G’Effin BRRR!! ::chips icicles off nose::

14 01 2009

weather: Oh Hell this is not fun–HIGH: 14 degrees, but dropping as the day goes on. Snow in the am. BITTER BITTER wind chills this afternoon.

Since yesterday’s post was incredibly short, I’ll try and make up for it today.

Boss is still out and things are par for the course when that’s the case.

Don’t know what’s happened to my writing brain.  Maybe the cold has damaged that part. Lately it’s been like pulling teeth. I think my focus is off as well.  I’ve been doing some editing, but there’s at least three scenes that need to be written and it’s dragging like crazy. I think I’m actually experiencing dread at the prospect of finishing this book. I have three others to finish a well. But the odd thing is, I’m not so much worried about critics, I think the fear is placed in not being able to write more with these characters. I’ve grown rather fond of them.

The weather has been particularly horrid. When the wind blows, it literaly takes your breath away. So very cold. Not the coldest winter granted, but still pretty bad.

Going to try getting some writing done over lunch. We’ll see if I accomplish anything.  ::puts on Vampires, Oh My! writing mix and waits for the inspiration to kick in::

ETA: Managed to churn out an additional 500 words of text, but it was mostly editing and fluffing. Need to get to those other scenes. Started writing 2 of them in my Moleskine so maybe I can transcribe tonight.

So watching YouTube vids has re-whet my appetite and spawned some fresh ideas.  Vampires watching hockey and the like. Don’t give me that look! I KNOW it sounds unworkable but it WILL DAMMIT!

All right…time to get my sorry butt out of here and head home. Ghost Hunters International tonight. And I think there’s a Lost catch up eppy as well (WOO!) So some writing will get done before and after my little TV break.



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