Post weekend stats…

4 08 2008

Weather: Saturday was comfortable, Sunday a steambath, and today? High near 90 and stormy most of the day.

So here’s a nice neat breakdown of my weekend activities:

Number of times left the house: 0

Number of anxiety attacks: 10

Number of phone calls from mum lasting over 1/2 an hour: 6

Number of pots of coffee consumed: 2

TV Shows Watched: LOST COUNT: but among them: Doctor Who season 4 finale, Stargate: Atlantis, marathon of Long Way Round, Premier of Long Way Down, Doctor Who season 3 mini marathon, Graham Norton, Iconoclasts (Isabella Rosselini & Dean Kamen) and various music videos in between

Concerts watched: 1 Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel Live in Milan. SUPERB.

Words written on current manuscript: 1000+ words (99% were on Saturday)

Words written on Stray random story that has cute muse harassing me to write: 500+ words

Number of loads of Laundry done: 5

Number of Shirts ironed: 5

Bands obsessed about: Dresden Dolls, Three Days Grace and Depeche Mode

Weird Dreams had: 2

You tubes to post: 2:

Dresden Dolls Vs. Panic!At the Disco -Backstabber
(Whether you’re a fan or not– This is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen in ages!)

Boulevard of Broken Songs: Party Ben Mashup
(Didn’t think it was possible to videoize this, but damn if they didn’t manage it! )

Too much work today for a coherent write up, so this will have to do!



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