NaNo Day# 15: Midway of the Month-Time to regroup & refresh.

15 11 2015

Sunny weekend. And reasonably warm temps. Brain refuses to accept that Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. Oy.

Hitting that point in the story where I’m having to pause and regroup. Figure out where everything’s going. Because I suddenly find myself wandering off in disparate directions and my antagonist seems to be sitting at the bar, tapping his toes and waiting to have a moment to wade into the fray.

I see a lot of fellow NaNo writers starting to throw in the towel for a variety of reasons. For some it’s just time. That’s understandable. Some are getting waylaid by the Fraud Police. (See video below for reference. They are pernicious and a plague on all creative endeavors)

Truth be told, it’s a marathon not a sprint. There was a great flowchart making the rounds with my fellow writers a while ago. (And if you know the original source for this–LET ME KNOW! Lots have posted this with no source attribution. Bad Internet-No cookie!)
Writing FLow Chart
This– This is as good a kick up the backside as you’ll get. Post it somewhere near where you write. And use it.

Anyone “waiting for the muse” might want to check the pub. Just kidding. You are the muse. Your characters might whisper things to you, but most often they are silent. And that’s when you need to go poke them. Ask them questions. Why are you doing this? Where are you at and how did you get there? Sometimes just answering these questions can at least squeeze a few more sentences out of you.

One last video– Watch this. Elizabeth Gilbert, regardless of how you feel about her books (I like them), has some very good advice on shaking loose the “muse abuse” syndrome. It’s not long and it’s funny, so you won’t feel like you’re attending a lecture.

Thus endeth my barrage of inspiration for the day.

Managed a sad 1928 words today, but will strive to crack 2k tomorrow. The widget says?

(That was me taking a break and catching up on my shows. Gotta take a break now and then. 🙂 )

Catch you all tomorrow. KEEP WRITING. Drivel can be edited. Blank spaces can’t.



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