Monday. And boy it’s a humdinger.

2 02 2009

weather: High 27 degrees with snow later

Man has it been a suck ass morning!

I set the alarm last night, but apparently didn’t actually turn it on. SO instead of waking up at 5:00 am, I woke up at 6:15 which gave me exactly 45 minutes to get up, wash the hair and get dressed and get my usual running around done. (All the while  swearing like a sailor, I might add) . Managed to get my ass leveraged out the door on time and to the train station where a whole second layer of shenanigans started. The train I usually take was 20 minutes late before the disembodied voice of misinformation let us know that it had broken down at the station before us. However, said the friendly voice, the next train is on time! I should have known better to trust the damn voice. The next train was in fact 10 minutes late and packed to the gills with people. SO after standing upright for 45 minutes in 16 degree temps, I got to stand upright for another hour as the train trundled along to Chicago. So grousing and coughing the whole way, I finally arrived at my destination and shuffled my ass into an overheated cab and arrived at work 15 minutes late.


On the upside–got another 1300 words written yesterday, along with a batch of chocolate chip cookies (NOM NOM NOM) made and discovered that MCR’s Life on the Murder Scene has been uploaded in its entirety on zee YouTube. So I still want to own it, but at least now I can see what all the fuss was about. And yes, fuss was warranted.

Talk about an uncensored and unvarnished look at a band from infancy to infamy. And showing Gerard’s drop into drug hell and coming back? Pretty brave there lads. So far the scene that had me LOL the hardest? Frank going up to Gee on stage and just kicking him HARD in the balls and just walking away. Which is somewhat de riguer for them. Although lately there seems to be less balls kicking and more deep kissing on stage. (See below for evidence)

Making het fanboys nervous for many a year.

MCR: Making het fanboys nervous for many a year.

Which just is amusing as hell. Add in Frank’s need to stand on Bob’s drums (not the riser, mind you, the actual DRUMS) and the Frank and Gerard handsy grabfest and a lot of shenanigans  occur onstage. Which just makes me love them all the more.

On the health front, I’m still coughing, but it seems to have dwindled to a non-productive dry cough. Hopefully this means it’s on it’s way out.

And lastly, just to continue the MCR Obsession:
Teenagers from The Black Parade
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And some Three Days Grace to keep that OCD alive:
Pain (Live on Much Music) So hawt.

Lastly and importantly, a Happy Imbolc to my Pagan and Heathen friends!

Ah Friday…how I have missed you…

9 01 2009

Weather: High: 29 degrees and SNOW. And that’s pretty much status quo for the next three days.

So had a good fun time getting to work today. The drive was fine, the train on time, but the walk was sloppy, skittish and just not a lot of fun all way round.

Been a little light on the functioning brain matter lately. DOn’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or not feeling well or if my warranty is running out. (It IS my 42nd on Monday. Maybe that’s when the brain cells start taking a hit!)

Today is the Feast of Janus, which apparently will determine the outcome for the year, depending on how the day goes. Let’s hope for good things today.  ::crosses fingers::

So…my birthday’s coming up. Not sure how I feel about them anymore. Not really dreading them, but not exactly ZOMG! YAY! either.  I think that my annoyance with myself for not having accomplished some things by now is just brought into sharp focus when I hit another age milestone. I’ve been joking that since I’m hitting 42, maybe the secrets to Life, the Universe and Everything will be handed to me…even if only for one year.  Really could use some universal wisdom to get stuff moving!

Found a cool article on Nancy Kilpatrick while random googling and it kinda gave me some more motivation and quelled a few fears. She writes in a similar fashion and sub-genre that I do, so seeing someone who has been successful with it makes me less stressed about selling the books.

Granted it’s still a crap shoot. But it gives me a little hope.

Daily vid today?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Birthday by the Cruxshadows!


28 10 2008

Weather: High 46 degrees and partly sunny. Cold as Hell this morning and LOVING IT!

I’m gonna be so glad once this election is done with. I know th inane bickering will probably continue. But at least I don’t have to see any more ads and have to listen to this ridiculously histrionic nonsense that people are spouting.

