Where in I ramble on at length about the weekend…

28 04 2008

Weather: all weekend- cooler and overcast
Today: High-43 degrees (alas, Spring, we hardly knew ye) and RAIN with possible SNOW!

Weekend was kind of a blur actually!

Friday night was a TV cavalcade . All shows were awesome, though I admit to scouring for the Turning scene in Moonlight on You Tube and may have watched it a couple…..hundred times… WOT? SHUT UP! I can’t help it if I have a weakness for slashy vampire scenes!!

Saturday was a cleaning/errand running kinda day. We spent the evening with our friends Tom and Lisa and a slew of other people celebrating Tom’s 38th  Birthday (I may have aged him a year in an earlier post. ) TOm dj’d and played a bunch of fantastic mash-ups. Good evening all around.  May have had a few too many drinks, but I remembered to take the cocktail when I got home (2 ibuprofen, 1 vitamin B Complex and a full glass of water.) and thus had no hangover. WOO!

Sunday was quiet. Had breakfast, read the paper, scoured the kitchen top to bottom and cleaned out the two humidifiers to put them away until next year. That pretty much sucked up the majority of my day. And no. Was made of FALE on the writing front. I’ll get some done today, hopefully.

Today? Already been too busy! Was up at 6 and worked out. Abs of Tofu needed some shoring up. Then had to take Apache to the vet and get her stitches removed. While she wasn’t pleased at the process, she seems deliriously happy about not having to wear the collar anymore.  I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of the cancer for a while at least. After a quick drop home, Bri hauled my ass off to the train so I could at least get SOME work done today. My boss is teaching classes all week, so that leaves me  to man the phones and such. That and add in month end reports, and I’ll be a busy little miss boo this week.

Music reccie for today!

Gutter Twins- Saturnalia.
Gutter Twins -Saturnalia
Formed in 2003 by Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) & Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs),this collaboration is the best of both their talents combined. Mark’s growly baritone and Greg’s sinuous tenor are well matched, their harmonies resonant. The music I could only describe as Radiohead crossed with Queens of the Stone Age, layered with a Sisters of Mercy gloss. The songs vary between blues, electronica and hard rock. AMAZING songs. And unexpected melodies matched with dark, primal lyrics. I had this album on constant repeat this weekend. Here’s a taster from YouTube….

There isn’t a bad track on the whole damn album. SERIOUSLY. If you’re a fan of dark bluesy music or electronica with a bit of bite, this is the album for you.

I think I’ll wander back over to YouTube and re-watch that Turning scene again…




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