Monday. And boy it’s a humdinger.

2 02 2009

weather: High 27 degrees with snow later

Man has it been a suck ass morning!

I set the alarm last night, but apparently didn’t actually turn it on. SO instead of waking up at 5:00 am, I woke up at 6:15 which gave me exactly 45 minutes to get up, wash the hair and get dressed and get my usual running around done. (All the while  swearing like a sailor, I might add) . Managed to get my ass leveraged out the door on time and to the train station where a whole second layer of shenanigans started. The train I usually take was 20 minutes late before the disembodied voice of misinformation let us know that it had broken down at the station before us. However, said the friendly voice, the next train is on time! I should have known better to trust the damn voice. The next train was in fact 10 minutes late and packed to the gills with people. SO after standing upright for 45 minutes in 16 degree temps, I got to stand upright for another hour as the train trundled along to Chicago. So grousing and coughing the whole way, I finally arrived at my destination and shuffled my ass into an overheated cab and arrived at work 15 minutes late.


On the upside–got another 1300 words written yesterday, along with a batch of chocolate chip cookies (NOM NOM NOM) made and discovered that MCR’s Life on the Murder Scene has been uploaded in its entirety on zee YouTube. So I still want to own it, but at least now I can see what all the fuss was about. And yes, fuss was warranted.

Talk about an uncensored and unvarnished look at a band from infancy to infamy. And showing Gerard’s drop into drug hell and coming back? Pretty brave there lads. So far the scene that had me LOL the hardest? Frank going up to Gee on stage and just kicking him HARD in the balls and just walking away. Which is somewhat de riguer for them. Although lately there seems to be less balls kicking and more deep kissing on stage. (See below for evidence)

Making het fanboys nervous for many a year.

MCR: Making het fanboys nervous for many a year.

Which just is amusing as hell. Add in Frank’s need to stand on Bob’s drums (not the riser, mind you, the actual DRUMS) and the Frank and Gerard handsy grabfest and a lot of shenanigans  occur onstage. Which just makes me love them all the more.

On the health front, I’m still coughing, but it seems to have dwindled to a non-productive dry cough. Hopefully this means it’s on it’s way out.

And lastly, just to continue the MCR Obsession:
Teenagers from The Black Parade
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And some Three Days Grace to keep that OCD alive:
Pain (Live on Much Music) So hawt.

Lastly and importantly, a Happy Imbolc to my Pagan and Heathen friends!



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