Flails! ZOMG! New Collide and New Heroes and why does my side hurt?

23 09 2008

weather: 80s and sunny. And us still without air conditioning. Gah!

So — came home to the new Collide album in the mail, complete with postcard and poster (gift for pre-ordering!) and pretty much squeeed and flailed about until I fell over. “Two Headed Monster” is AMAZING. THere are some barn burner rock songs as well as the ambient/atmospheric music I love so much from them! KaRin’s voice is still as hypnotically beautiful as ever. Man, this band is so criminally underappreciated. I’m gonna definitely push this album for all its worth whereever I can…

Speaking of albums, Shortwave Dahlia’s is coming along, per Jack’s post on MySpace. Really am looking forward to this one as I’ve heard most of the demos already and have loved them quite the amount.

oh yeah..the pain in my side. Well, if WebMD and my mum are correct, I may be developing gall stones. Fun. So I’m removing any greasy or fried foods from my diet for the remainder of the week, drinking a lot of coffee, water and apple juice. Eating a lot of apples. I’ll be doing the olive Oil and lemon juice purge this weekend. Double fun. Hopefully this is a minor flare up. I have to wait until my benefits kick in so I can go to the doctor and get properly diagnosed.  I know I have to lose the weight now and get myself healthy. Being 41 and out of shape is unacceptable right now and with the metric tonne of stress that we’ve been under, it’s exacerbating the situation.

Great. Just found out Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. Fuckses. Luckily it goes direct by October 15, which is three days before my sister’s wedding.

Must dash on home. Floors to clean and stuff to write and Fringe to watch!

Been interviewing again…

11 03 2008

Hey, I just posted an interview with Shortwave Dahlia over at their official blog.

Here’s the link if you want to read my inane questions and their much more interesting answers!

Shortwave Dahlia Interview