Twilight Tuesday! Everyone SPARKLE! **

13 05 2008

Weather: High–70 Degrees. (Now they’re just f**king with us) and partly sunny.

** I have obviously lost what is left of my mind. I have drunk the Kool-Aid and joined the lunatics in the Twilight Fandom and there is no coming back. SIGH.

Still feeling like someone’s trying to wring out my intestines, but with the help of some pharmaceuticals, I’m feeling better. The boss is out today so there’s a bit of underlying tension. I hate minding the store. SIGH.

Have printed out both Manuscripts so far and am going over them with Zee Red Pen of Doom! I need to read the story trhough to get back on track of where I was going. Then I can wade out of this pool of story tedium that I’m treading with sluggish apathy. How’s THAT for a visual metaphor?

Am more than a little bummed that the prospects of Moonlight getting renewed are getting more and more slim. This show is one of my top 3 faves, (the other being Supernatural & Lost) that has only improved over the course of the season. CBS is showing it’s usual bad judgment and trying to fall back on the “It’s skewing too old” for the advertisers tastes. Which is BS call. Let’s face it, if you wanted to draw a younger demographic, why the hell did you put it on Friday night, when the younger demographic are NOT HOME!? Sigh. Anyway. Just chalk up another quality show that won’t get a fair shot due to the dumbasses at the network.

ETA: WEll…they canceled it. F*ckers. Everytime I really like a show: Farscape, Dresden Files, Blood Ties… And yet tripe like American Idol is still on the air. ::Throws hands in the air in disgust::

Just for that…

DAILY VID–Moonlight edition.

The Turning.

Beth Recruits Josef to save Mick

And a Nice Mick & Josef Montage.

F*ck you CBS. You’ve done your usual bang up job of cutting a show off at the knees after hobbling it’s chances yourself. Way to go.


Moonlight Fans are NOT to be trifled with...



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