I think “spread too thin” might be an understatement….

18 08 2008

Weather: This weekend — clear and slowly warming back up. Sigh. Started in the mid 70s and ended up in the upper 80s. TOday– High: 89 and sunny. Sigh. Welcome back August. NO LOVE!

This weekend was a blur of running around and frustration. Saturday we spent much of the day doing laundry, grocery shopping and mowing the lawn. (I’ll leave it up to you to decide which things I did and which ones Brian did.) That evening we went over for a wonderful evening of grilling out with Lisa and Tom, then headed out to the wilds of Portage to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. AWESOME SAUCE!! Didn’t get into bed until 2 am and I was SHREDDED!

Sunday I was up at 6 am the first time to feed the cat and back up at 8:30 to get coffee and breakfast ready. My sister Kirsten picked me up around 11 to go back to her house for the makeup test for the wedding. Yes I got prettied up and I really really like the makeup artist!  After that, I spent much of the day trying to fix my sister’s monitor issues. A new video card did NOTHING to fix it, so we’re gonna try to swap out the cable first , then replace the monitor.  Brian came by around 5 and we celebrated my mum’s birthday. Much with grilled meat flesh and corn and salad and a lovely whipped cream cake for dessert! Bri and I staggered into the house around 8:30 last night and I pretty much just vegged in front of the telly until 11, then went to bed.  So yeah. Not as much done this weekend as I’d like. I think we have a free weekend coming up so we may just turn off the phones and get all the housework caught up again!

Missed Phelps winning his 8th gold on Saturday, but caught the replay Sunday morning. SO awesome.  And much with the intra-team boy-touching afterwards. SIGH. Love watching swimming!

SIGH! Love the Olympics

BTW– my interview with Ethan Grim from Shortwave Dahlia is up at the Official site.




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