Supernatural Thursday makes the Raven SQUEE!

25 09 2008

weather: Sunny. Low 80s. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Is it sad that the fact that Supernatural is gonna be on tonight is the only thing making me smile right now? After last week’s barn burner of an opener I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next!

Politics has finally pushed my last bloody button. If McCain gets elected aftr this latest ploy, by “Suspending his campign to focus on the economy”?, I’ll bloody move to Canada. What bullshit.

Hubby and I have called a moratorium on Politics in the house for the time being.

ZOMG!WTF is going on with my digestive track?? SRSLY! It’s like I’ve got snakes having a rave in there!

Oh and  I have a small confession to make. I’m a big fan …of Lipstick Jungle. Now mind you, I HATED Sex & the City. I had no connection with those vapid ninnies. Now for some reason, I do have a connection with the ladies on this show. Maybe because they’re not sleeping around and have steady jobs and oh did I mention PAUL BLACKTHORNE is in it?? I think we have a winner here. I miss my Dresden Files. SIGH. But in all brutal honesty? I do love this show. The writing is excellent and the characters are not caricatures. A nice change.

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Ah well. Short post again today. Have to go home, make dinner and watch my show. And review an album for my brother. And clean some floors. And somehow get some writing in as well!

I LOVE MY LIFE. [/sarcasm]



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