Lord, Is it that time of year again?

31 10 2016

Weather: Halloweeny, in the mid 50s and sunny. 

Okay, to say I fell off the blogging wagon would be a vast and hysterical understatement. It’s been a bastard kind of year. No excuses, I just haven’t felt like I’ve had much in the way of constructive useful things to say.

I’ll side step the ugly carcasses of donkeys and elephants in the room, as our Political Apocalypse is limping its way to the finish line. (One more goddamn week.  Then at least the fucking ads will be done. Did I mention that we’re stuck in the perfect triangulation to receive the shit storm of three states worth of political ads? It’s so bad we don’t even know who’s a candidate for what party in which state. Ugh. ) I’ve already pretty much mentioned which way my political compass points in previous posts, so we don’t need a dissertation on how I’m voting, or why, this year. I think it’s patently obvious.


I’m posting today because, yes, NaNoWriMo starts back up tomorrow. This year is going to be tricky for me because I may end up serving jury duty at the beginning of the month. Still.  I can make it work.  Gonna burn some extra candlelight to make it happen.

Getting back on the daily writing horse is taking more effort than I thought, mostly because of petty distractions and FOMO. Neither are supportable reasons for not making art in any context. Haven’t been to the studio a lot lately either. One contributing factor that isn’t petty, has been dealing with a sick pet (my cat has developed hyperthyroidism, but it was initially diagnosed as a failing liver. Too long to explain, suffice that it’s being properly treated.) and some other offline stress that isn’t going to be discussed here. It’s mostly resolved, but it didn’t help the brain meat function in the way I needed it to.

So, NaNo. I’ll be attempting to do my usual daily wordcount posts, including some links and art related blather.

Have been watching my CW network superhero shows with great relish and am a huge fangirl of Lucifer. I’ve already binge watched Luke Cage and am plowing through Stranger Things as well. They’ve been a nice way to avoid the soul sucking morass on the news.

All right. I’m off to outline and get Scrivener set up for the new manuscript.

For all of you who might be diving in this year, here’s the link to my author’s page, if you want to be writing buddies:

To my fellow NaNo warriors-May the odds be ever in your favor!


(Image from Chuck Wendig’s fabulous TerribleMinds Blog)