Ah Friday…how I have missed you…

9 01 2009

Weather: High: 29 degrees and SNOW. And that’s pretty much status quo for the next three days.

So had a good fun time getting to work today. The drive was fine, the train on time, but the walk was sloppy, skittish and just not a lot of fun all way round.

Been a little light on the functioning brain matter lately. DOn’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or not feeling well or if my warranty is running out. (It IS my 42nd on Monday. Maybe that’s when the brain cells start taking a hit!)

Today is the Feast of Janus, which apparently will determine the outcome for the year, depending on how the day goes. Let’s hope for good things today.  ::crosses fingers::

So…my birthday’s coming up. Not sure how I feel about them anymore. Not really dreading them, but not exactly ZOMG! YAY! either.  I think that my annoyance with myself for not having accomplished some things by now is just brought into sharp focus when I hit another age milestone. I’ve been joking that since I’m hitting 42, maybe the secrets to Life, the Universe and Everything will be handed to me…even if only for one year.  Really could use some universal wisdom to get stuff moving!

Found a cool article on Nancy Kilpatrick while random googling and it kinda gave me some more motivation and quelled a few fears. She writes in a similar fashion and sub-genre that I do, so seeing someone who has been successful with it makes me less stressed about selling the books.

Granted it’s still a crap shoot. But it gives me a little hope.

Daily vid today?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Birthday by the Cruxshadows!




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