28 10 2008

Weather: High 46 degrees and partly sunny. Cold as Hell this morning and LOVING IT!

I’m gonna be so glad once this election is done with. I know th inane bickering will probably continue. But at least I don’t have to see any more ads and have to listen to this ridiculously histrionic nonsense that people are spouting.

I’m getting some of the stuff I’ve written out long hand into electronic form so I can do some editing. e plot’s a little on the thin side right now so we’ll see how that goes.

Have some neat ideas for holiday pressies, but need to see what my resources look like at the moment.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of October. This year has again flown by. They all do anymore.

New Moon tonight. Bri and I have some “work” that must be done. A New Moon always is a good starting point for building and drawing and gathering things to you. Thusly, we are needing things to come to us now, not go out. And thus, we have WORK to do. A friend gave us a good spell combo that we’re gonna try to do tonight. Fingers crossed and such.

Fringe on tonight and much more writing to do as well. Things seem to be coming together finally.

A bit of a flashback here:
Depeche Mode — Everything Counts!

Love & Rockets — Ball of Confusion




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