I am a GOTH! Not a Douche vamp wanna be!(Per se.)

20 11 2008

Weather: HIgh: 34 degrees and Sunny. ARGH!

I’ll explain the subject line later.

This morning’s commute is made of FAIL and this day is FIRED ALREADY! Missed my usual train for not one but TWO goddamn freight trains. Sigh.  Add on “Girl Stuff” the sequel trying to yank my uterus out everytime I stand up and you have all the elements of an “I’m going to go medieval on your sorry ass and not in a good way” kinda day.

Just got back from having coffee with Lisa. VERY COLD but  it was great to sit and talk with her. So much going on in both our lives lately and I miss talking to her on a more regular basis.

The reference in the subject line is from last night’s South Park about the Goth kids getting faced with a huge influx of Hot Topic Vamp wannabes. I always found the vamp side of the Goth movement to be a little pretentious and D & D for my tastes. South Park was HYSTERICAL. It ended with the Goth’s stopping the Vamps by burning down the Hot Topic. Accompanied by the song “Burn Down Hot Topic” . Which I want as my ringtone. NOW!

Comedy Central has the full ep up for viewing.

Gotta dash. Few things to finish up for the day and then home. ARGH!