It’s one of those crossroads type things again…

19 08 2008

Weather: HUMID! high–83 degrees, though it’s cooler than yesterday.

Bri has suddenly realized he’s turning 35 in less than a month. And it has made him suddenly very introspective and reassessing and contemplating life changes.

I must be feeding off his mood. I’m feeling exactly the same.

Just posted a lengthy Poor Me rant on LJ. Sigh. Sometimes I just get started and can’t stop. I’m never really that big on doing the uber-share thing but I think I’ve just reached that point where the Tupperware is full and starting to leak out.

I’m worried about so many things right now that I have not enough energy to cover any of them. I’m mostly worried about Brian and he will get my primary  attention.

I think it may be time to do some serious housecleaning in the noggin for both of us.

Here: Half Naked boy touching to make me feel better:




I think “spread too thin” might be an understatement….

18 08 2008

Weather: This weekend — clear and slowly warming back up. Sigh. Started in the mid 70s and ended up in the upper 80s. TOday– High: 89 and sunny. Sigh. Welcome back August. NO LOVE!

This weekend was a blur of running around and frustration. Saturday we spent much of the day doing laundry, grocery shopping and mowing the lawn. (I’ll leave it up to you to decide which things I did and which ones Brian did.) That evening we went over for a wonderful evening of grilling out with Lisa and Tom, then headed out to the wilds of Portage to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. AWESOME SAUCE!! Didn’t get into bed until 2 am and I was SHREDDED!

Sunday I was up at 6 am the first time to feed the cat and back up at 8:30 to get coffee and breakfast ready. My sister Kirsten picked me up around 11 to go back to her house for the makeup test for the wedding. Yes I got prettied up and I really really like the makeup artist!  After that, I spent much of the day trying to fix my sister’s monitor issues. A new video card did NOTHING to fix it, so we’re gonna try to swap out the cable first , then replace the monitor.  Brian came by around 5 and we celebrated my mum’s birthday. Much with grilled meat flesh and corn and salad and a lovely whipped cream cake for dessert! Bri and I staggered into the house around 8:30 last night and I pretty much just vegged in front of the telly until 11, then went to bed.  So yeah. Not as much done this weekend as I’d like. I think we have a free weekend coming up so we may just turn off the phones and get all the housework caught up again!

Missed Phelps winning his 8th gold on Saturday, but caught the replay Sunday morning. SO awesome.  And much with the intra-team boy-touching afterwards. SIGH. Love watching swimming!

SIGH! Love the Olympics

BTW– my interview with Ethan Grim from Shortwave Dahlia is up at the Official site.

Oh thank the benevolent deities! Tis the end of the week!

15 08 2008

Weather: High– 76 degrees and sunny. So beautiful outside right now!

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test…

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(Yes, this is what I want to be when I don’t grow up!)

Olympic squee is summed up thusly: Michael Phelps- Gold Medal #6 + Chummy pics with Ryan Lochte after the race? Heidi essplosions! (Evidence follows)

Dear gods above, thank you Olympics Photogs for providing boy-touching pics for us!!!

As previously mentioned, this weekend is gonna be a lot of running around. I have to get the grocery shopping done and pick up a gift for my mum. We’re going over to Lisa and Tom’s for dinner then heading out to The Dark Knight in IMAX. WOOT! Sunday is over to my sisters house for makeup test in the morning and birthday dinner for my mum in the evening. Hopefully by then I won’t be wanting to claw my uterus out. Yes, TMI I know.

Tonight will be more Olympics viewing, much to my husband’s chagrin. But it’s a big one. Phelps may tie Spitz’s record and thus finally drive a stake in all the speculation. Of course the bastards won’t be satisfied unless he BEATS Spitz’ s record. And come 4 years from now, they won’t be satisfied if he doesn’t break his own record. Poor guy can’t cut a break to save his life.

Was a little sad to hear that Pieter Van Den Hoogenband has chosen to retire after this Olympics, which has now knocked out 2 of the 3 of my holy trinity from Athens 2004. (Ian Thorpe retired in 2006. SIGH)  SO now I must look to Lochte and Berens to maintain the trio of hotness. Yes I am just that shallow. ::grins::


14 08 2008

Weather: High -75 degrees and chance of thunderstorms. Is it August? Seriously?

Today is the air trials for Chicago’s 50th Air & Water show this weekend. So there will be a ton of planes and Helicopters buzzing our building. (We’re right on the river which is the direct path to Lake Michigan. It’s kinda fun to look out my boss’s window and see a helicopter hanging out there.)

