Plotholes & Con Crud & NEW MUSIC, Oh MY!

23 09 2009

Weather: High: 77º and partly sunny. WTF?! WEATHER GODS! It’s BLOODY FALL! How about some cool temps??

Have slipped in my blogging duties. Must get back into the daily habit. Though I do have a viable excuse for my recent lack of inter-webby presence. First, I’ve been fighting con crud, that lovely post convention soupςon of sinus congestion & raspy cough. Second, between bossless week, last week and teaching two a day classes this week, I’ve been a wee bit SWAMPED at work. Sigh.
So-::cracks knuckles::- Lets’ see what’s been going on in my demented world.

On the writing front, I’ve finally started the epilogue for “When the Lights Go Down“. Which is a small victory unto itself. Of course, I’ve also started some rewrites, which unearthed a rather vexing couple of plotholes. I’ve fixed the most egregious of the two, but the remaining one will require some rather fine tune adjustments throughout the manuscript to eliminate the minor mentions related to it. So…I have more work than I realized before I can get into the regular re-write function.

Also, masochist that I am, I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year.  I figure I can use it as a sort of writing sorbet…to cleanse the mental writing palate before heading back into rewrites. If I use it well, I might be able to bang out a novella I can shop around as well. ::checks for jacket I can hug myself all day long in:: Yep, all set. November insanity, here I come.

On the home front, Bri and I have finally started the full court press to get the house in shape for sale. We’re also starting our job hunt in Seattle in earnest. I know it’s gonna be a tough slog in this current market, but I figure, between Bri and I, we have a wealth of work experience in a variety of fields. ( I just wish I’d kept my programming chops up to speed!) .  Our current debacle is trying to finance new carpeting for the basement. (Yes, the same carpeting we yanked up last year after our mini-flood.) We need to still get the outside of the house power washed, do some touch up painting, finish the yard landscaping, and then do a few thousand cosmetic things INSIDE the house. We’re hoping to have the house on the market come March or April, with an eye towards moving in the summer. We’ll see if our best laid plans come to fruition.

Music squee:

So I’ve obtained a crapload of new music and all of it has been just amazing. First off, got the new Muse album, “The Resistance”. There aren’t words. SO FECKING AMAZING. From soup to nuts one of the most brilliant albums I’ve heard in ages.  It has echoes of Queen in it, but Muse has their unique stamp all over it. It’s prog rock, but lacking the usual pretentiousness that gets that genre mocked. It’s intelligent, and social commentary, and just massive in scope. There are straight ahead rock songs (Uprising, Resistance, MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection) , Quirky gems (I Belong To You/Mon Cœur S’ouvre À Ta Voix, Undisclosed Desires) and of course ZOMG EPIC ORCHESTRAL PIECES! (Exogenesis: Symphony parts 1-3) . It’s eminently listenable from beginning to end. And yes, it’s already embedded all over my writing mixes. (“Undisclosed Desires” has become Devon & Sara’s theme song. LOL!)
Here’s the video for “Uprising” , Zombie Teddy Bears & All!

Next I got the new Three Days Grace album, “Life Starts Now”. It BLEW ME AWAY. Seriously. These guys get dismissed out of hand by a lot of hipsters and indie critics and I just do not understand the hate.
Adam Gontier, their lead singer, has an amazing voice, and this time around, he gets to use ALL his range. The last two albums have been heavy on the dark hard rock they’ve made their trademark. This album feels a little more hopeful. And the music has just expanded creatively as well. 3DG are masters of the good stompy rock riff. They EXCEL at it. But Life Starts Now is riddled with experimental sounds, non-standard timings, pianos, strings, and harmonies using more than the standard chord structures.  My favorite songs change day to day. Yesterday I was blasting “The Good Life” with it’s AFI-like choruses and stompy bass & drum rhythms.  Today, I seem to be constantly queuing up “World Gone Cold” with it’s eerie chorusy-guitar intro and amazing vocals by Adam. (ETA: Apparently I’m not alone–the song is in the Top Ten on I-Tunes Rock singles already!)
Honestly there isn’t a bad tune on the whole damn album. The songs are brief, the longest barely nudging 5 minutes, but they’re layered thickly with sound and meaty guitar work.  Barry Stock, the lead guitarist, has put down some amazing riffs all over the album. And the rhythm work from Neil Sanderson (on drums) and Brad Walst (on bass) is sturdy, yet takes creative turns as well. There are echoes of Alice in Chains here as well, but 3DG has definitely put their own unique overlay on them, making it something entirely their own.
For a third album, it’s a fantastic step up from a band that gets less credit than it should.  (Of course, I might be a little biased, considering how much their music has played a hand in getting my book written. 😉 )
Here’s a vid of Adam talking about the recording of “Break“, the first single.

