Finally Friday and ZOMG! Sparkle Weekend is here!

21 11 2008

Weather: High 33 and SUNNY! (It was 18 when I walked to my office this morning! BRR!)

Yep– Mom, Kirsten and I will be indulging in Twilight on Sunday. Yes I know most people are scoffing, but I have this horribly irresistible urge to see almost every vampire film, regardless of quality. So this is no exception. So I may cringe my way through it, but I HAVE TO SEE IT!

I’ve been fighting off a migraine all day which is why I’m dragging so horribly. We need to get a crapload of stuff done around the house in case the in-laws end up coming over for dinner tomorrow night. They’ve postponed on us for two weekends now.Not that I’m really complaining, because we have a lot to do, but it’s just making me nuts not knowing.

Bri has a lead on a temp position that would at least give him some income for a few weeks. Hopefully he’ll get it. It starts on Monday if he does.

LJ seems a bit slow today seeing that a lot of my FList are heading to PhilCon which is run by some people on my FList as well. So not much in the way of posting over there. Facebook is sporadic and MySpace is….well the usual.

I think my brain has already left for the day and I have an hour left on the clock. SIgh.

And on that note I will post this:
More from the Studio with DM:

And this!

And will now depart for the wilds of Indiana and peace and quiet!



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