already a house explosion near there) and electrical shorts, and its gonna be a tough going.

Again, my emotions have been stifled for a few days now. I imagine a good old fashioned breakdown is in the offing.


I really really hope all this stuff ends soon. 2008 can stop sucking anytime now.


Wednesday musings and more flood updates

17 09 2008

weather: Sunny, thank the gods. High: 78 degrees.

So progress has been made. We have the carpet up in the hallway and are slowly moving stuff upstairs and out to the garage. Once the crap and furniture has been removed, we’ll start slowly hacking away at the carpet in the basement and pulling it out. It’s gonna be a tough go with it still pretty saturated.

The In-Laws house is apparently not as bad as feared, though it is far from unscathed. The house is up to about 6 inches below the front door. The top floor is more than likely fine, but the basement is probably a full loss. My FIL is fairly philosophical about the whole thing, so it’s now just a matter of finding out the extent of the damage and getting on with the recovery. There will be plenty of time to lament things later.

Am enjoying Fringe and am fair near to wibbling myself silly that the season premiere of Supernatural tomorrow night (although–EPIC FALE, WGN!–it’s on at 11:30 pm because a BASEBALL game is on. THE NERVE!!)

Here’s a taste of the promo for tomorrow nights eppy of SPN.

Must go home now and move boxes and wet vac some more and try and get some writing done. Yay. The fun never stops, does it?