NaNo Day #14: Not getting discouraged and doing the work, because it IS work.

14 11 2015

Weather is SO MUCH BETTER. Still cold, but at least the sun is out and the winds have all but gone.

No wordcount or blog post yesterday, because me and the husbeast were at a Gala at The Box Factory for the Arts, where we have our studio. We had our studio open so attendees for the fundraiser could come see what we do and we could hand out business cards etc. Plus food and wine were had and we got to hang out wit our other artist friends. I’m ahead on wordcount, so I figured I could have one day off for these things. 😀

Now– Today? Today I’m breaking my butt trying to get double wordcount so I can stay ahead of the game. After all these years I’ve learned the one hard truth about writing: It’s more craft than art. Which means– Butt in chair, and make the wordcount you set for yourself.

Noone is expecting a shiny perfect novel at the end of NaNo. If you are, you are seriously putting WAY too much pressure on yourself and that alone can defeat your progress. This is an exercise, nothing more. An exercise to give you the discipline to write everyday, no matter what. The goal (and the high wordcount) are simply a challenge to you. If you win or don’t win NaNo, you still end up with words on a page that can eventually become a story that might be publishable. But not right away.
Some people find that 50K words is too much for their story. So maybe you’re writing a novelette. Or maybe it’s just a short story. And both of those things ARE FINE.
Some find that 50K is not enough to tell their story. Maybe it will end up being huge, Or maybe you end up splitting it into two books. Or maybe it’s just a lot of filler that doesn’t move the story, so it will get pared down in subsequent edits.

NaNoWriMo isn’t an absolute. It’s not like you failed if you didn’t make 50K words. Hell, if you managed 2 or 3 sentences and had an idea for where you wanted the story to go…you’re 100% ahead of those that didn’t try or fancy themselves writers, but then only talk about the stories they’re going to write.

Writer write. That’s it. It’s work. It’s not Magic. It’s not a Superpower. It’s something that you get better at through doing. And learning. And weathering criticism. And being true to your vision.

Don’t be discouraged because you weren’t able to bash out a pulitzer prize winning book because life intruded on your writing. If you were able to get your thoughts down on paper, keep going. Because your writing endeavors don’t stop at November 30. Even the people who manage to get their 50K words know that November 30th isn’t the end of their work, it’s just the end of that version of their story. Now comes the hard work. The editing, the hard decisions and probably, more writing.

Keep going. An arbitrary date is just that: Arbitrary. If you want to keep working on your story, keep working on it. Noone is going to pop out the woodwork and say “Put your pencils down. No more time for you!”

You can do it! Just keep on working.

Okay– Daily wordcount for today– 2004 words. Not quite the double amount I wanted, but more than the required for the day. Total is where, mighty wordcount widget?

So, hopefully a bit more wordcount tomorrow.



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