Is it really Friday? REALLY? Othkgods!!!

20 02 2009

weather: High: 30 Degrees with SnowPocalypse on the horizon

Weather is Threatening to go straight in the shitter this weekend. Possibly six to eight inches of snow. Sigh. DONE WITH WINTER, DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO, DAMMIT???

Am conversing via email with the Writing Cabal, and we’re discussing the merits of trying to pursue a unique twist on vampire mythology or just returning to the core mythology and writing the vampire of lore, rather than the vampire that has developed from cultural mores. Fun stuff!

Looking very forward to BSG tonight. Can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the series. DYING to find out what’s going on with Ellen and to see if Anders still retains his memory dump. Very good stuff. Hubby is very fanboyish over the show.

SPent last night watching a good 2/3 of Season three of Alias. GODS I miss that show! And this was the Vaughn Goes Jack Bauer season.

Which reminded me, might I add, that Jack Bristow PWNS Jack Bauer . Just saying. I’m more scared of Jack Bristow because let’s face it: He wouldn’t break a sweat choking the life out of you. And he’d make a dry quip before he dumped your body in a wood chipper. He also has the death glare DOWN.
Jack is mad. You don’t want Jack mad at you. (NSFW-violence)

See? Much scarier than Jack Bauer.  Bauer=Sledge Hammer + C4. Bristow=Scalpel, blowtorch + empty soulless stare. BRISTOW FTW.

Anyway. Much work to do so here have a video and I’m buggering off for the rest of the day. Writing to do, and BSG to watch and a husband to snog. I have a full dance card.

Daily Video + SQUEE!
Ladytron — Tomorrow (new vid!! New vid!!)

ETA: Warren Ellis just Twittered: “I will not care about the Oscars until Jason Statham gets the Jason Statham Oscar For Jason Statham Kicking People In The Head.”

This is an idea I am totally behind!




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