How did it get to be Monday again?

16 02 2009

Weather: High: 35 degrees with the flaming ball of evil in the sky. (Sunny for you non-vampires)

Have a bit of a headache today.  Came on suddenly. Sharp pain to the side of the head. Always worries me when it comes on like this.

Need to get my health in order. Signed up for dental and vision insurance today. Health insurance is still cost prohibitive. I can’t take a $300 a month hit for it. Not with Brian’s income a big ? these days.


Have taken anti-migraine meds and put my damn glasses back on. Sigh. Getting older sucks. Eyestrain induced migraines suck. GAH!

Managed to get some lunch in me so hopefully this will stave off any further attacks. Sigh.

Writing continues apace. Doing some tweaking over lunch, but rewrites are in the works as well. I hate rewrites. Sight.

Bri had to take Gretchen in for a checkup this morning. Turns out the wheel bearing on the driver’s side was shot and needed replacing. And the bulb in one of th headlights had gone out.  Luckily for us, this was all covered under the warranty. So it came in around $100, which we can handle. Sigh.

And taxes have been dropped off with our CPA, my sister’s friend Cathy. So hopefully we won’t get screwed on those this year too. Sigh.

I’m ending a lot of these paragraphs with a sigh. Sigh.

Anyway. Heroes tonight and more writing. And possibly more data entry should I get a wild hare.

I’ve posted this before, but I love this song SO MUCH!
Lips Like Morphine — Kill Hannah love my Chicago boys!

Have a good evening all.

Tuesday and the Snowpocalypse is upon us…

3 02 2009

weather: High: 17 degrees and Snow. Potentially ZOMG WHAT THE HELL?! Amount of snow. (NO LOVE, LAKE EFFECT!)

I’m coming to the rapid conclusion that I need to take a mental health day. I’ve been sick going on two weeks now, and people are starting to seriously rub me the wrong way. Not because they’re doing anything wrong or annoying, but because I have zero patience and am grumpier than shit because I feel awful. Add on that Brian is getting sick as well and we’re biting a little at each other, and not it the usual, “OOH! DO IT AGAIN” way either.

Sidenote#1: I absolutely adore “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison” by MCR. It’s such a cheeky song! Which prompts this picture of Boy Touching for the day:

All Boy Touching, All the Time.

MCR: All Boy Touching, All the Time.

Work is just dragging today. I had a mini training session over lunch which was slow and dragged out by inane questions. I still have reports for January month end to finish and I’m still wading through the Data Entry of Doom project. Being clogged to the gills with crud is not helping my focus.

Sidenote # 2: It’s already snowing in Hobart, per my mum. Need to call Bri and see if the Lake Effect SNOPOCALYPSE has started at home yet. SO.OVER.WINTER!

Sidenote #3 Just broke down and ordered “Life on the Murder Scene”.  ::facepalm:: I really can’t justify the expense, though it’s only $25, but DAMMIT I WANT MY MCR FIX and it’s 3 discs…Sigh. Ordered a book for Bri to assuage the guilt. HAVE TO STOP IMPULSE BUYING!
And here’s a taste:

Writing is continuing apace. Need to remember to bring my damn flash drive home with me. Since I’m taking a PTO day tomorrow, I ‘ll try to get some writing done. If I’m not curled up under a blanket, clutching a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea and growling, that is.

Leverage tonight and Fringe. So I have good telly to veg out in front of.

Heroes last night was EXCELLENT and a return to S1 form. Which bodes well. And Chuck was suitably hysterical, bonus for having Dom Monaghan on ! I even stuck around to watch Medium which Ive neglected for a while. Also of the good.

Time to pack up and head for home. I feel like I’m swimming in Jello right now, so i’m gonna sign off before this gets too incoherent.

Ah…Monday. And First Day of Fall. 2008, please stop sucking now.

22 09 2008

weather: warmer than it should be–past 4 days have all pushed the 80 envelope. Sunny, thank the gods.

So…my weekend. Yeah. Mostly taken up with hacking up the carpet in the basement, moving furniture around, wet vaccing the floor underneath which was coated in a combination of dirt and mildew, and all the while trying to keep the cat from eating the bits and pieces lying around after pulling the carpet up. To add insult to injury, our air conditioning stopped working Saturday night and our phone stopped working as of Sunday morning. Neither are related and we’ve checked all the usual suspects. So we wait on the avilability of a phone tech and possibly a cousin to come over and check the air conditioning.

The days pass and as each one goes, I find another reason to throw on the “Why we want to move” pile.  Criticisms from hypocritical extended family members, the house issues, the money issues, the lack of having anything in common with the people in our area, the rednecks, the bigots, the non-artistic community, the weather– yeah we have a list that just keeps getting longer.

I have GOT to get back to writing. That little side vampire story I was just puttering around with to rid myself of the plot bunny? Has turned into an amusing little anti-cliche vampire novel. I’m literally going out of my way to tip the usual cliches on their head. I’m not talking about the vampire nature, necessarily as we’re still talking fangs and blood and sunlight=owie! and such, but instead of using the usual verbiage and tired “turning” stories, and mopey “oh my pained existence” and “female character seduced into the world of vampires” crap? I’m disposing of that rather viciously. There’s no vampire society structure, and even though the vamps in my story are in a rock band, it’s not a “world famous” band, and they’re not “too cool for school”, they’re kinda dorks. And not really that fond of each other. The female lead is young and in the magazine publishing industry and seriously not that impressed with the main male lead. She’s intrigued and there is a murder mystery and some rather graphic sex and violence, because, lets face it, I can’t write vampire stories without it. But she’s not some wide-eyed innocent in any context. She’s not some reminder of his mortality. Nope. Not in MY story. SHould prove interesting if I ever get to spend some damn time on it. Jaden and Angelica are still poking me for attention, and I have that scene with Zinda percolating.

Having weird aches and pains today. Sharp pains under the left side of my ribcage, somewhere between my lung and stomach. Not sure what that means. Could be stress related or digestion…I’m getting a little tired of feeling sick all the time.  ETA: Well…crap. looks like I have all the symptoms of gall stones. Sigh. hopefully I’m incorrect on this. Though considering my mum, my aunt and my grandmother all had them? Odds on are I might have them as well.  Better get my insurance taken care of so I can see what the hell’s going on.

Bri just called — the in-laws house will need some shoring up in the foundation and new wiring and new duct work. Oy.

Gonna head on home as it is HEROES PREMIERE NIGHT ZOMG!!!

Here: Have an Abney Park Radiohead cover, because you’ve been good!
(ZOMG, Capt. Robert’s voice is AMAZING on this!) It’s live so the visual is a little sketchy.