NaNo Day #18: Building a world

18 11 2015

Weather turned quite ugly today. Still in the 60s, but boy was the wind brutal. Added in some really hard rain half way through the day. Quite bracing. 😉

Writing continues apace. Reaching the point in the story where I’m starting to make notes of things I need to go back in and add and remove and change.

Happy that the story seems to be unfolding organically. I’d take a lot of time off writing for a while. I’d been focusing on my art and my writing kind of took a back seat. So it’s been quite heartening that this go around I’ve been able to keep writing, even though there have been the expected bumps in the road. The ideas still seem to be coming so I’m not finding I’m writing gibberish to fill the pages.

Very excited that Jessica Jones is starting on Friday. Been looking forward to it for quite a while now. My stories have an element of darkish noir to them, so this might give me a bit of atmospheric inspiration. I’m finding that the world I’ve set this series of stories in is not dystopic, though it is a little on the brutal gritty side. I try to keep some hope in there as well. Unremitting darkness only works if you can give it some light to contrast against.

World-building is one of my favorite parts of writing. I love creating the settings, the mythology, the science & magic, the monsters and the humans that all interact in my playground. I’m primarily a visual person, so I need to have concrete ideas in my head for my characters and the scenes they find themselves in. It’s like a movie unspooling in my head. (Thus my need for soundtracks! 😉 )  I highly recommend creating a world “bible” if you’re going  to be writing a multi- book series. It helps you keep continuity with your characters and also keeps your systems of magic and timelines consistent.

So–Today’s wordcount was light- 1872.
Total is sitting at:

Not too bad. Trying to give myself some breathing room before Thanksgiving .

See you all tomorrow!



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