Muses at the pub. Brain on vacation. Sigh.

23 07 2009

Weather: High:77 degrees with isolated Thunderstorms. Seriously? JULY, right?

Torchwood Day 3= HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT!? Yep. Really freaked me out in bits. Loved the chemistry with the cast. Good all around.  Leverage was of the good as well. I mean, Eliot centric story & a martial arts badass Christian Kane all sweaty and stuff? Good thing I watch the show for the dialogue and clever writing, right? VBEG.

So. I’ve gone and broken a fourth wall of sorts. Just sent a message to some inspirations of mine. We’ll see if I get a response. And I’ll say no more until then. ::does the anti-jinx flaily dance::

Work project has me completely swamped today so unfortunately the blog will be truncated.

Hopefully I’ll get to work on those raw scenes again today on the commute home. 🙂

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Plotting Day. So I’m wearing black & looking surly.

22 07 2009

Weather: High: 79 degrees with intermittent showers. Good writing weather.

Quick mention that Torchwood was FTW again last night. Unexpected naked Jack is Unexpected. 🙂 (Loved the cast commentary on that scene after the show. HYSTERICAL!) I’m probably going to wait on a proper review until it’s all done. (And considering the rending of cloth and gnashing of teeth in fandom right now, I think the last episode may be a barn burner.)

Was perusing a site that had a ton of writer’s Quotations and this one stuck out:

Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear – and devils, too.  ~Graycie Harmon

Very true. We all talk about our muses in various ways. To some of us they’re a general concept- inspiration, a cache of ideas or something ethereal that motivates us. To others, they have a face and a voice: maybe one of our characters, maybe someone we admire, maybe even someone we are involved with in our personal lives.  For me, when I talk about muses,  it tends to be the latter.

When I write, usually one of the characters comes to the forefront, visually and vocally, in my head. I tend to write from a very visual place anyway, so casting the characters tends to help me SEE them in action as I’m writing. It’s not that fluffy thing of “My muse dictates and I write it down,” which makes for a cute T-shirt eptithet, but bad writing headspace. Muses are just stand ins for characters in my head. They do talk back and give me something to push back against when I’m putting together a scene or dialogue.
It’s more like I have a three dimensional artist’s mannequin that I can mold and shape and move at my brain’s whim. I know they are my creations, even if visually they may look like an actor or musician or model. That is just the outer shell. Everything they say or do or think comes from me. I just have them play the scene out in my head, then describe what I’m watching. The interesting thing that happens is sometimes, the action portrayed goes in a different direction than I originally intended, or, more perplexing, points out how the scene actually ISN’T working.  Things  like the protagonist can’t exactly stab someone if he’s carrying someone in his arms. Or if you have him backed up against a literal wall, odds on are he won’t be able to “turn and run” . Usually I’ll joke that the Muse took the wheel in that scene.

Another thing I do to help craft a character once I get his/her visual in my head is to create a music writing mix for the character. I used to actually burn CDs for this, but nowadays,  I just create lengthy playlists in i-Tunes or for my i-Pod. Music helps me get in the right headspace to write a character. I also have scene specific playlists. I look at it as creating soundtracks for the movies in my head.  For myself, music is instrumental in the process, but YMMV.

A lot of the time I feel like a fraud writing about writing because I have yet to get anything completed or published. All I can do in this blog is convey what works for me and what I’ve found doesn’t work over the years. Honestly, the best advice for me was found in the FAQ at Neil Gaiman’s site. The section “Advice to Authors” has always been helpful. It’s to the point and a lot of common sense. A lot of other authors, editors and publishers have fantastic advice as well. I highly recommend the #writegoal tag over on Twitter. Or check out some of the writing blogs I have listed to the right. Google Fu is your friend. 🙂

Been a while since I did an Irons in the Fire list.

When the Lights Go Down – 88K words completed, finishing last chapters. Editing pending.  Query to be written.