Olympics last night was a lot of hurry up and wait.  Was happy to see Lezak FINALLY got an individual medal, a Bronze in the the 100 m Freestyle. About time for him! And for shit’s sake, media, don’t ask him about PHELPS when you interview him about this win!! Unfortunately, the gymnastics was a bit of bad news for the US men. Neither Horton or Artemev were able to come close to the Chinese or the Japanese. Granted there were falls and missteps in ALL the performances, including a shocking fall off the rings for Japan’s Tomita, when his hand slipped off one ring just going into his dismount. A very painful landing that he thankfully walked away from.
I’m getting a little sick of the media portraying anyone not getting gold as some sort of loser.  Pisses me right the hell off.  Just thinking about how much these athletes have worked just to get to come to the Olympics at all and then get told, “Oh, you didn’t get the gold? Not worth our time then. ” RAVEN SMASH STUPID MEDIA!!

BTW–Have to add someone new to the Swimming Harem: Ricky Berens. LOOK AT HIM! (on the far left there. OH HAI CUTEY!)

Swimming Harem

Swimming Harem

Do any of those swimmers have ANY body fat?  You could grate cheese on those abs!

Work is just DRAGGING today. I have plenty to do. But my insides have conspired to kill me today so my focus is kinda nil.

Of course coming across photos like this:

(Picture credit:

kinda sidelined me into a group squee with some of my like minded friends on LJ. I am a bad, bad lady for the thoughts I am thinking here. (ALL of them are young enough to be my kids, for feck’s sake!)

Anyway. This weekend is turning into another ZOMG RUN AROUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE weekend. It’s my mum’s Birthday celebration (it’s actually on the 19th) and I have a test run with my sister’s make up artist as well. Saturday is shaping up to be “Get everything around the house done” day. SIGH. I’m gonna be happy when Bri and I have our weekends back again.

Writing has come to a rather depressing standstill. I’m forcing myself to write in my moleskine when I’m on the train every day. Even if I only get a couple hundred words written it’s motion forward. But I need to get more disciplined and get more done. Maybe after the Olympics. ::grins::

The Olympics is trying to KILL ME!

12 08 2008

weather: High-77 degrees and mostly cloudy. Felt a bit muggy this morning. blah!

You know, this twelve hour time difference between here and Beijing is catching up with me.  I stayed up till almost Midnight last night so I could catch the Men’s Team Gymnastics final. Now while it was SOOO worth it! (We got BRONZE when the general consensus was we wouldn’t medal at all! They almost pulled off a Silver, but there were errors in the floor exercise and a really big booboo in the pommel horse that robbed them of the option. In fact the Germans almost swiped the Bronze, but lost due to a lackluster performance on the pommel. )

Add on the PHENOMENAL performances by the Swimmers last night (Gold for Michael Phelps [200 m Freestyle], Aaron Peirsol [100 m Backstroke], Natalie Coughlin [100 m Backstroke]; Silver for Matt Grevers [100 m Backstroke],  Rebecca Soni [100 m Breastroke], Bronze for Margaret Hoelzer [100 m Backstroke] & Peter Vanderkaay [200 m Freestyle]) SO lotsa medals in the Cube last night. And Phelps and Coughlin also had to do qualifying swims for the 200 m Butterfly and 200 m Individual medley, respectively.  WITHIN AN HOUR OF EACH OF THEIR FINALS THAT NIGHT. They amaze me with their stamina.

Phelps says it all right there!

Tonight will be the finals for the Men’s Butterfly, 4×200 relay and Women’s Individual Medley, and we’ll see if the Phelpster can get his 4th & 5th medal. At this point, I think he’s just happy to compete. The media is starting to get a backlash for their pointless attempts to celebrity-ize Phelps who wants really nothing to do with it. God love his teammates for their ability to sidestep the stupid questions and for Phelps dodging the spotlight to let his teammates get some face time with the media.

Also, who was the brilliant prankster who decided to give me a hormone induced heart attack by focusing the cameras on the crowd during the swimming contest and letting me see THIS GUY:

Yes, IAN BLOODY THORPE was there to watch Phelps shatter his record for the 200 M.
::Stares some more::
::drools a little::

WHYYYYYY did he have to retire??

Okay, off the Olympics for a moment.