Also got the new : tatsu ep : from Faith & the Muse. Amazing as always. It’s a taster for their new album, : ankoku butoh : that will be released on Halloween this year. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! (It will also come packaged with a DVD & book. Squee!)
Since there are few vids for F&TM, they posted snippets at their website.
Click here to see “Cantus”.
They’re an amazing band!

Well I think that brings us up to date. OH and I FINALLY got our Writers’ Cabal shirts made. Here’s what the logo looks like:

Writers Cabal VD

Yup. Looks wicked awesome!

Hopefully our ranks will swell. 🙂

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Oops…FALE on posting yesterday…

13 02 2009

Weather:  High:  40 degrees and sunny.

Apparently I was so busy posting memes on Facebook yesterday I forgot to post my daily journal over here. Facepalm.

Last night was a mess. Couldn’t get my wireless up and running so I didn’t get my data entry done or any responses to stuff online. MAnaged to do some line editing, but I was strangely distracted last night. Bri’s class went well, though he mentioned that the teacher was a little hyper (You’d think he’d be used to it, living with me all these years!) .

Had a huge monster sized meltdown right before bed last night. Was irritated that Brian had gone to bed and I was taking care of all the usual pre-bed stuff (not really his fault. He usually takes care of it all and I really should be stepping up to help out. Just was in a mood). Anyway. I ended up making a shitty comment to BRian about it and went to bathroom to get ready for bed. Then burst into tears and had myself a good sobfest. I was still crying when I got into bed. Brian flipped and was doing his best to comfort me. He thought he’d made me cry.  We laid in bed and just started purging all the stuff that was stressing us out. I made sure he knew this had little to do with him, that my brain was reminding me what a fuck up I can be, along with the financial pressures and friend obligations and family obligations etc etc. He’s as stressed out as I am and I think we’ve gotten way to good at putting up an”Everything is Fine” front for each other. PMS probably is what made the Tupperware leak. I was a glorious mess by the time we snuggled in and went to sleep with Snoots kneading the blanket between us.

Too much is on our plate and too much on our shoulders. And we’re back in the habit of scheduling too much stuff on our weekends. We were going to have Bri’s brother and his girlfriend over for dinner tomorrow night before we realized what day it is. And my sister’s birthday,while technically tomorrow, is being celebrated on Sunday. So we decided to postpone the dinner till next weekend and use Saturday to get the house cleaned up. (A lot of stuff got put on hold while we were sick the past few weeks.)

Had a bit of funtime with the Post Office over the last week. They had misplaced the Abney Park Messenger Bag we had ordered, so the guys were nice enough to send us a replacement. Well one bag showed up last Friday. Brian was ecstatic and I shot off an email to let them know we receieved the replacement.  Yesterday we get ANOTHER package, this one marked “received as Damaged”, as we can see from the envelope being ripped the hell open and retaped. Inside? ANOTHER MESSENGER BAG. From what we can deduce from the date stamp on the envelope, THIS was the replacement bag. Brian must have received the original, or maybe they sent out a Second Replacement. Either way we had a second bag. So I said screw it, and sent off payment for the second one. These guys are an up and coming band and I was not about to stiff them for the second bag as they could have sold it to someone else. So Brian and I have matching Abney Park messenger bags!:

Abney Park Messneger Bag FTW!

Abney Park Messenger Bag FTW!

Shop for other cool stuff at the Abney Park Store!

Ran out over lunch to get pressies for my sister. She’s a Valentine’s baby ( one of three holiday birthdays in my family-My Dad’s is Fourth of July and My Brother was born on Father’s Day.) We’ll be taking her out for lunch on Sunday and heading back to my Mum’s for cake and pressies.

Bri got off early so I’ll be skedaddling on time for once.

Monica Richards (From Faith & the Muse) posted a sneak peak vid for the F&TM DVD. It’d actually a song from her solo album, Infrawarrior. IT’S AMAZING.
Into My Own — Monica Richards

I want to be her when I grow up. (She’s wearing a Kambriel gown in that, BTW!!)

Have a good weekend. And if you’re so inclined, have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. I know I will! VBEG.
ETA: Dollhouse starts tonight and I’m WICKED EXCITED!