The Olympics is trying to KILL ME!

12 08 2008

weather: High-77 degrees and mostly cloudy. Felt a bit muggy this morning. blah!

You know, this twelve hour time difference between here and Beijing is catching up with me.  I stayed up till almost Midnight last night so I could catch the Men’s Team Gymnastics final. Now while it was SOOO worth it! (We got BRONZE when the general consensus was we wouldn’t medal at all! They almost pulled off a Silver, but there were errors in the floor exercise and a really big booboo in the pommel horse that robbed them of the option. In fact the Germans almost swiped the Bronze, but lost due to a lackluster performance on the pommel. )

Add on the PHENOMENAL performances by the Swimmers last night (Gold for Michael Phelps [200 m Freestyle], Aaron Peirsol [100 m Backstroke], Natalie Coughlin [100 m Backstroke]; Silver for Matt Grevers [100 m Backstroke],  Rebecca Soni [100 m Breastroke], Bronze for Margaret Hoelzer [100 m Backstroke] & Peter Vanderkaay [200 m Freestyle]) SO lotsa medals in the Cube last night. And Phelps and Coughlin also had to do qualifying swims for the 200 m Butterfly and 200 m Individual medley, respectively.  WITHIN AN HOUR OF EACH OF THEIR FINALS THAT NIGHT. They amaze me with their stamina.

Phelps says it all right there!

Tonight will be the finals for the Men’s Butterfly, 4×200 relay and Women’s Individual Medley, and we’ll see if the Phelpster can get his 4th & 5th medal. At this point, I think he’s just happy to compete. The media is starting to get a backlash for their pointless attempts to celebrity-ize Phelps who wants really nothing to do with it. God love his teammates for their ability to sidestep the stupid questions and for Phelps dodging the spotlight to let his teammates get some face time with the media.

Also, who was the brilliant prankster who decided to give me a hormone induced heart attack by focusing the cameras on the crowd during the swimming contest and letting me see THIS GUY:

Yes, IAN BLOODY THORPE was there to watch Phelps shatter his record for the 200 M.
::Stares some more::
::drools a little::

WHYYYYYY did he have to retire??

Okay, off the Olympics for a moment.

My health is troubling me to the point that I’ve started working out again. And changing my eating habits. Helps that we’re practically broke right now. I’ve stopped the second breakfast thing, at least in the capacity of stopping at the various fast food places on the way into work. I’m trying to keep a bag of raw almonds at my desk to nibble on if I get peckish. Lunches are to be brought from home ( thus keeping the calorie content under control)  and I’m trying to get a workout in before dinner in the evening. We’re both getting better at the portion control and if we have dessert, it’s something low fat/ lo cal. I’d like to start riding our bikes as well. I’d love to start swimming (WOT? SHUT UP!) but unfortunately the only pool remotely close to us is the YMCA and we can’t afford a membership at the moment. I just want to be in better shape. And healthier. I’m tired of feeling like I have a 50 year old woman crammed in my 41 year old body. I’m taking a good supply of supplements (multi-vitamin, fish oil [combined with borage and flax seed oil], acidopholus, glucosomine/chondritin and calcium. ) Now I just need to adjust the simple things like drinking more water, getting more sleep and MOVING. I’ve been relying too much on this 2 mile walk (round trip) to and from the train and honestly, I think I plateaued on that ages ago. So I need more than just the occasional workout on the exercise ball. Bri and I were doing ab work there for a week or so and it was starting to work and then we inevitably fell off the wagon. I have a ton of workout dvds, including tae bo, tai chi and kick boxing. I have zero excuse for why I’m not using them. I can’t afford to go to a gym, and I have a perfectly good elliptical machine downstairs. So yeah. Procrastination my fine old friend.

I want to be down to 135 pounds by next summer. my interim goal is 175 by Christmas. This is going to take a ridiculous amount of discipline on my part. And I include working my writing schedule into this as well. I may have to start getting up 15 minutes earlier (4:45 am) just to get some workout time in the morning.  (we have to be out the door by 7 am to get to the train on time.)

Anyway- this got away from me a bit. I can see I need to stop talking about it and just get started on it. So Shutting up now and going home to workout. Seriously. Maybe I’ll add a  postscript here to keep me honest.

Don’t know how long this link will last, but here’s history in the making.

(the Olympics Committee is cracking down on video of their events)




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