Carrion Dreams, Book 1 – 33K words. Outlining rest of Book 1. Have Rudimentary outlines for Books 2 & 3.

Dark of the Mirror- 75K words. Gutting the last 1/3 of the MS. Needs to be rewritten.  And intensive research needed for historical references.

All Things Fanged & Furry (Book 1) –25K words  In overhaul. Needs a lot of fleshing out.

All Demons Dread & Dire (Book 2) — In Outline. What has been written will be scrapped. Plot needs re-working to seamlessly lead out of Book one.

Librarian Anthology– “Into the Stacks” — Need to finish last two chapters.
Second short story is in the works for this as well.

Untitled Sidhe/Norse Myth Urban Fantasy — Still in outline. Needs refocus on storyline. Maybe will be re-tooled as YA.

Also am toying with a couple non-fiction ideas, but not including them in the list until I can focus on them.

So wrapping up this meandering post with tonight’s plans: Torchwood Day 3, Leverage and perhaps another stab at the manuscript. Although I think with my complete lack of focus, this may be a vain endeavor. This weekend is already shaping up to be writing bootcamp, but I’d rather write and edit when my brain isn’t so hazy and stressed.

Off to the train.

Amazing what a little sleep can do!

9 07 2009

Weather: High: 82 degrees and hazy. This feels more like summer.


Am trying to slip in some writing time between projects at work, but am getting sidelined by Facebook and Twitter. Must close tabs to get work done. Sigh.

Working on Park Scene through lunch and having fun with it. Queried the FaceBook and Twitter crowd for potential victims, and are getting suggestions that vary from the amusing to the serious to the sublime. Think there might be a “easter egg” writing session involved there, writing the scene using each of the suggestions to amusing lengths.  Does is say something about my psychological health that I enjoy writing death scenes this much? Probably.

I’m also watching last season’s finale for Leverage on TNT’s website while I write and work. Love this show so much! The writing is always smart and funny and poignant by turns. I love all the characters (especially Eliot [Christian Kane FTW]) but the dialogue is actually what keeps me coming back. Its snarky and dry and banter-like. Of course, that’s how I like to write myself, so maybe I’m getting pointers from the show inadvertently.  (For the record, many of these points are also why I watch Castle & The Philanthropist as well. )

Work is beginning to be a daily migraine inducer. Not because of the work, mind you, but because we’re short staffed and over demanded. It’s a major stress source anymore.  Sigh. But I’ll shut up, because at least I HAVE a job.

House repair apocalypse continues today. Bri and his dad got the windows re-glazed and will be painting them next. The awning over the back door has been scoured, sealed and will be repainted prolly today. We’re eyeballing the next few weekends to get the inside sanded and painted. Now just to find the funds to get the basement re-carpeted. And we still have the unenviable task of painting the outside of the house as well. Siding. Yay. But it’s gotta be done if we’re gonna get the house ready to put on the market and get our sorry butts moved out to Seattle by next summer. Such is our game plan. Let’s see if the benevolent deities play along.::crosses fingers::

So almost time to wrap up for the day. Probably will spend to night getting some scenes wrapped up. I have a side project I’m working on but it needs to be done by the weekend. And it’s for fun, so I may chisel away at that. 🙂

Will post an Irons in the Fire update tomorrow with current statuses on all projects.

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Mardi Gras Tuesday and no I don’t want any beads.

24 02 2009

weather: High 36 and Sunny.

Was made of lameness last night and fell asleep halfway through Medium. No reflection on the show, I was just that damn tired.

The boss is leaving at noon today and will be out tomorrow. The clamoring of idiots has already started. I’m thinking I’ll be getting a visit from the migraine faeries before to long. Thank the benevolent deities for meds here at work.

After a couple days of scribbling filler for the story, I’m beginning to see how much work it does need. Sigh. Some scenes are bare bones, others need some editing. And a few characters need to have some plumping done as they are mere set decoration at the moment. Double sigh.

