Post Weekend Olympic Adrenaline Buzz!

11 08 2008

Weather: SO Beautiful_ This weekend: low 70s and cool, and a little rain.
Today: High 76 degrees and sunny. Loving this weather!

ZOMG the Olympics are trying to KILL ME!!

First off the Women’s Gymnastics team had a HEARTBREAKING series of falls and injuries. They managed to make the cut for the finals, but they were having so many problems. Hurt to watch, mostly because you can see how crushed they were when they lost points or fell.

On the other hand, my swimmers were PHENOMENAL! Phelps is up two gold medals, which is an accomplishment in itself. Then the heart stopping photo finish in the 4 X 100 meter relay that about near finished me off–8/100ths of a second! But they beat the French, who had been trash-talking the American team for days beforehand. “We will crush the Americans. That’s why we are here!” Talk is cheap, asshole. Who got served??  Oh yeah–YOU! I swear I had a small heart attack when the ranks came up and Lezak’s fingers got to the wall right before Bernard’s did. I literally jumped off the couch and shrieked! (Sorry neighbors. Forgot the windows were open. ::facepalm::)

People online are starting to irritate me with their annoyance about the Olumpics impacting their viewing or access to international sites. “It’s over exposed” and “It’s a Waste of time” are the most common things I’m seeing.  I’ve bitten my tongue because it’s really not worth the fight, but in my head I’ve been saying–“Now you see what I have to put up with at Superbowl/World series time? I give two shits about baseball or football, but I’m expected to have all my media converge on those. So suck it! I get to be happy about a sporting event once every 2 damn years!”

Yeah. I have my moments of bitterness.

Work has sucked up a crapload of time today. Funny how your job seems to actually want you to work! HA HA HA. Yeah. About that.

Brian is off today but will be back at his freelance position for the rest of the week. He’s over at the InLaw’s new condo, working on installing new faucets for them. Yeah. He’s a good son. He was a little put out when I called though. It’s wearing on him to be their go-to fix it person. But he does it and bides his time.

More Olympics tonight for me. I have a feeling Brian is a little done with it. He usually isn’t interested in much more than the Opening and Closing ceremonies anyway, and I don’t make him sit through me shrieking at the swimmers and gymnasts. That has killed lesser men than he. Snerk.  So Phelps is in the 200 meter Freestyle tonight, which is one of his stronger races. And Peirsol will be swimming in the 100 meter backstroke. So hopefully we’ll snag another couple of medals tonight. YAY! Also, Men’s Gymnastics team finals are tonight so I’ll be staying up for that.

Off to hit my train.




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