And we’re back around to Monday again. AND COLD!

10 11 2008

weather: High 43 degrees and sunny. (The windchill this morning was 18!)

Been a banner morning already! Wow was it cold this morning. Lost most of my face crossing Wacker drive to the wind.

Joined Twitter and now have ANOTHER time sink in my repetoire. Sigh. But I like the instant message feel of it.

Bri is painting the bathroom today. One more thing off the list of things to do. Now i just have to go home and fire up the sewing machine and get those curtains hemmed. That  and get the back bedroom cleaned up proper.

Am trying to catch up with True Blood and Supernatural, and my i-pod is starting to smoke from the constant uploading and erasing of these massive files.

I really need a vacation. Seriously. Some time off that is not filled with THINGS TO DO.  I swear the last few vacation days I’ve taken have all revolved around other people’s stuff. I think Bri was right when he said I was burnt crispy.

Gotta dash. Man have I been brain mushy lately. GAH!

Some more Abney Park from the Steampunk Con in San Jose:
(Robert still sounds amazing, even with pneumonia!)



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