It’s one of those crossroads type things again…

19 08 2008

Weather: HUMID! high–83 degrees, though it’s cooler than yesterday.

Bri has suddenly realized he’s turning 35 in less than a month. And it has made him suddenly very introspective and reassessing and contemplating life changes.

I must be feeding off his mood. I’m feeling exactly the same.

Just posted a lengthy Poor Me rant on LJ. Sigh. Sometimes I just get started and can’t stop. I’m never really that big on doing the uber-share thing but I think I’ve just reached that point where the Tupperware is full and starting to leak out.

I’m worried about so many things right now that I have not enough energy to cover any of them. I’m mostly worried about Brian and he will get my primary  attention.

I think it may be time to do some serious housecleaning in the noggin for both of us.

Here: Half Naked boy touching to make me feel better:






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