Oh! Thank the benevolent deities its Freitag!!

29 02 2008

Weather: High- 37 degrees with scattered Snow Flurries 

First off, and apropos, the Daily Om Horoscope for me says thus:

Unveiling Your Path
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

The desire to create a more meaningful life can drive you to step back from worldly concerns in order to make a mental survey of the recesses of your soul today. You may also be in a contemplative mood and ready to confront issues you have avoided for long stretches of time. In the peace of your private personal sanctuary, you’ll likely discover that your search for meaning involves an exploration of your inner complexities that takes you into the past, present, and future. If you allow yourself to follow the twisting paths of your soul, you can encounter significance where you least expected to find it. As you contemplate your life today, you will likely discover that the meaning you seek has been within you all along.

It is only when we actively seek to understand the composition of our lives that we can begin to truly comprehend the experiences that give meaning to our existence. Often, we expect life to be meaningful as a matter of course and encounter disappointment when we discover that life-changing events seems to progress in a haphazard fashion. Reflection is the act of thinking critically about that which has happened to you, is happening to you, and will happen to you. When you examine events in a analytical fashion, you begin to see that there your life follows a linear and logical progression. As you assess where you have been, your path is unveiled. When you reflect upon who you are and who you wish to become today, your personal journey will take on a new significance.

Couldn’t read better words today, FOR REALS!! Those of you who know me in Real Life know that this has been my struggle for a long time. I know vaguely what I want to be doing, I have several ideas where I want to go in life, and I know without any doubts in my head that I’m NOT where I should be. The corker is trying to figure out how to GET there. I firmly believe that we all have a path. Not necessarily a DESTINY mind you, because I think the end of the journey is incidental. I think its the journey that we’re SUPPOSED to go on that eludes most people. This is why we have many people leading lives of “quiet desperation”. It’s that gnawing feeling that the cogs in the wheels are not quite clicking into place in your life as time goes by. And it has little to do with material gain or personal reputation. It goes much deeper than that.

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