Countdown to NaNoWriMo…T-minus 6 days

26 10 2009

Weather: High: 60º & rainy.

Well the weekend proved productive after all.

Spent a good part of Saturday trying on Bridesmaid dresses and remembering why I hate the process with a fiery destructive animosity. Sigh. Nothing makes you feel like a bucket of reprocessed horseshit than having to stand under fluorescent lights wearing a dress 4 sizes too small to figure out what won’t make you look like a moose in a tutu even when you DO get the right size. Needless to say, I came home with a massive self-flagellating attitude. The dress I decided on at least is flattering. Sigh. Need to get back on the workout wagon. These grandma arms are not in the least bit sexy.

I did actually accomplish something more fun in that my outline (or the rather stream of consciousness collection of plot points I’m loosely calling an outline) for NaNoWriMo is DONE. It has a beginning, some credible events that could be called a PLOT in the middle and, as most people would call the stopping point, an END. (This last bit is always the stickler for me. I’m fab at beginnings, moderate on middles and just BOLLOCKS with endings.) But there you go. Norse Mythology Urban Fantasy with a heavy tweak. Have to admit, the research has been fun. Norse Mythology has about 40 bajillion possible versions. Someone could be the son of one god or not, making him either the brother or half brother of his uncle…I just went with the most common permutation. Also lots of loopholes. As a writer, I find loopholes in mythology INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. Loopholes give me nice little footholds for my plot.

Was happy that I got to get inundated by the muses this weekend. (Three Days Grace were on MTV2’s rock show on Saturday night and BBCAmerica had a Being Human marathon on Sunday. GLEE!)

I also made cobbler this weekend. Now, since I’ve mentioned this about a dozen or so times, here’s the recipe:

Set oven to 350°

You’ll need a 9 X 13 pan for this.

For the batter:
1 Cup flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 Tbs. Baking Powder
1 Cup Milk
1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 Tsp. Cinnamon
Whisk these together in a bowl until the lumps are gone and set aside.

You’ll need about 4 cups of fruit.
I reccommend any of the following combos:
Cherries (Preferable tart)
But you can use pretty much any berry or pitted fruit.
You’ll want to pit the fruit, and if using Apples or Plums, slice them thinly. (I peel the apples, but leave the peel on the plums.)

Mix the fruit in a large bowl with:
1 Tbs flour
3/4 cup of sugar (You can use less if you have less fruit.)
Melt 1/2 cup of butter in the pan. (1 stick) And yes–USE BUTTER.

Pour the batter over the melted butter.

Scoop the fruit on top of the batter. (Make sure it’s evenly distributed)
Bake for 1 hour (or a little longer) until the edges are browning. (The cakey parts will caramelize in the corners-OM NOM)

Best served warm.  The cooking time may vary depending on what fruit and how much you end up using. Also, you can use a little less butter and still get good results.

All right. Have a writing mix to make for NaNo. Castle tonight is vampire themed (WOOT!) so I’m geebling already. And broken toe seems to be on the mend. 🙂

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New Year’s Eve: Standing on the Brink…

31 12 2008

Weather: High: 22 Degrees and partly cloudy.

Gonna be a short day at work today, thank the benevolent deities.

Getting a lot of crap done here today so this may be short.

Brink of a New Shiny Year. I’m both exhilirated and terrified. It’s one thing to make grand pronouncements and plans, it’s quite another to suddenly find yourself face to face with actually implementing them.

Bri and I both have a touch of the noody naddies (quoth Bri’s Dad), which is a crappy combo of sinus and coughing. Hopefully we’ll be able to kill the germs with a gallon of Woodchuck Cider tonight.  Was SOO hoping for naughty new years games tonight, but I may have to settle for some tipsy snogging. Still nice, mind you!

SO we’ll be bidding a not so fond farewell to 2008. While there were plenty of reasons to hate this year (The Flood, too many deaths, including my poor wee Apache!, Brian getting laid off, and health issues across the board) , there were many many good things as well. My sister got married, my brother got a job, and I finally beat my writer’s block to death with a two-by-four, thanks to a great plot bunny buried in a video.

So thank you Adam and Brad and Barry and Neil for kicking through that wall for me.  A foreward thank you is in the offing. And maybe even a request for some lyric usage if you’re so inclined. ::grins::

And additionally thank you to WordPress for giving me a much more free and open outlet for my meanderings here. I still like LJ for the interaction, but I still feel awkward posting a lot of stuff there. Facebook is still my go to for the quick and dirty update as well.

So…Goodbye to 2008. My post for 2009 will be up tomorrow, after my hangover dies down.

Sipping coffee, eating M&Ms and wearing stripey socks! WOOT!

16 10 2008

Weather: High: 58 degrees and sunny! (It was actually 49 when I left the house!) WOO!
So, off work tomorrow for getting nails done and setting up for the reception. Saturday is D-Day so to speak. I won’t be online much the next two days, if at all.

Wearing  Stripey socks makes me happy!

Stripey Socks FTW!!!

Stripey Socks FTW!!!


Also. Wedding is day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is manicure and setting up for the reception and rehearsal. Woo. Is it bad I just want to get through all this? Hoping the dress fits as I am a little bloated now. Rassin frassin monthly “gift”.

I’m just happy that come Sunday, there will be nothing on the horizon for a while. This means I’m freed up to get the housework done and FINALLY concnetrate on my writing and getting my bod in shape.

Many many projects hovering on the back burner. Three novels, steampunk outfit, possible holiday gifts, Halloween, Anniversary, Blue Hair of Doom, articles, short stories….Good lord I have a lot to do!

Sorry for the lite post today, but I’m scrambling to get some stuff done since I’m off tomorrow.

I’ll try and get a “catch Up” post in on Sunday.

T-minus 2 days. Wedding Apocalypse…BLISS I MEAN BLISS!

15 10 2008

weather: High 63 degrees with intermittent rain.

Well, we’ve reached the apathy stage of our wedding progress. We’re all kinda burnt out and tired. Kirsten has finally reached the Zen stage, thank the gods. We’re all on the “Can’t wait till it’s over” bandwagon. I think my mom is the only one really stressed out right now.

Bri and I are exhausted, but I think some of that will start to alleviate once this wedding
debacle is over with. Bri had an interview today so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. No more- don’t want to jinx it.

Am catching up with True Blood and Supernatural, as I missed both last week. Also, am neck deep in demos and bonus tracks and little bootlegs I’m finding all over zee webs.

High recommendations for my friend Jack’s side project, Eventual Champions. Sound is reminiscent of Jesus & Mary Chain  and the shoegazers. FANTASTIC! Also, in addition to my lovely Abney Park, I’m currently obsessing about listening to Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society. Excellent band, sounds similar to AP but with added Vas-ness if you will. Again, AMAZING! Also am getting into Dr. Steel, who if I play my cards right, will allow me to join the ranks of the Toy Soldiers when he takes over the world.  He’s been aptly described as “HipHop Industrial Opera”. Who am I to argue? Unique and entertaining as hell. Hopefully I’ll have some Shortwave Dahlia news for y’all shortly.

Gotta dash, but here– have a vid!:
Dr. Steel — Back & Forth (live) (WITH PUPPETS!)

(I know I’ve posted this before, but I LOVE THEM)

Garmarna —En Gång Ska Han Gråta