It’s a Charlotte Sometimes kinda day….

24 03 2008

WEather update:

Friday: High- 37 & Sleety. Yuck.
Saturday: High- 37 & Partly Cloudy
Sunday: High – 39 & Mostly sunny!
Monday: High -42 & Sunny!

Well this weekend was a nice reprieve from last weeks stress debacle.

Friday we had off, and Bri and I slept in till 10 which was nice. We cleaned house and I made cookies. Later Lisa came over and we had a nice dinner and then did circle work. Nice to get back in the pagany swing of things again.  I know for myself I was able to draw a lot of energy for once. I sent some out to those in need and did my best to clear my own pathways. we all wrote down the things that needed clearing out on paper and dosed them liberally with juju powder before burning them in the fireplace. Was cleansing all around.

Saturday woke up feeling punky, probably an after effect of all the energy work.  Did some writing and later in the day went out to dinner with the Brother in Law and his girlfriend.  Very nice time, though Bri and I both ate too much, which came back to haunt us HORRIBLY. Digestive issues are NOT a fun way to spend your evening…especially when you had other activities planned. 😦

Sunday we awoke feeling much better and were off to the Mother Unit’s domicile for the “Mayonnaise Buffe” as my lovely hubby calls it.  We have a full Scandinavian smörgåsbord on Easter, complete with open faced sandwiches and pickled herring and eggs galore. VERY tasty, but dear gods above did my cholesterol level soar after all that! (NOM NOM NOM!)

We got home about 7 ish, but all in all it was a nice weekend.

Will be spending today catching up at work and trying to get some writing done over the lunch hour.


New bands to reccie: Ludo & Liam Finn, both of which I discovered on the MTVU playlist over the weekend. Cool bands both.  Ludo is kind of in the vein of Harvey Danger and Liam Finn is just a sprkly spangly pop rtist from New Zealand. Check out “Love Me Dead” by Ludo and “Second Chance” By Liam Finn for good samples.

Oh and added a playlist to my MySpace profile filled with goodies.

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3 responses

26 03 2008

Liam’s more than that. He’s also Neil “Crowded House” Finn’s kid!

26 03 2008

::Slaps forehead::

Leave it to you to find this out!!!


28 03 2008

One look at him and you’ll know, too…he’s like Neil with a scruffy beard.

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