I’m getting some of the stuff I’ve written out long hand into electronic form so I can do some editing. e plot’s a little on the thin side right now so we’ll see how that goes.

Have some neat ideas for holiday pressies, but need to see what my resources look like at the moment.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of October. This year has again flown by. They all do anymore.

New Moon tonight. Bri and I have some “work” that must be done. A New Moon always is a good starting point for building and drawing and gathering things to you. Thusly, we are needing things to come to us now, not go out. And thus, we have WORK to do. A friend gave us a good spell combo that we’re gonna try to do tonight. Fingers crossed and such.

Fringe on tonight and much more writing to do as well. Things seem to be coming together finally.

A bit of a flashback here:
Depeche Mode — Everything Counts!

Love & Rockets — Ball of Confusion

And monsoon season is upon us again…

2 05 2008

Weather: High: 71 degrees & THUNDERSTORMS! LIKE, A LOT!!!

So Friday again! Thank the benevolent deities!

Tonight is the usual cavalcade of geek!gasm inducing television. Starting with Sarah Jane Adventures, Moonlight (drools), BSG, then Doctor Who on the Repeat. (Has a little geek!gasm)

And yeah it’s raining enough that Noah has started hammering together some wood to make a boat like object. Just heard a nice crack of thunder. May be staying in for lunch today. Sigh.

My writing’s tapered off again and that is unacceptable. It doesn’t help that my mind is ridiculously full of chaos and fluff, I need some peace and quiet to really read through what I have already and figure out where the story’s going to go. I’m doing the writing equivalent of treading water right now and it’s showing in the quality (or lack thereof.)

Daily Vid

So what do we want to post today?
How’s about some obscure music not in English??

First up– Garmarna -Gamen (Vulture)
Garmarna are a Swedish band who mostly sing traditional Swedish murder ballads and folk songs with a modern twist. REALLY awesome.

And now: Sportfreunde Stiller- Alles Roger!
One of the COOLEST German bands around. DIscovered them on IMF (R.I.P) The video is just Hysterical!

Took the Beliefnet Quiz again…result not really much of a surprise –Behind the cut…

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Time marches on…right over my head…

1 05 2008

Weather: High 71 (!!!) and Isolated Thunderstorms.

Well another fun morning. Gretchen (our VW Jetta) started grumbling on the way to dropping me off at the train and then started generating enough smoke to almost gas hubby out of the car. He tried to call the shop and the earliest we can get her in is TOMORROW morning. Crud. Needless to say, getting me home and back to the train tomorrow will be a treat.

Mother’s Day is coming up and I haven’t a clue what to get for my Mum. She’s hard as hell to buy for. I have a feeling, Bri and I will go out to Johnson’s Farm and get some basket flowers for her. We’re doing a brunch at the Avalon Manor (this is where Bri and I had our wedding reception) for Mother’s Day. They had a fantastic buffet last year so we’re going back again this year.

Bri succeeded in getting the garage door installed with minimum of body trauma and bleeding. He is so damn handy with this stuff!

Temps seem to be dropping slightly after topping out at 74 degrees. And the clouds are moving in. I think we’re in for some boomers tonight, to coin a phrase my dad used to use.

Today is Beltane, one of the 8 big holidays for us filthy pagans. 😉 And a fire festival to boot. It’s all about the fertility and rebirth and all that fun stuff associated with the First of May. Can’t believe we’re already heading into the stretch before summer proper. I have a little under 1 1/2 months to Terri & Keith’s wedding and too much to be done before then.

Allright– not really being productive here, so I’ll save any thoughts up for tomorrow.

Daily vid:

Cause I’m in a bit of a creepy mood:

Here’s a couple dark or creepy videos

First up: Birthday Massacre– Blue.
LOVE this band and this video has such a disturbing tone.

Less Creepy than kinda cool, but here’s Euphoria by Collide
Another band I absolutely love without reservation. KaRin and Statik make noise into beautiful sensual songs.