Am geebling like a total fangirl over Watchmen opening next weekend. Apparently the critics are unsure what to make of it. It’s not a shiny happy superhero movie they can do a canned review for. And it’s certainly not a kids oreineted animated flick. I think it’s gonna get mediocre reviews but the fans will enjoy it. I know Wil Wheaton and the boys in MCR loved it and I consider those to be respected and informed opinions. 🙂

Alas work has interfered with my blogging activities today. FALE!

However, good news from the CW front: Supernatural has been renewed for another season. Alas, I believe Kripke has said it will be the last. SIGH. All my fave shows are ending. BSG only has like 4 eps left. Brian will be pouting after that.

Here: have a video.
Something to dance you out the door for once:
Shiny Toy Guns –I Owe You a Love Song
(Just the music so don’t get too excited)
This is my new go to “cheer my emo ass up” song. Very upbeat.

Don’t forget to watch the Leverage season finale tonight!!!

Tuesday is Fired. And stick a fork in me, turn me over I’m DONE.

17 02 2009

Weather: High: 42 Degrees with Rain in PM.

Came into work this morning to the news that our salaries are being frozen for 2009. Not exactly news I wanted to hear, though I’d be lying if I said I was surprised or not expecting it.  Just adds another layer of WTF on top of the crap I’m already dealing with.

Add in also that my UTERUS IS TRYING TO KILL ME. ::pokes it and throws more ibuprofen at it. ::

HAd McD’s for lunch. ::slaps self for stupidity::  but got some amusement out of it. My order number was 666. SO I settled in for the Lunch of the Beast and chuckled muchly.

On a good note, FINALLY got my copy of “Life on the Murder Scene” and have already subjected the husband to the first five minutes of the Documentary. Think I’ve scarred him for life. 🙂  So yes. I have  3 discs of MCR goodness to dive into come Thursday. (Bri has class and I’ll have a few hours to kill) plus my Third Season of Alias should be along shortly. YAY! DARK VAUGHN!! This was my favorite season with all its love triangle-tortured Vaughn-scary Jack-desperate Sydney goodness!

Okay. Boss is gone and work has eaten what’s left of my time. Hopefully a more substantive post tomorrow. Leverage tonight. WOOT!

Shiny Toy Guns — Ghost Town.
(Not really representative of their synthpop side, but it’s an AWESOME animated vid!)
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Zomg! Spring in February!

10 02 2009

Weather: High: 64 degrees!! 64 I SAY!! And partly sunny with WIIIINNND!!

SO yeah. Really inseasonably warm today. Wore a long sleeved Polo under a hoodie (Black Abney Park FTW!) to work today. And was sweating a bit by the time I got to work.

Spent my morning putting out fires and doing a lot of data entry (which will peobably come home with me again tonight. Yes, will be doing data entry while watching Fringe and Leverage. Should be interesting).

Lunch hour was spent reading the first chapter of Turn Coat (Dresden Files Book #11) at Jim Butcher’s Website. I find myself doing a lot of reading at people’s websites lately. I’ve been reading Out of the Dark and Grimoire at Phaedra’s site as well. There’s so much good fiction out there to read. And honestly, the urban fantasy/horror genre is really my favorite. I’m not really a sci-fi girl. The heavy tech sci-fi especially doesn’t do much for me.  So you’ll see me reading more Hamilton/Gaiman/Kiernan/Weldon/Barker/Butcher, than the standard sci fi set.

Facebook is hooking me back up with people I haven’t talked to or seen in well over 20 years. And I have to admit, I’m enjoying it. 🙂

Mum is getting ready to take a trip out to California to visit my Uncle Gorm in Sacramento and some friends in the SoCal area. I think she’s beginning to dread the amount of driving she’s going to have in store. Still, I think she needs to do this. She’s not really left the house or done anything for herself since Dad passed in 2006.  So she’s due.

I’ll hopefully get some writing done on the train ride home tonight. Still have some loose ends to tie up in the story. And an ending to write. Sigh.

