Friday AT LAST!!

14 03 2008

Weather: High- 54 degrees & partly cloudy.

Well this week has sucked big donkey balls. And that’s putting it lightly.

Boss has been in permanent grump mode. And now that we’re one less in my department, things are busier than ever and people are less patient than ever.  Beginning to really despise some of my co-workers. Not a good mindset to have.

On the home front, Bri is still in search of the elusive job.  The kitties are getting along better, though there is still the occasional wrestling/yowling match.

Have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Woo. HATE going to the dentist.

Latest band obsession? MGMT. Very old school psychedelia wall of sound music with the brit pop sweetness overlaying. Me Likey. Video is like a acid trip.  Other bands getting a lot of airtime lately: Neil Smith, who Jack turned me onto. VERY cool.  Love his Depeche Mode reinterpretations and his original stuff is awesome as well.

Bri’s taking me out for dinner tonight. This week is about to be put to bed, THANK THE BENEVOLENT DEITIES!

Next week is a full one: Boss is out 2 days, St.Patrick’s Day (I’ll try and get shots of the Chicago River dyed Green), Ostara, Easter, Full Moon… LOTS AND LOTS of stuff to do!

Now playing: Siouxsie & The Banshees – We Hunger
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