Monday Musings…Pre Inauguration Edition

19 01 2009

Weather: High: 21 degrees and a chance of snow.

So the chill remains.

I think it’s amusing that I’m less excited about the inauguration tomorrow than relieved. Relieved that Bush is out of there and releived that someone new will have a chance to take a hack at the mess this country is in. I’m not so much a cockeyed optimist that I think the fixes are in the bag. But I think the status quo needs to be dispensed with and something new tried.  Can’t hurt, is all I’m saying.

Was disappointed I didn’t get to have my hair done this weekend. Due to my own idiocy I might add.Left my purse at my mom’s house which had my GC for the hair stylist and therefore I was unable to get to said hairstylist on time. Rassin frassin. So Next weekend it is. Black hair, I shall have you!

Got a rather impressive 850 words written over my lunch hour. And it was 90% new text. I decided the opening scene needed to be Devon’s, thus setting up the roof jump sequence a little better.

First line of the story is now “There were days he missed heroin.”

Which I think is kind of a good grabby kinda opening line.

And since we’re on the subject of Devon, and the muse who inspired him, take a gander at this video, which I think is possibly 3DG’s best live performance to date. And I swear, that’s Devon out front and center there. Adam’s got a bit more drama going on here than usual. Fits the emo vamp rock god persona nicely. 🙂
(FACEPALM. I am SUCH a freakin’ fangirl)
Three Days Grace– Pain (Live on the Late Late Show)

The weather is finally taking an upswing…well at least in the “ZOMG IT’S ABOVE ZERO!!” area. Though apparently we’re due for more snow. Again. SO OVER THIS WINTER CRAP!

BTW! Didn’t mention, but guess what arrived EARLY on Saturday? Yep, my Moonlight DVDs. Yes there was much squee and flaily dancing. Yes the husband rolled his eyes, but ended up watching a few eps with me. I’m about halfway through, though I know there will be repeated viewings in the future. Forgot how much I LOVE this show. So well written. And such a travesty it got cancelled so soon. Bastards. My unmitigated love for Mick and Josef continues unabated.
Vampire Solidarity, RAH RAH RAH!

Mick and Josef. SQUEE.

Mick and Josef. SQUEE.

Anyway. Enough fangirl behavior for the moment.

::stares at picture again. Drools.::

Okay. NOW I’m done.

Have a few bajillion things to take care of tonight. That is if my girly bits don’t keep trying to KILL ME. GAH! ::Stabs uterus:: Sorry for the TMI there. Just having a pain induced moment of insanity.

And so, we come to the end of another workday. Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. OR in other words, KICK BUSH OUT ON HIS KEISTER DAY. WOO! Looking forward to breaking the company interwebs with the streaming broadcasts. WOO WOO!

Twilight Tuesday! Everyone SPARKLE! **

13 05 2008

Weather: High–70 Degrees. (Now they’re just f**king with us) and partly sunny.

** I have obviously lost what is left of my mind. I have drunk the Kool-Aid and joined the lunatics in the Twilight Fandom and there is no coming back. SIGH.

Still feeling like someone’s trying to wring out my intestines, but with the help of some pharmaceuticals, I’m feeling better. The boss is out today so there’s a bit of underlying tension. I hate minding the store. SIGH.

Have printed out both Manuscripts so far and am going over them with Zee Red Pen of Doom! I need to read the story trhough to get back on track of where I was going. Then I can wade out of this pool of story tedium that I’m treading with sluggish apathy. How’s THAT for a visual metaphor?

Am more than a little bummed that the prospects of Moonlight getting renewed are getting more and more slim. This show is one of my top 3 faves, (the other being Supernatural & Lost) that has only improved over the course of the season. CBS is showing it’s usual bad judgment and trying to fall back on the “It’s skewing too old” for the advertisers tastes. Which is BS call. Let’s face it, if you wanted to draw a younger demographic, why the hell did you put it on Friday night, when the younger demographic are NOT HOME!? Sigh. Anyway. Just chalk up another quality show that won’t get a fair shot due to the dumbasses at the network.

ETA: WEll…they canceled it. F*ckers. Everytime I really like a show: Farscape, Dresden Files, Blood Ties… And yet tripe like American Idol is still on the air. ::Throws hands in the air in disgust::

Just for that…

DAILY VID–Moonlight edition.

The Turning.

Beth Recruits Josef to save Mick

And a Nice Mick & Josef Montage.

F*ck you CBS. You’ve done your usual bang up job of cutting a show off at the knees after hobbling it’s chances yourself. Way to go.


Moonlight Fans are NOT to be trifled with...

Where in I ramble on at length about the weekend…

28 04 2008

Weather: all weekend- cooler and overcast
Today: High-43 degrees (alas, Spring, we hardly knew ye) and RAIN with possible SNOW!

Weekend was kind of a blur actually!

Friday night was a TV cavalcade . All shows were awesome, though I admit to scouring for the Turning scene in Moonlight on You Tube and may have watched it a couple…..hundred times… WOT? SHUT UP! I can’t help it if I have a weakness for slashy vampire scenes!!

Saturday was a cleaning/errand running kinda day. We spent the evening with our friends Tom and Lisa and a slew of other people celebrating Tom’s 38th  Birthday (I may have aged him a year in an earlier post. ) TOm dj’d and played a bunch of fantastic mash-ups. Good evening all around.  May have had a few too many drinks, but I remembered to take the cocktail when I got home (2 ibuprofen, 1 vitamin B Complex and a full glass of water.) and thus had no hangover. WOO!

Sunday was quiet. Had breakfast, read the paper, scoured the kitchen top to bottom and cleaned out the two humidifiers to put them away until next year. That pretty much sucked up the majority of my day. And no. Was made of FALE on the writing front. I’ll get some done today, hopefully.

Today? Already been too busy! Was up at 6 and worked out. Abs of Tofu needed some shoring up. Then had to take Apache to the vet and get her stitches removed. While she wasn’t pleased at the process, she seems deliriously happy about not having to wear the collar anymore.  I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of the cancer for a while at least. After a quick drop home, Bri hauled my ass off to the train so I could at least get SOME work done today. My boss is teaching classes all week, so that leaves me  to man the phones and such. That and add in month end reports, and I’ll be a busy little miss boo this week.

Music reccie for today!

Gutter Twins- Saturnalia.
Gutter Twins -Saturnalia
Formed in 2003 by Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) & Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs),this collaboration is the best of both their talents combined. Mark’s growly baritone and Greg’s sinuous tenor are well matched, their harmonies resonant. The music I could only describe as Radiohead crossed with Queens of the Stone Age, layered with a Sisters of Mercy gloss. The songs vary between blues, electronica and hard rock. AMAZING songs. And unexpected melodies matched with dark, primal lyrics. I had this album on constant repeat this weekend. Here’s a taster from YouTube….

There isn’t a bad track on the whole damn album. SERIOUSLY. If you’re a fan of dark bluesy music or electronica with a bit of bite, this is the album for you.

I think I’ll wander back over to YouTube and re-watch that Turning scene again…