Thursday. Always dangling the end of the week, just out of reach.

6 11 2008

Weather: High: 68 degrees with rain in the afternoon. Tomorrow we go back to the 40s. WOO!

Having a drudgery filled day today. But at least I got to have coffee with Lisa and re-connect. Sigh. we’re both going through life issues right now. Time for a radical change. If the country is ready for a new direction, maybe we should follow suit.

Very excited about Lady Heather’s Return to CSI tonight. Here’s a reminder of why she is made of awesome:

I’ll end up seeing Supernatural on i-Tunes once it gets released. Sucks that we don’t have a DVR yet.

YAY! It’s started to RAIN like HEAVY RAIN!! (I’m twisted in that I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. Maybe the Pacific Northwest and I will be good friends after all!)

Gotta dash. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do a well thought out deep post. Don’t be holding yer breath though!



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