My health is troubling me to the point that I’ve started working out again. And changing my eating habits. Helps that we’re practically broke right now. I’ve stopped the second breakfast thing, at least in the capacity of stopping at the various fast food places on the way into work. I’m trying to keep a bag of raw almonds at my desk to nibble on if I get peckish. Lunches are to be brought from home ( thus keeping the calorie content under control)  and I’m trying to get a workout in before dinner in the evening. We’re both getting better at the portion control and if we have dessert, it’s something low fat/ lo cal. I’d like to start riding our bikes as well. I’d love to start swimming (WOT? SHUT UP!) but unfortunately the only pool remotely close to us is the YMCA and we can’t afford a membership at the moment. I just want to be in better shape. And healthier. I’m tired of feeling like I have a 50 year old woman crammed in my 41 year old body. I’m taking a good supply of supplements (multi-vitamin, fish oil [combined with borage and flax seed oil], acidopholus, glucosomine/chondritin and calcium. ) Now I just need to adjust the simple things like drinking more water, getting more sleep and MOVING. I’ve been relying too much on this 2 mile walk (round trip) to and from the train and honestly, I think I plateaued on that ages ago. So I need more than just the occasional workout on the exercise ball. Bri and I were doing ab work there for a week or so and it was starting to work and then we inevitably fell off the wagon. I have a ton of workout dvds, including tae bo, tai chi and kick boxing. I have zero excuse for why I’m not using them. I can’t afford to go to a gym, and I have a perfectly good elliptical machine downstairs. So yeah. Procrastination my fine old friend.

I want to be down to 135 pounds by next summer. my interim goal is 175 by Christmas. This is going to take a ridiculous amount of discipline on my part. And I include working my writing schedule into this as well. I may have to start getting up 15 minutes earlier (4:45 am) just to get some workout time in the morning.  (we have to be out the door by 7 am to get to the train on time.)

Anyway- this got away from me a bit. I can see I need to stop talking about it and just get started on it. So Shutting up now and going home to workout. Seriously. Maybe I’ll add a  postscript here to keep me honest.

Don’t know how long this link will last, but here’s history in the making.

(the Olympics Committee is cracking down on video of their events)

Post Weekend Olympic Adrenaline Buzz!

11 08 2008

Weather: SO Beautiful_ This weekend: low 70s and cool, and a little rain.
Today: High 76 degrees and sunny. Loving this weather!

ZOMG the Olympics are trying to KILL ME!!

First off the Women’s Gymnastics team had a HEARTBREAKING series of falls and injuries. They managed to make the cut for the finals, but they were having so many problems. Hurt to watch, mostly because you can see how crushed they were when they lost points or fell.

On the other hand, my swimmers were PHENOMENAL! Phelps is up two gold medals, which is an accomplishment in itself. Then the heart stopping photo finish in the 4 X 100 meter relay that about near finished me off–8/100ths of a second! But they beat the French, who had been trash-talking the American team for days beforehand. “We will crush the Americans. That’s why we are here!” Talk is cheap, asshole. Who got served??  Oh yeah–YOU! I swear I had a small heart attack when the ranks came up and Lezak’s fingers got to the wall right before Bernard’s did. I literally jumped off the couch and shrieked! (Sorry neighbors. Forgot the windows were open. ::facepalm::)

People online are starting to irritate me with their annoyance about the Olumpics impacting their viewing or access to international sites. “It’s over exposed” and “It’s a Waste of time” are the most common things I’m seeing.  I’ve bitten my tongue because it’s really not worth the fight, but in my head I’ve been saying–“Now you see what I have to put up with at Superbowl/World series time? I give two shits about baseball or football, but I’m expected to have all my media converge on those. So suck it! I get to be happy about a sporting event once every 2 damn years!”

Yeah. I have my moments of bitterness.

Work has sucked up a crapload of time today. Funny how your job seems to actually want you to work! HA HA HA. Yeah. About that.

Brian is off today but will be back at his freelance position for the rest of the week. He’s over at the InLaw’s new condo, working on installing new faucets for them. Yeah. He’s a good son. He was a little put out when I called though. It’s wearing on him to be their go-to fix it person. But he does it and bides his time.

More Olympics tonight for me. I have a feeling Brian is a little done with it. He usually isn’t interested in much more than the Opening and Closing ceremonies anyway, and I don’t make him sit through me shrieking at the swimmers and gymnasts. That has killed lesser men than he. Snerk.  So Phelps is in the 200 meter Freestyle tonight, which is one of his stronger races. And Peirsol will be swimming in the 100 meter backstroke. So hopefully we’ll snag another couple of medals tonight. YAY! Also, Men’s Gymnastics team finals are tonight so I’ll be staying up for that.

Off to hit my train.