NaNoWriMo day #3-Doing the work

3 11 2016

Weather: Low 60s but cloudy,. Finally heading into the Fall Temps proper!


Got a good second wind today, so I’m finally getting some structure under the flimsy paper skeleton I started with initially.

Today’s Motivational Quote image thingie:bbe6a2226f638fc68a91881054072ee9

That’s a good point. You can’t claim to be a writer if you don’t sit down and …you know…WRITE.

I’ve met a number of people who love to spin dissertations on the books they’re going to write, about the stories they want to tell. Not a one of them sits down and puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboards. It’s fine to have a story or even have a fantastic world created for yourself. But until you put commit that idea, however lofty or thrilling, to a tangible form, don’t call yourself a writer. Do the work. Even if you only write the beginnings. Or the middles. Write some dialogue. Describe the movie playing in your head when you think about these scenarios. It all starts with a few words and suddenly the dam breaks and you can’t seem to stop. Oh, you’ll have pauses. And dark days where the story seems to have stalled out, but if you stop thinking linearly and can let the current scene sit and move on to the next, you’ll be amazed how that missing part suddenly back fills when you sidestep the pothole.

Short post tonight. Very tired after the Cubs Win last night. See you on the flip  side.

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