Nano Day #17 Back to the Writing Mines

17 11 2015

Temps dropping. Winds picking up and we’re seeing the “s” word showing up in forecasts. Can’t really complain. It’s mid November and I’m still wheeling around in my hoodies.

Skipped a writing day yesterday to give my brain a rest. I was starting to wander, plotwise. I needed a day to get my head out of the bracken, so to speak.

Online news and online bad behavior brought out the worst of my moods and I made some rather pointed statements on my social media. I don’t regret it though. I hate conflict, but for once, I felt that I couldn’t stay quiet anymore. I don’t like bullies and I don’t like the ugliness that is starting to show up both online and off. It’s driven by fear and it brings out the worst in everyone. I’m a big believer in compassion. Which, contrary to popular belief, is not the same as gullibility or agreement. You can despise the actions of evil people, but still want to know why they do things. I can’t abide the wide brush being used as an excuse to lump groups of people together so that small minds can lash out with little thought.

Anyway. I threw a grenade out there and I can’t whine that some of the shrapnel hit me. Kind of expected, I guess.

Writing was better than expected today. I managed to squeeze another 2000+ words out. Story is back on track. Glad I took the day off. I’m still ahead of the curve for NaNo.
Total as of today?


Makes me happy that I’ve been able to keep going. I’m cramming in wordcount where I can. Hopefully I can keep enough of a gain to allow for Thanksgiving Day next week. (And the Jessica Jones marathon I’ve got planned for this weekend! 😉 )




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