14 08 2008

Weather: High -75 degrees and chance of thunderstorms. Is it August? Seriously?

Today is the air trials for Chicago’s 50th Air & Water show this weekend. So there will be a ton of planes and Helicopters buzzing our building. (We’re right on the river which is the direct path to Lake Michigan. It’s kinda fun to look out my boss’s window and see a helicopter hanging out there.)

Olympics last night was a lot of hurry up and wait.  Was happy to see Lezak FINALLY got an individual medal, a Bronze in the the 100 m Freestyle. About time for him! And for shit’s sake, media, don’t ask him about PHELPS when you interview him about this win!! Unfortunately, the gymnastics was a bit of bad news for the US men. Neither Horton or Artemev were able to come close to the Chinese or the Japanese. Granted there were falls and missteps in ALL the performances, including a shocking fall off the rings for Japan’s Tomita, when his hand slipped off one ring just going into his dismount. A very painful landing that he thankfully walked away from.
I’m getting a little sick of the media portraying anyone not getting gold as some sort of loser.  Pisses me right the hell off.  Just thinking about how much these athletes have worked just to get to come to the Olympics at all and then get told, “Oh, you didn’t get the gold? Not worth our time then. ” RAVEN SMASH STUPID MEDIA!!

BTW–Have to add someone new to the Swimming Harem: Ricky Berens. LOOK AT HIM! (on the far left there. OH HAI CUTEY!)

Swimming Harem

Swimming Harem

Do any of those swimmers have ANY body fat?  You could grate cheese on those abs!

Work is just DRAGGING today. I have plenty to do. But my insides have conspired to kill me today so my focus is kinda nil.

Of course coming across photos like this:

(Picture credit: nbc.com)

kinda sidelined me into a group squee with some of my like minded friends on LJ. I am a bad, bad lady for the thoughts I am thinking here. (ALL of them are young enough to be my kids, for feck’s sake!)

Anyway. This weekend is turning into another ZOMG RUN AROUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE weekend. It’s my mum’s Birthday celebration (it’s actually on the 19th) and I have a test run with my sister’s make up artist as well. Saturday is shaping up to be “Get everything around the house done” day. SIGH. I’m gonna be happy when Bri and I have our weekends back again.

Writing has come to a rather depressing standstill. I’m forcing myself to write in my moleskine when I’m on the train every day. Even if I only get a couple hundred words written it’s motion forward. But I need to get more disciplined and get more done. Maybe after the Olympics. ::grins::




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