I’m getting really kind of blah on the news. Have to admit though, I actually watched all of Obama’s speech last night and felt a glimmer of hope there. Kind of nice to have a president who actually can respond to questions without resorting to “Aww shucks!” folksy responses or fear tactics. He sounded presidential and like a statesman. People were actually complaining that he gave long thorough answers to the questions.  I think they’d gotten too used to the short and completly uninformative responses from the Shrub.

Just a small mini-rant today. Can people in the news industry (and I include the entertainment news as well) PLEASE for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY do some frikking fact checking?? If I had a dime for all the times I’ve seen Coraline mentioned as a TIM BURTON film, I’d be able to pay our mortgage for a month…granted in dimes, but that’s beside the point. Coraline was directed by HENRY SELICK who also directed Nightmare Before Christmas. ( Burton produced there.)  To say anything else is insulting to Selick. Burton had ZERO to do with Coraline. ZERO.  This is a SIMPLE AND EASY THING TO CHECK, people.

This is just one example though. I think under Bush (and mind you I’m not saying he’s at fault here, just it was that time frame) reporters got extremely lazy. News had become about the sound bite and the velocity with which news hit the airwaves. Retractions were the back up if you reported something incorrect. And when did opinion become the same as reporting facts? GRR! I took journalism in college, y’all. You are NOT DOING IT RIGHT! So just for the sake of what little shred of respect we still have for you, CHECK YOUR DAMN FACTS!! Nuff said.

Gonna head home now. Data entry to do and a husband to snog. 🙂

Here’s a vid for a song that has been going through my head a lot lately:
Because I Want You– Placebo
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Tuesday and the Snowpocalypse is upon us…

3 02 2009

weather: High: 17 degrees and Snow. Potentially ZOMG WHAT THE HELL?! Amount of snow. (NO LOVE, LAKE EFFECT!)

I’m coming to the rapid conclusion that I need to take a mental health day. I’ve been sick going on two weeks now, and people are starting to seriously rub me the wrong way. Not because they’re doing anything wrong or annoying, but because I have zero patience and am grumpier than shit because I feel awful. Add on that Brian is getting sick as well and we’re biting a little at each other, and not it the usual, “OOH! DO IT AGAIN” way either.

Sidenote#1: I absolutely adore “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison” by MCR. It’s such a cheeky song! Which prompts this picture of Boy Touching for the day:

All Boy Touching, All the Time.

MCR: All Boy Touching, All the Time.

Work is just dragging today. I had a mini training session over lunch which was slow and dragged out by inane questions. I still have reports for January month end to finish and I’m still wading through the Data Entry of Doom project. Being clogged to the gills with crud is not helping my focus.

Sidenote # 2: It’s already snowing in Hobart, per my mum. Need to call Bri and see if the Lake Effect SNOPOCALYPSE has started at home yet. SO.OVER.WINTER!

Sidenote #3 Just broke down and ordered “Life on the Murder Scene”.  ::facepalm:: I really can’t justify the expense, though it’s only $25, but DAMMIT I WANT MY MCR FIX and it’s 3 discs…Sigh. Ordered a book for Bri to assuage the guilt. HAVE TO STOP IMPULSE BUYING!
And here’s a taste:

Writing is continuing apace. Need to remember to bring my damn flash drive home with me. Since I’m taking a PTO day tomorrow, I ‘ll try to get some writing done. If I’m not curled up under a blanket, clutching a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea and growling, that is.

Leverage tonight and Fringe. So I have good telly to veg out in front of.

Heroes last night was EXCELLENT and a return to S1 form. Which bodes well. And Chuck was suitably hysterical, bonus for having Dom Monaghan on ! I even stuck around to watch Medium which Ive neglected for a while. Also of the good.

Time to pack up and head for home. I feel like I’m swimming in Jello right now, so i’m gonna sign off before this gets too incoherent.