Music: Come Undone – Duran Duran

It’s a Charlotte Sometimes kinda day….

24 03 2008

WEather update:

Friday: High- 37 & Sleety. Yuck.
Saturday: High- 37 & Partly Cloudy
Sunday: High – 39 & Mostly sunny!
Monday: High -42 & Sunny!

Well this weekend was a nice reprieve from last weeks stress debacle.

Friday we had off, and Bri and I slept in till 10 which was nice. We cleaned house and I made cookies. Later Lisa came over and we had a nice dinner and then did circle work. Nice to get back in the pagany swing of things again.  I know for myself I was able to draw a lot of energy for once. I sent some out to those in need and did my best to clear my own pathways. we all wrote down the things that needed clearing out on paper and dosed them liberally with juju powder before burning them in the fireplace. Was cleansing all around.

Saturday woke up feeling punky, probably an after effect of all the energy work.  Did some writing and later in the day went out to dinner with the Brother in Law and his girlfriend.  Very nice time, though Bri and I both ate too much, which came back to haunt us HORRIBLY. Digestive issues are NOT a fun way to spend your evening…especially when you had other activities planned. 😦

Sunday we awoke feeling much better and were off to the Mother Unit’s domicile for the “Mayonnaise Buffe” as my lovely hubby calls it.  We have a full Scandinavian smörgåsbord on Easter, complete with open faced sandwiches and pickled herring and eggs galore. VERY tasty, but dear gods above did my cholesterol level soar after all that! (NOM NOM NOM!)

We got home about 7 ish, but all in all it was a nice weekend.

Will be spending today catching up at work and trying to get some writing done over the lunch hour.


New bands to reccie: Ludo & Liam Finn, both of which I discovered on the MTVU playlist over the weekend. Cool bands both.  Ludo is kind of in the vein of Harvey Danger and Liam Finn is just a sprkly spangly pop rtist from New Zealand. Check out “Love Me Dead” by Ludo and “Second Chance” By Liam Finn for good samples.

Oh and added a playlist to my MySpace profile filled with goodies.

Now playing: Muse – Map Of The Problematique
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Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox!

20 03 2008

Weather: High–47 & partly sunny w/ Snow on the horizon.

Well Spring has finally shown up. Not that you could tell from the weather, OY!

Bri and I will be visiting the Mom unit and the rest of my motley family  this Sunday for our traditional Easter Brunch/Pigs at the Trough contest.

Tomorrow night we well be at our pagany best to celebrate Ostara and the Full Moon with some ritual and energy raising.  We are rusty so hopefully so lets hope for a flame rather than a sputter. 🙂

Weather has just taken a turn for the worse. They’re predicting 8 bloody inches of snow by Saturday. GAH!!!


Leaving the office in about an hour, so I’m cutting this short. I’ll post again from home tonight. 🙂

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Friday AT LAST!!

14 03 2008

Weather: High- 54 degrees & partly cloudy.

Well this week has sucked big donkey balls. And that’s putting it lightly.

Boss has been in permanent grump mode. And now that we’re one less in my department, things are busier than ever and people are less patient than ever.  Beginning to really despise some of my co-workers. Not a good mindset to have.

On the home front, Bri is still in search of the elusive job.  The kitties are getting along better, though there is still the occasional wrestling/yowling match.

Have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Woo. HATE going to the dentist.

Latest band obsession? MGMT. Very old school psychedelia wall of sound music with the brit pop sweetness overlaying. Me Likey. Video is like a acid trip.  Other bands getting a lot of airtime lately: Neil Smith, who Jack turned me onto. VERY cool.  Love his Depeche Mode reinterpretations and his original stuff is awesome as well.

Bri’s taking me out for dinner tonight. This week is about to be put to bed, THANK THE BENEVOLENT DEITIES!

Next week is a full one: Boss is out 2 days, St.Patrick’s Day (I’ll try and get shots of the Chicago River dyed Green), Ostara, Easter, Full Moon… LOTS AND LOTS of stuff to do!

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