Time marches on…right over my head…

1 05 2008

Weather: High 71 (!!!) and Isolated Thunderstorms.

Well another fun morning. Gretchen (our VW Jetta) started grumbling on the way to dropping me off at the train and then started generating enough smoke to almost gas hubby out of the car. He tried to call the shop and the earliest we can get her in is TOMORROW morning. Crud. Needless to say, getting me home and back to the train tomorrow will be a treat.

Mother’s Day is coming up and I haven’t a clue what to get for my Mum. She’s hard as hell to buy for. I have a feeling, Bri and I will go out to Johnson’s Farm and get some basket flowers for her. We’re doing a brunch at the Avalon Manor (this is where Bri and I had our wedding reception) for Mother’s Day. They had a fantastic buffet last year so we’re going back again this year.

Bri succeeded in getting the garage door installed with minimum of body trauma and bleeding. He is so damn handy with this stuff!

Temps seem to be dropping slightly after topping out at 74 degrees. And the clouds are moving in. I think we’re in for some boomers tonight, to coin a phrase my dad used to use.

Today is Beltane, one of the 8 big holidays for us filthy pagans. 😉 And a fire festival to boot. It’s all about the fertility and rebirth and all that fun stuff associated with the First of May. Can’t believe we’re already heading into the stretch before summer proper. I have a little under 1 1/2 months to Terri & Keith’s wedding and too much to be done before then.

Allright– not really being productive here, so I’ll save any thoughts up for tomorrow.

Daily vid:

Cause I’m in a bit of a creepy mood:

Here’s a couple dark or creepy videos

First up: Birthday Massacre– Blue.
LOVE this band and this video has such a disturbing tone.

Less Creepy than kinda cool, but here’s Euphoria by Collide
Another band I absolutely love without reservation. KaRin and Statik make noise into beautiful sensual songs.

Music: Come Undone – Duran Duran




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