**Sparkly** Friday post of DOOOOOOM!

16 05 2008

Weather: High- 70 degrees, even though its colder than hell this morning!

So–day seems to be slow. I’m busy, steady even, but not really anything exciting going on.

We received our surplus check–and promptly turned around and sent half of it off to a credit card company. Oy. But in the long run, it’s gonna help. It cut the debt on that card in half and I’ll be able to pay off the rest before the end of summer. So one down and 2 to go. 🙂

Am trying to get back on the workout wagon. Not the easiest task these days.

And now–some Television musing.

(BTW–Moonlight is being courted by the CW, USA and SciFi. ::crosses EVERYTHING::)

So…Supernatural last night. Kripke is just TRYING to kill me. SEPTEMBER?? I have to wait until bloody SEPTEMBER to see if…  (Spoiler behind cut)

…Dean gets out of the Hellraiser/Nine Inch Nails video looking Hell?? COME ON!

And what’s up with Sam? Did he absorb Lilith’s demon light bomb? Is Ruby gone? (Cause that would SUCK!) and could I love the brothers more? OH SHOW!! But that last shot of Dean, strung up by chains, hooks in his flesh and hanging in the pit..or is he? someone posited the idea that he isn’t dead, just locked inside his head. ::crosses fingers::




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