T- 1day till WATCHMEN! ZOMG!

6 03 2009

weather: High: 61 degrees and sunny. ::glee::

Am SO EXCITED to see Watchmen tomorrow night.! We’re going to see it at the IMAX theater out in Portage. Getting tix will be tricky considering that they don’t allow for advance purchase online. Crud. So we’ll be hightailing it early to get the tix and killing time until the show. Maybe we’ll get some early dinner. Will depend on funds.

Eleventh Hour last night was FTW! Good episode and produced  couole lines of dialog that actually made me turn and high five the hubby!:
Rachel: You know there’s a band called Anthrax?
Hood: I’m more of a Cradle of Filth guy.
ME: O_O FTW!!!

Lunch was beautiful. wish I’d had more time to stay out there, as it had soared up to 68 degrees. Sigh.

Found an amusing anecdote on Neil’s Blog. Apparently in Iceland, the belief in elves is so embedded in the national psyche that whenever a large building is about to be built, they have to bring in a nationally acredited elf detector, to make sure that there aren’t any elves living under the location, before they build. Yes. I too want a job as an elf detector.

Heather may be calling tonight which makes me squee! ALso have BSG tonight, which is also of the squeeage.

Done and Done.

Have a good weekend all.




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