Heidi Ellis is a 51-year old writer/mosaic artist currently living Lake Michigan adjacent in SW Michigan, with a stained glass artist husband, two cats overburdened with personality and an epic volume of books, music and movies. A Purdue graduate, she has a BA in communication with minors in English, History and Psychology. Pretty good for someone who started out Pre-Med.

In her “free time,” you can catch her reading horror or fantasy novels, watching any number of genre films, or listening to vast quantities of electronica, industrial, punk, classical or indie rock music. She may break out the musicals if she’s feeling blue.

Currently, she is a full-time artist and writer, trying her best to be a successful Renaissance Chick.  She hangs out with other disreputable artist, musician and writer types, hoping some of their sparkly genius will rub off on her.

You can find her artwork here: Einini Glassworks.

This blog is an outlet for her brain chaos and accumulated musings. Not much controversy, but occasional surliness will occur.



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31 12 2012

Hi. My name is Heidi Ellis, I was born in January and when I am not sketching or drawing I self-pub dark humor novels (along with YA).


I am so buying your book.

7 01 2013
Heidi Ellis

That is an unbelievably cool coincidence!! I’ll be posting as soon as it’s published! 🙂 Checking out your site now. 🙂

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